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If you own a Roku TV and want to show your phone or computer’s display on the big screen, AirBeamTV has the solution! Mirror your Mac, iPhone or iPad to any Roku enabled TV. Get the most out of your Slingbox with Slingplayer: available for most phones and tablets, streamers, and your Mac and PC. Slingplayer allows you to watch and control your TV on-the-go wherever you are. The Slingplayer app is free to download to all of your mobile devices. Watch all of your TV on. Make sure that your Roku is on the same local network and same subnet as your Mac. After launching the app, you will see the app icon appearing in the top bar of your Mac and the app will look for your Roku on the network.

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Mirror your Mac, iPhone and iPad on a TV screen! We offer the most powerful solution for casting your screen and sound on the big screen! Share your screen 'live' to any TV.Stream movies & appsUse our app to stream movies to your TV. Watch your favorite series and shows on the big TV screen from your iPad, iPhone or Mac. Besides video, you can also cast presentations and apps.Cable freeWe make your screen mirroring experience effortless, easy and fast. No cables and no additional hardware is needed to cast your iPhone, iPad or Mac on the big TV screen.

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