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I am trying to evaluate the right tool to test RESTful Web services and eventually automate the same for our project.Wondering, what are the specifications I need to look for such test, when i compare various tools on internet.

  • Paw is a full-featured and beautifully designed Mac app that makes interaction with REST services delightful.Whether you are an API maker or consumer, Paw helps you build HTTP requests, inspect the server's response and even generate client code.
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The goal for Insomnia is to build a REST client that's easy to learn and a joy to use. I looked into other REST clients before starting Insomnia and found them to be cluttered and complicated. Paw was my favourite, but I needed something cross-platform so was unable to use it.

Definitely, one of the requirements would be an Open source tool.

I have looked on few tools, such as SOAPUI,RestClient,TestMaker, RestAssured. Wanted to know the pros and cons of them. Also, any ideas or pointers on how to go about it would be of great help.

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If you need complex parametrized soap and rest webservices testing and test automation, you definetly should try soapui. It is open source (, free in base edition tool with great documentation. In addition to webservices tests it provide scripting, load testing tool, ide support, web services mocking, running tests from GUI or console and much more.


if you want to test from browsers,


POSTMAN -> Chrome

Rest Client -> Firefox

If you need an online tool or require automated API testing,


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If you're looking for aa HTTP client (GUI) to test requests, I'd mention:

  • Paw, a native HTTP client on Mac that supports most of the popular authentication schemes, has full encryption and obfuscation of your server credentials and dynamic values a special feature that lets you sent back a field from a previous request (e.g. an auth token) or compute the hash of another part of the request. Also generates cURL or client code. (disclaimer: I'm the founder of Paw)
  • Postman, a Chrome app and a web wrapper for Mac that lets you send requests to servers. Generates cURL and client code. Cross-platform (web app). Has a cloud service for sharing of collections.
  • Insomnia, a Chrome app but with a really nice interface (a design I like). It feels like the author cares about UI and design. The feature set isn't as complete as Paw or Postman though.
  • HDC Client, Chrome app, quite old but Restlet acquired them and it seems like it's more active on the development. As test features like Postman.
  • Advanced REST Client, a Chrome app, similar to previous ones. Seems still quite popular but isn't very updated.
  • RESTed, a native Mac app, a very small feature set, just lets you test one request at a time. I mention this because I like the native feel (alike Paw) and I think it's a good alternative for those who just want something simple.

Also, you may consider this command line tool:

  • HTTPie: For a command line too, I personally love it. It's beautifully made, and easy to learn. Clearly not as handy as a GUI, but really worth a try.

I'd also recommend you to read through this list of tools I've made a few months ago: Tools that will help you develop a RESTful API

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Paw is a full-featured and beautifully designed Mac app that makes interaction with REST services delightful. Either you are an API maker or consumer, Paw helps you build HTTP requests, inspect the server’s response and even generate client code.

  • Code Generation – Build your HTTP requests with Paw, try them out, and just copy/paste code in your app. We support most popular languages. Build your custom code generator via Extensions.
  • Dynamic Values – Unleash your capabilities. Access data from previous responses, so you can send back whatever the server returned. Compute hashes, authentication tokens, signatures, randomize data for testing, do some maths, or anything you want. Paw comes with a large set of Dynamic Values, and you can write your own in JavaScript via Extensions.
  • Environments – Parametrize your Requests with Environment Variables, then seamlessly switch between Environments to give differents values to your variables. Ideal to setup production or test servers, or have multiple users profiles.
  • Formatters – Time matters. Paw helps you build HTTP requests quickly thanks to formatters that matches the kind of input you need.
  • Extensions – You can now extend the already broad features Paw offers through easy to build JavaScript-based Extensions. Either you want to have generated client code for your favorite yet exotic language or you want to compute custom authentication schemes on the fly, extensions give a way to make this happen.

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What’s New

Version 3.1:

Request Variables
  • Introducing Request Variables making your requests parametrable. Variables can be described with type, constraint, schema and text attributes. This allows a wonderful integration with Swagger and RAML, with support for JSON Schema - Learn More
  • Adds Markdown support for request and variable descriptions
Paw for Teams & cloud sync
  • Adds Real-time sync for Paw for Teams and personal cloud projects
  • Boosts speed of Paw for Teams syncing
  • Fixes an issue with cloud sync for large objects
  • Adds a LocalValue storage to keep some data independent from your team mates
  • Adds ability to export HTTP exchanges as HAR (HTTP Archive)
  • Adds the ability to queue more requests in a batch
  • Makes project encryption optional
  • Adds macOS notification preferences

Paw For Mac

  • Overall performance boosts
  • Fixes OAuth 2 auto-refresh when using environment variables
  • Fixes SSL Client Certificates import bugs
  • Fixes many bugs and crashes
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