Sspt Vpn Gui Client For Mac Os X

Being able to support OSX Mac clients with SSTP has been something I have struggled with for a long time but this solution works perfectly and is easier. Pretty sure OS X will need a third party client to make this work. There seems to be few SSTP clients out there for the Mac so you'll just need to give each of them a try to see which is best. With Apple removing PPTP from their OS, it's even more crucial I get SSTP working for my Mac users. I've come across iSstp, but being a novice in the Apple operating system I'm lost on how to proceed.

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You may know that windows server VPN often can run on SSTP. Connecting from Windows 10 is pretty easy, but if you have to work remotely from your personal Mac? Mac OS does not support SSTP VPM out of the box.

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2 Answers

Below is short instruction what to do if you want to connect Windows SSTP VPN from MacOS

Prerequisites:Homebrew installed - see here

Run terminal and install sstp-client

In order to connect to your SSTP VPN with login and password use the following command line:

If you prefer to have UI to start your VPN connection you can use iSstp

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I hade some problem with this too, so I deleted one /sstpc and command sudo /usr/local/sbin/sstpc was correct

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I am trying to connect to a Windows based SSTP VPN network. I am using OS X Yosemite, I was wondering if there is any solution that can allow me to connect to a SSTP based VPN.

For the record, I have already tried using EasyVPN, iSSTP, iSSTP2. all of which failed to connect, and they all seem to be not supported anymore.

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4 Answers

The sstp-client works for me. It is a command-line program. I installed it using the homebrew command:

Jose M VidalJose M Vidal

Please check my answer here -

Mac Os Vpn Client

There I explained how I connect Mac to Windows SSTP (probably threads should be merged)

Yury BondarauYury Bondarau

Your best bet is iSSTP - a SSTP client for Mac OS X.

This is a sstp GUI client for Mac, use a modified sstp-client as backend which support server-name TLS extension. Some servers(ex: * require server-name, otherwise the sstp connection will be rejected.

The reason for being the best bet is that this is the only one (to my knowledge) SSTP client for Mac up to now.

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I think you will find Tunnelblick will do it without any problems. It's well supported and has good documentation on the site.

Cisco Vpn Client For Mac

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Sspt Vpn Gui Clients For Mac Os X

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