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If you too face this problem: (i) first enter bios by pressing delete key on keyboard(you have to do this as soon as your pc boots during motherboard logo appears) (ii) then go to boot by using keyboard’s arrow key (iii)after entering boot move down to hardrive bbs priorities (iv)next you should change boot option []. PaperCut is a cross-platform print monitoring application designed to support printing from any client platform. Individual client computers interface with the application software through mounting standard print server queues. General Client install instructions. After selecting the link for your campus above, click the link to go to the client download page. After clicking the link for the download location of your campus' PaperCut Client for Laptop printing, you will be taken to a Box link to download. Using the PaperCut Client on your personal computer is voluntary and not required to print at CalArts. This is a self-contained application that does not affect your computer outside of it's own function.

Papercut Client For Mac From PaperCut Software:
PaperCut NG for Mac is a print quota, charging, logging and monitoring tool designed for print management on multi-user networks. The software has been in use to manage printing in Windows environments since 1999 and this is PaperCut Software's first Mac release. The software works by integrating via CUPS and supports advanced feature such as popup client, share accounts, print job filtering based on document attributes, LDAP integration, and release station for secure printing.

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