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NoMachine is a slick Remote Desktop Client which tends to go under the radar when Mac users are looking for remote desktop software but is definitely worth a look. NoMachine looks great on OS X, is very easy to setup and use and there’s a free version for limited connections. Did a quick search in Google whether there is some Open Source / Free Software Remote Desktop Client for Mac OS X and I found CoRD – Mac OS X remote desktop client for Microsoft Windows computers using the RDP protocol. 3 Remote Desktop Apps for OS X Mavericks. November 3, 2013 by chrisadmin. CoRD is a Mac OS X remote desktop client for Microsoft Windows computers. As of this writing, CoRD’s website has an announcement saying: “Cord don’t seem to work on 10.9 Mavericks. Check back next week.” This was announced on 2013-10-23. Jump Desktop for Mac is a great RDP/VNC client. It's $29 on the app store, but I've found it to be much more stable than CoRD or the MS client.

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The days of living exclusively with one personal computer have ended. Most computer users today now work with several computers from several different locations. So it’s only natural that there are times when we need to access one computer from another. This is where remote desktop clients play their role.

There are quite a few remote desktop clients out there, and we have covered many of themThe 7 Best Screen Sharing and Remote Access SoftwareThe 7 Best Screen Sharing and Remote Access SoftwareSharing your Windows screen has many benefits. Use these free tools to share screens or gain remote access to another computer.Read More. Today we are going to look at CoRD – an open-source remote desktop client which will help you take control of Windows PCs from a Mac. CoRD is able to handle multiple PCs in one session and allows you to switch between the machines.

Setting Up The Mac Client

When you open CoRD for the first time, it offers to move itself to the Applications folder. This nice little touch will help you to keep your download folder tidy.

The main interface of CoRD is simple, there’s a big blank screen and one line of toolbar. The blank screen will be the place to display the remote computer. Click the “Servers” icon to open the server’s sidebar. This is the place to manage all remote computers.

Download Microsoft Remote Desktop Client For Mac

Click the “+ (plus)” button on the bottom right corner of the sidebar to add a new remote computer. You have to provide all the requested information, such as the IP address, username, and password of the remote computer, before you can connect to it. Please consult your network administrator or your router documentation to find out this information.

The “Session Preferences” pane lets you determine the screen size, number of colors, and hotkey of the remote computer. It also lets you forward disks and printers connected to the remote computer. The “Performance & Audio” pane lets you determine what other elements you want to include, such as the desktop background, animation, and themes.

Remote Desktop Client For Windows

Since these additional eye-candy elements require additional CPU power, you’ll get a better performance by disabling them. The process will also be snappier if you decrease the screen size and disable external devices from the “Session Preferences” pane.

You can find more options ot one of the remote computers by right clicking it from the sidebar.

To help you acquire the network address of the remote computer within a home/work network, you can use a network detection application like the free Network Scanner on the remote computer. To use the application, start by determining the IP range, scan the network, and find the computer address from the list.

You can also use online tools like What Is My IP Address.

Setting Up The Windows Machine

After setting up CoRD on your Mac, you now have to set up the Windows machine to allow remote access. The CoRD support page provides two links to Microsoft help pages to help you set up your Windows machines. I tried to simplify the process, and it goes like this.

Open the Control Panel and search for “remote setting“. Click the “System – Allow remote access to your computer” link.

Click the “Remote” tab (if it hasn’t been selected yet), check the box at the “Remote Assistance” pane, and choose the second radio button from the “Remote Desktop” pane (the one that says “Allow connections from computers running any version of Remote Desktop (less secure)“).

Click “Apply” and “OK” to confirm your action.

Then you can go back to CoRD, right click on the remote computer you want to connect to, and choose “Connect” from the pop-up menu. If you’ve assigned a shortcut to this computer, press the key combination. After the computer is connected, you can control it from the CoRD interface.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have access to more than one Windows machine during my experiment, so I couldn’t try connecting to multiple Windows machines. If you have a Mac and have access to multiple Windows machines, please try CoRD and share your results with us in the comments below.

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  1. In addition to cord, you can manage your Windows or MAC using tools like R-HUB remote support servers, logmein etc. They work well.

  2. I use ScreenConnect. It works like a charm. It isn't free though they have a free trial. Other people seem to think this is buggy but I have not tried for myself.

  3. I've been using this for a long while managing hundreds of servers across 6 international sites from my MacBookPro - never had any issues. Only gripe is that the 'favorites' list wont alphabetize.

    • MenuBar -> Servers -> Keep Arranged. There, sorted.

  4. Fullscreen mode is very buggy, you get kicked out all the time. Also the ctrl gets stuck, forcing progs to open in safe mode. On the other hand it solves some issues RDC has with foreign keyboards. Still waiting for a mac tool that just works

    • I do get kicked out once in a while, but I thought it's because of my unstable internet connection. I've never experienced your other issues though. Hopefully the developer would address these bugs in future releases.

  5. There is now bottom half on the windows dialog ... just the check off box to allow remote connections.

Most slickest, reliable jump desktop RDP client is one of the favorite apps for most of the Mac users. It is a multi-platform supporting app for iPad, iPod, iPhone and connects from Mac to Mac devices.

This app is easy to use, user friendly, and it requires no Network Knowledge for the beginners to use this software. If you have Gmail account then it is very simple to get started.

Virtual Network Computing (VNC) is a specific product and a multi-platform supports iPhones, iPads with your Mac. Get extremely speed, user-friendly, slick RDP client for Mac. VNC uses all existing protocols in order to send every keyboard and mouse actions to your remote connection and access the remote system back to your viewer. It provides more features to the VNC client and server such as file sync, file transfer, clipboard sync, and even more.

Apple’s version for Mac is a professional remote connection tool which manages Apple devices with other Macs. Though it is highly expensive, it is very special tool for a system admin to manage the network activities. It integrates all the advanced tools in it and satisfies the administrators to get the whole network power.

3. NoMachine for Mac – Free, Paid Enterprise and cloud versions

Free Remote Desktop offers very easy setup. Get more technical support and solve more problems even better with this NoMachine app for Mac users. It is absolutely free for personal users, paid enterprise and cloud editions are also available. Connect the Mac with another machine via internet stable and fast over the internet (IP address) and its port number.

Most popular remote support and remote management allows your Mac to connect between several hosts and supports and shares file sync, transfer capabilities, clipboards, meeting and collaborations. Easy, Free, fast setup and built-in apps promises the user to give complete network support. It works well even the firewall modifications, port forwarding is not done. TeamViewer does not require any remote side setup to be connected before its usage. Secure your remote access with technical help by installing TeamViewer client on both the devices. Enter the ID and password, then connect to your partner by registering your Partner ID.

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Secure your device using Chrome remote desktop over the web. This remote assistant helps you to connect your Mac to another. Only thing you should do is, install the Chrome remote desktop Google plugin in your browser. Connect your user with Chrome to any of the computer which is similar to TeamViewer. It is very effective one like VNC software at dirt cheap rate.

Following the Windows, Mac developed Devolutions for free to provide beneficial access for every Mac owners to experience the RDP for personal, group and for corporate network connections. For beginners, it provides free trial pack for 30 day. Gain more integrated apps like TeamViewer, MRD, and telnet. Devolution manager also organizes the information, files when you connect to the database.

Remote Desktop Client For Mac Download

7. Slink, Mac To Mac connect – $24.99 in Mac App Store

Trying to share data between Mac devices, then you should experience the slick remote desktop software. It adds remote Macs to iTunes, iPhoto, finders to your remote client by just dragging and dropping into them. Install the client on the Mac and feel the technical guidance and its excellent skills.

8. Royal TSX – $38 in Mac App Store [Free Demo]

Royal TSX for Mac is to manage all your connections and helps you to focus on the network system. It provides more easy way to remote access for the system administrators and professional users. It is absolutely free in free mode. But after the demo pack gets over it charges for $38. TSX is compatible on all platforms and supports PIV and CAV smart-card redirection exclusively for Mac owners.

Get quick connection for Mac by CoRd remote desktop software. It is very simple and easy to access remote desktop client. All you need to do is just type your IP address or host name in the “Quick Connect” bar and press Enter button. It is fairly used by most of the people and found that CoRD is much faster than Microsoft remote desktop software.

Cord rdp for mac

Experience the most powerful and popular RDP for Mac users provided by iTap developers. Feel the complete security, fast, stable and quick remote access for free by using the 14 days trial pack. Surely you will buy it for $20 directly from the developers store. It occupies your full screen and establish your connection. It organizes several windows open at a time.