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  • PaperCut Client on Mac OS X The client software and deployment tools are installed automatically on the server under the [app-path] client directory. On a Windows based server this directory is automatically shared in read-only form providing network users with access to the client executables.
  • Installing the Papercut MF Client in Mac OS X. IMPORTANT: Read and follow these instructions very carefully; if you miss a step, you’ll be unable to print. Download the PaperCut installer; If you get a message stating that the pkg file “can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer:”.

By default, users are allowed to quit the PaperCut client. If the client has been closed, then it may need to be launched manually. Navigate to the PCClient.exe (on Windows) or (Mac OS X) (see Troubleshooting PaperCut Client#Check if Client is Installed above for location information) and manually launch the application. If you need Maine LAW laptop printing, see PaperCut Client not working with OS X 10.12 - LAWLAPTOP 0. Your computer must be registered on and connected to the 'tempest' wireless network, not MaineEDU-Guest.

Have you tried contacting papercut support, they are usually very good at responding and very helpful

Unfortunately snow leopard server is quite old now. But upgrading to maverick may make matters worse

when you consider apples continued path of removal of services from OSX and still, doesn't address

the papercut client software issue

i haven't looked at papercut for a while but I'd imagine the latest version of papercut may not be available for

snow leopard server due to its age?

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papercut support maybe able to offer some sort of workaround without using papercut client

http authentication maybe??

You might have to run Linux version of papercut server or windows to get the latest version

Papercut support lists a workaround here that alludes to a java problem perhaps that's also effecting

client machines

Hamilton edu seem to be able to use paperçut client with maverick might be worth contacting them

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if you get no joy from papercut support

If your Xserve is to old for maverick and you don't have any PC hardware, you might be able to install Linux virtually on the xserve

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Torrent client for mac

I think papercut still has the free 5 user max version you could test thing out with

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Sep 6, 2014 3:05 PM