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Using a NAS it is easy to have central backups for your computers and In this video I show you how to setup backups on Windows and Mac OS X (Time machine) using the Synology DS212J NAS.

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I have an APC UPS connected to my synology nas and I am trying to get my mac (10.13) to connect to the 'network ups' of synology.

So far I've been trying to follow this guide:

Synology Ups List

And i've come so far as to have fink and findcommander installed.However this is where I seem to lose all info on how to proceeed:

  • I can't seem to find just 'nut' on finkcommander, so what should i install ?
  • If i go to the fink site and get an overview of the nut archives, which should I download and what do I do with them ?
Kevin V
Kevin VKevin V

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So it seems I was missing the point of fink a bit.

had to do:

Updating the package lists with apt-get update also fixed finkcommander.

Badlion client for mac

After installing nut (5mins) Setting up the config in /sw/etc/nut/ as found on the netuncommenting a line:

After which sudo upsmon still gave an error of a missing library.Error:

For this I installed openssl 1.0.2 using finkcommander(fink installed a version too high)

Then running sudo upsmon no error was given.Following 3 processes (one grep upsmon to be ignored):

And finally showing me the info of the ups:

All that's left is auto starting upsmon on boot by adding the following :(credit

and fill it with:

Kevin VKevin V

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I have a TrippLite UPS connected to my Vista box. I would like to have the Vista box notify a NAS which is also on the same UPS that it's time to shutdown.

Badlion Client For Mac

Synology ups usb

The NAS is willing to contact a 'network' UPS server, but I can't figure out how to get Vista box to broadcast pending UPS shutdown.

The PowerAlert software with the UPS includes NetworkShutdownAgent (ie the client side).

Synology Mac Address

How does one create an appropriate server?

Active Client For Mac

THanks. KEnt


1 Answer

I think it's easier done the other way around. :)

I have a Synology DS1812+ NAS and my APC SmartUPS 1500 is plugged directly into the NAS via USB.

Synology Ups Usb

I can see basic status of the UPS (i.e. on/off grid power, approx minutes remaining if on battery) in the NAS control panel, and the NAS will act as the UPS network server itself. The documentation isn't terribly clear on that point (it reads like you need an external UPS network server), but it works. Hopefully your NAS is similar in this regard?

Then you can run the free WinNUT utility on your Windows box(es), to listen for a warning from the NAS (via network) about critical power.

Curse Client For Mac

When the UPS is reaching critical battery level, it signals the NAS and the NAS instructs the PC to shutdown, before shutting itself down. My NAS will start itself up again when the UPS power levels return above critical, but my PC needs starting manually (I haven't investigated WOL - wake on lan - but it might be feasible).

Here is the latest version of WinNUT that I can find, which includes Win7 support so should work with Vista:

Synology Network Ups Server

And I found this blog about configuring a Synology NAS and WinNUT with an APC UPS - hopefully with your NAS and UPS, it'll be a similar process...

Good luck!


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