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Wow 3.3.5a Client

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World Of Warcraft 3.3.5a Client

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I've been using curse for years, but they've discontinued updated and support. Are there any other reliable addon clients out there?
I still use curse client. it works fine long as you do not have any of following
1. Addons in moderation (example, oqueue) installed
2. Addons that are in alpha/beta status ONLY (ie they have 0 release versions available) installed
both of these bug out mac curse client and cause infinite loop 'connection lost' errors
many thanks. oQueue was causing the there any way I can still use it though?
Just drag it out when running curse client, and put it back after
git and svn are my favorite addon update clients :)))
I don't actually use one at all.
Once you have your UI in a stable state and have strategies in place for dealing with it when they break it's not a large issue when they break.
Mine is this :
* have my addons on a favourites list from Curse , Wowace & Wowinterface
* make sure they are set to email me when an addon gets updated
* have an addon loaded addon so I can load in and out sets of addons at will
* have a decent bug tracker addon so my play doesn't get interrupted by errors but they are still logged
If one breaks I follow this process :
* check emails for updates
* check addon page for updates
* go whine at the addon authors on their IRC channel and see one's about to submit an update to wowace fixing it :P
For me updating me addons goes like this :
* Go to email box.
* Pick one addon that gets updated the most (Recount , IceHUD , xperl etc etc)
* Load up the latest and mark the rest as read
* Go to next one until all addons read
* Download them all , each time checking if I have the latest.
* Unzip and throw in addons folder (checking for parent folders as well)
I've been doing this process for so long it's all old hat to me atm. Takes me no more then an hour or so. My UI's so stable I really only update when something's broken or if a new patch comes out.
So up to you if you want an addon client or you but it's not essential.
This site here's pretty nefty :
Keeps track of the newly updated addons on the popular addons sites.
Has it's own RSS feed.
You can also save sets of addons so you can effectively create a page with just your addons on it that will gather the updates for them from both Curse and Wowinterface.
IIRC the addon sites themselves have their own RSS feeds as well too.
Neat setup Bluspacecow. I'm gonna have to learn to do this for myself. Sure beats addon hunting the ol' manual way. :D
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I just use and add all the addons I use to the favorites list. Then I just check the favorites list every few days and download any that get updated.
The client died on me. Some say I must have a beta addon installed, but I was only installing addons through the client, so... yeah. If they client could load them up in the list, I'd assume it would operate fine if I had it installed.
Curse does have email subscription notification for mods too. I run them on my boss mods to ensure the updates reached curse.
Doesn't wowmatrix support Mac? it's been awhile since I spent any time around their website..
Doesn't wowmatrix support Mac? it's been awhile since I spent any time around their website..

yep, i've used WowMatrix for years. it's always been good for me. there of course are add ons that it doesn't support if you get into small class specific ones but it generally supports all the major add ons i've ever used.
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