Papercut Client For Mac

Hi All, I am having an issue when I am deploying the Papercut Client to our Macs. I have packaged the PCClient via Composer by dragging the app into Composer, also by taking a snapshot to create a DMG and Package to see if either of these work but unfortunately I keep coming up with the same error. I have checked to make sure the permission are set correct on the machine with composer installed and have run the app on this machine before completing the snapshot and package.

  1. Papercut Client Mac Os X

The client software supplied with PaperCut NG/MF is a presentation layer around server-side implementation. Install the User Client on Mac OS X. Install the User Client on Linux and Unix. The User Client software is installed automatically on the server under the [app-path]. Installing the PaperCut Client for Mac OSX From the Go menu choose Connect to Server. (⌘K) Type in smb: // To Access the PaperCut Client please click on the PaperCut Application which is now open in your dock; This is the PaperCut Client, please click 'Details.' To access the online account and add funds. If you too face this problem: (i) first enter bios by pressing delete key on keyboard(you have to do this as soon as your pc boots during motherboard logo appears) (ii) then go to boot by using keyboard’s arrow key (iii)after entering boot move down to hardrive bbs priorities (iv)next you.

Any help will be much appreciated as I am at present it looks like I might have to send it out remotely or go to each mac and add this app.


Papercut Client Mac Os X

Thanks, Chris