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  • Microsoft announces it is working on a new Skype for Business client for the Mac. I saw this earlier in the week: In a webcast today, Microsoft have announced they are working on a new Skype for Business client for the Mac. Shawn Thomas, a Principal PM in the Skype for Business is heading up the team which will build the new client.
  • Hi ErikHMac, Currently, only the Windows version has been released. I am afraid I am not able to answer your question now, but the next version of Office for Mac will be released this year, the Skype for Business for Mac client should be included in it.

No have no issue in saving the correct autodiscover url in manual configuration.

The Skype for Business 2019 client will also be backward compatible with the Lync Server (2013), and the previous Skype for Business Server (2015). The Deployment Requirement Announcements In terms of deployment for the new Skype for Business server, some important announcements were made at the Ignite conference, which you might have missed if.

Using the manual configuration with the url format for mobility however in my opinion based on Microsoft's blurb will not work if you have the latest Nov 2016 Cumulative Update - with this update is it the case the Mac client will be treated as a desktop client hence in my case (Nov 2016 CU installed) mobility is not a requirement, I have tried using the correct mobility url but it will not sign-in, however if mobility is not required then the automatic discovery (autodiscover checked) should work (which will look at the local pool fqdn on port 5061). For those that don't have the latest CU installed then the manual mobility URL should work - folks may need to install the skype for business web services cert locally and the root chain cert though for this to work if off the domain. In my case the Mac is not on the domain, thus I am going to install the certs locally on the Mac later when I get into work. I may also add it to the domain just to see if it works off the bat now that Nov 2016 CU is installed on the skype servers. Now it maybe the case that I need a reverse proxy but shouldn't if the Mac is suppossedly treated as a desktop client (As you said though the Mac client is built on same stack as mobile clients)

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Mobility Policy required

With the release of Skype for Business Server 2015 CU4 (now available) and Lync Server 2013 CU8 HF1 (now available), we will support Skype for Business on Mac as a desktop application. This means that having a mobility policy assigned to Mac users will not be required. Until these server updates, Mobility enablement on the server side is required.