Torrent Client For Mac Os X 10.5

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  1. Download Mac Os 10.5 Leopard

Download Mac Os 10.5 Leopard

m having problems too the same 510 mb image file i get after converting it to iso actual size is 7.5 gb but the image drive shows only 510 mb of it rest where it goes i know not this is in my virtual windows 7 and the same thing happens in booting my virtual windows 7 with this iso coz it skips and goes directly to windows 7 mr slipttees you should solve this problem from what i can gather only plp with macs are able to install it we with other laptops and computer are not able to get it plz let also know how to install it on a non mac laptop i own a acer 4930g with 3 gig mem and 250 gb internal hdd and 80 gb external hdd with intel centrino intel core 2 duo processor T5800 2.0 ghz 800 mhz fsb and 2 mb l2 cache512 mb nvidia geforce 9300m gs turbocache
hope to get a good response coz i have done every thing to get my virtual machine to boot from it but it just doesent seem to recognize it, and one thing is for sure if a dual layer dvd can be booted then this iso can also be booted it is not a matter of virtualization incompatibility and also m using vmware 6.5.
still thanx