Vsphere Web Client 6.0 For Mac Erratic Mouse In Console

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Symptoms Mouse and keyboard events are not passed to a vSphere console when it is running inside Windows virtual machine. Parallels Desktop 9 is installed on MacBook with Retina display. When I launch a virtual machine from within that Win7 box and use my mouse pointer it is invisible inside the VM. If I hover over the title bar area of the running VM my mouse pointer will turn into a hand and I can guess where my pointer is at from there but it doesnt change (into resize or a textbar for example).

I've created a VM in vsphere client. There is an IP allocated for this VM. How do I add the IP address and DNS name to it via vsphere client.

Today is the first day I'm using vsphere (!)

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The IP configuration of virtual machines depends on the guest OS - vSphere does not have direct control over this - you just use the Ethernet adapter settings (if you run Windows in the VM) or ifconfig (for Linux).

The IP Address and DNS fields are populated if you install VMware Tools - this is sofware that runs in the guest OS of your virtual machine and provides tighter integration with the virtual infrastructure. For example after installing VMware Tools you no longer need to press Ctrl+Alt to release the mouse cursor from inside the VM Console.

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Vsphere Web Client 6.0 For Mac Erratic Mouse In Console
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