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From what I remember one of the possible causes is when you're trying to run SWTOR in a different resolution than what your desktop in Windows is set to. For example people who have a high rez monitor, but want to run the game in a lower resolution for better performance might run into this. Blizz is the only company I've ever seen that has ALL of their games available for PC and Mac. It disappoints me because I have a Mac and a PC, but my PC is crap and doesn't run games very well while my Mac runs WoW beautifully.

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I recently reinstalled the game and when I got to what would be the character screen all I can see is about half of the character's head. The resolution is super zoomed in and no buttons work. I ended up having to alt+f4 out.

I searched on Google and couldn't find any concrete answers. I also went into the .ini hoping I could fix it from there, however everything there appears to be set at the proper resolution and settings. I tried another fix that involved deleting a file and relaunching the game but that didn't help either.

Finally, I reinstalled (twice) to no avail. Has anyone had this problem? I would love to play again but until I get this fixed that isn't happening.

Edit: Forgot to add specs. i5 haswell, GTX 760 with recently updated drivers, Windows 8.1

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