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PuTTY for Mac is a port of the Windows version of PuTTY. However, there are many options for SSH clients for Mac, and this page discusses several of them.

  • Using the built-in SSH client in Mac OS X
  • Ported PuTTY for Mac

Termius - SSH & Telnet Client Free Download and Install for PC (Windows or MAC) Termius - SSH & Telnet Client is one of the best communication app that come from the makers of the owner ‘Crystalnix Limited’.

Using the built-in SSH client in Mac OS X

SSH Clients for Windows and Mac PuTTY is a free open-source terminal emulator which lets you initiate interactive command-line sessions to UITS Unix servers. It can act as a client for the SSH, Telnet, rlogin, and raw TCP computing protocols and as a serial console client. Top 10 Best SSH clients for Windows / Mac / Linux. PuTTY: It is undoubtedly the most popular SSH client for Windows and Linux platforms for it is extremely easy to use, can even be used as a portable tool and allows saving of profiles.PuTTY is free and can perform telnet, TCP and rlogin. WinSCP 5.13 is a major application update. New features and enhancements include: Amazon S3 protocol support. SHA-256 host key fingerprints are used.; Stalled connection attempts can be canceled promptly. PuTTY for Mac is a port of the Windows version of PuTTY. However, there are many options for SSH clients for Mac, and this page discusses several of them. However, there are many options for SSH clients for Mac, and this page discusses several of them.

Mac OS X includes a command-line SSH client as part of the operating system. To use it, goto Finder, and selext Go -> Utilities from the top menu. Then look for Terminal. Terminal can be used to get a local terminal window, and also supports SSH connections to remote servers.

Running SSH from the terminal command line

Once you have the terminal window open, you have two alternatives. The first approach is to type ssh hostname or ssh [email protected] into the terminal window. This is more familiar for Linux and Unix users who are used to using a command line.

Running SSH with a graphical user interface

The second option is to select New Remote Connection... from the Shell menu of Terminal. This opens a graphical dialog asking for the host to connect to and the user name. This also allows saving connections. This is recommended for users who are not accustomed to using a command line.

How to use PuTTY SSH keys with the built-in OpenSSH

If you have a PuTTY .ppk format private key and want to use it with the built-in OpenSSH on Mac on the command line or in scripts, you can use the following commands.

First, install PuTTY for Mac using brew install putty or port install putty (see below). This will also install the command-line version of puttygen, the PuTTY key generator tool.

Then, use the following command to convert the .ppk format private key to a standard PEM format private key:

Make sure permissions on the private key file are set properly. It should only be readable by the user that owns it.

You can now use the key for logins from scripts and command line with:

Ported PuTTY for Mac

There is a port of PuTTY for Mac. It can be installed in several ways.

Installation using HomeBrew

If you already have the brew command installed, the best way to install PuTTY is to use the following command:

Installation using MacPorts

PuTTY is readily available via MacPorts. To see how to install MacPorts and PuTTY, see here.

Once you have MacPorts installed, you just need to give this command:

and to add a shortcut on the Desktop,

Alternatives to PuTTY on the Mac

A lot of people use Cyberduck on Mac. It is a solid, well-known SSH client that is quite popular.

  • Version: SSH Secure Shell Client 3.2.9
  • Operating System: Windows
  • Cost: Free
  • Download SSH Secure Shell Client Now (5.7 MB)

The SSH Secure Shell Client provides secure Telnet and FTP service. Non-secure Telnet and FTP clients cannot be used.

Install Notes
  1. Download the file sshsecureshellclient-3.2.9.exe. Save it to an easily accessible place (your Windows desktop is a good choice).
  2. Start the installation by double-clicking on sshsecureshellclient-3.2.9.exe in Windows Explorer.
  3. When the installation is complete, double click on the Desktop Icon to start the program. NOTE: The installation places 2 SSH icons on your desktop (or location where you saved it). Double click the yellow folder titled SSH Secure File Transfer.
  4. Once you reach the SSH window click Quick Connect.
  5. Enter the host name (typically this is
  6. Enter your username.
  7. Port Number is 22.
  8. Authentication Method is Password.
  9. Click Connect.
  10. When prompted with pop up windows, click OK, then enter password.
  11. Your computer files are located on the left side of the SSH window and the William & Mary files are located on the right side of the window.

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Ssh Client For Mac Download

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