Skype For Business Mac Client Sucks

I love updates. I get giddy and excited when I am prompted to shut down Microsoft Office while Click-to-Run updates my Office install. And when the updates are done, I can’t wait to see what’s different.

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Skype For Business On Mac

Sep 14, 2018  Skype for business app on an android phone sucks! There should be a way to select all old chat sessions and be allowed to delete. If you use it a lot you end up with a bunch of stale chats you have to delete one at a time. Skype for Business: Skype for Business Mac Insider Preview: Mac client 16.1.388. This is a significant UI change right as we were about to roll the client out to 300+ Mac users. It also sucks as tabbed chats was a huge plus over Lync. Mac client 16.1.388.

This past Sunday, my TV prompted me to apply a software update, and it was only through sheer willpower that I didn't run the update in the middle of the football game.

So you can imagine my excitement when I saw the recent announcement about a new Skype for Business client for Mac. In many of my conversations with customers and partners over the past year, I have frequently been asked about when it would be released, usually followed with, 'I thought you said it was coming in <insert month here>.'

It's here now, and it's beautiful! Edge-to-edge video and fully immersive content sharing and viewing means that Mac users get a first-class Skype for Business experience.

If you rushed out to order a new MacBook Pro this week, which runs the Sierra OS, the new Skype for Business Mac client will work beautifully. You can also run the new Mac client on El Capitan. To get Outlook integration, you will need to have the Outlook for Mac build 15.27.

The Skype Operations Framework (SOF) assets, which provide a comprehensive guide and toolset for implementing Skype for Business, have been updated to include the new Skype for Business Mac client. This fantastic set of documentation can help your Skype for Business deployments be successful. There's even a video training module that shows you the differences between the Mac client and other clients and provides some troubleshooting guidance.

Skype Academy: Clients - Skype for Business for Mac [Video]

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We are currently experiencing issues numerous issues with the macOS Skype for Business client, which is getting to be more and more problematic for us as an organization. We're reaching out to Microsoft Support as well, but wanted to put feelers our here as well and see if anyone has experienced similar.

The issue that is getting the most attention at the moment is that when you send an IM from a Windows SFB client to a macOS SFB user, an error (intermittently) pops below the message stating: 'This message wasn't sent to [email protected]' Interesting enough, the message IS sent to the user. If we solve for this one, maybe I will post other issues.

I've turned on the AlwaysOn ClsLogger scenario, and what I have observed is that when this happens there is a fairly standard SIP ladder leading to a 403 Forbidden event with the following in ms-client-diagnostics header.

Skype For Business Mac Updates

ms-client-diagnostics: 24118;Component='RTCC/ SfBForMac/ (Mac OSX 10.12.6)';Reason='Application accepts invitations via static registration only.';Source=''


Any thoughts on why this is happening intermittently? Is this behavior that anyone has seen before? I'm stumped.