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I am having issues with outlook archiving on my mac

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Best Mac email clients of 2018 While Mail for Mac is a great email client for most users, some of us require something a little more feature-rich for our day-to-day life. Best email client for Windows and Mac Beta. Great piece of software! I was looking for a mixture of Thunderbird and Outlook and eM Client just has the best of both. Alan Rishworth. The most attractive feature for me so far is the ability to support more than one Exchange account. This is an extremely powerful feature for me since I.

I have the outlook client installed and have moved my old emails into the 'In-place archive' of my mail box.

These emails are historically as we no longer used Lotus notes so all of my emails from Lotus notes got moved to my outlook archive mail box which I access via underneath my outlook mail box.

At the beginning of the summer my assistant and I started a clean up process to merge folders and deleted unnecessary emails/folders . The problem started from then.

The problem I have that is that I have over 10+ years worth of emails (as I have to keep for Legal purposes) in my archive folders.

When searching within the 'In-place archive' mail box the contents of some folders doesn't load. The folder is there but the email doesn't load. Or sometimes the email is there but I can't open the email.

However when I look on my assistants outlook on her Windows computer (she has my outlook files and folders as she is a delegate) I can search and access the archive emails in the correct folder with no problems.

Somehow on the outlook mac client I cannot find what I am looking for due to the server giving up and telling me to try again later.

It is nothing to do with the 500 folder limited as this is my in- place archive mail box and not the outlook mail box which is less than 500 folders and sub folders.

In addition, this is also the case when logging into office 365 online as I get the error of 'your request cannot be completed at this time'

Please can someone shed some light on this as I have had this problem for a long time (6months+) and no one around my office can solve the problem or at least explain why this happens.

Crm Outlook Client For Mac

Thank you

Microsoft Outlook is one of the best email client preferred by home users and business users alike. It is the most popular email service providers around the globe. Moreover, Outlook supports multiple operating systems such as Mac and Windows. The Outlook application for Mac is also called as Outlook for Mac. It can save its mailbox data including contacts, emails, calendars, and etc., in OLM file format. Besides this, there is no option available in MS Outlook to set as the default mail client for Mac users. The reason being is that Outlook 2016 does not permit users to set it as the default email program itself, and it is also known as Sandboxing. This is quite is pretty baffling for Mac users, therefore, not easy to execute. Therefore, in this post, we will discuss step-by-step guide to set Outlook as default email client in Mac OS X in a very detailed manner.

“Yesterday, I check all the Preferences from Outlook 2016 but, could never find the Settings feature for changing the default mail client on Mac OS X. Is there any way through which I can set Outlook 2016 as a default mail client in Mac OS X. Kindly suggest me a reliable and quick solution.”

Manually How to Set Outlook as Default Email Client on Mac OS X

As everyone knows that changing the default email program is extremely confusing. Earlier time, there was a separate Control Panel folder for making all these settings. Here, there are so many solutions that can help users to change Outlook for Mac as the default application in Mac OS. Go through some possible ways to set Outlook as default email client in Mac OS X. Let’s have a look:

Approach 1 To Set Mac Microsoft Outlook as Default Email Client

  • First, go to the Apple Mail and select Preferences option
  • After that, click on the General Tab to set Microsoft Outlook as Default

It is just a simple way to get Outlook application to act as the default program. However, if users do not have an email account setup in Apple Mail? In that condition, users will not be able to access all the preferences.

Thus, users can use it to add an iCloud account with quick setup. Follow these set of instructions as given below:

  • Now, open the System Preferences and iCloud and enable Mail as your iCloud email
  • Then, click on Preferences from the Mail menu and select General Tab and afterward, set Outlook as default client

Approach 2 To Set Outlook as Default Email Client in Mac OS X

If end users have Outlook 2011 for Mac on their local system, then, users can set it as the default from there. This same procedure will be applied for Outlook 2016 automatically.

Approach 3 To Set Mac MS Outlook 2016 as a Default Email Client

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Additionally, users can use IC-Switch program to set Outlook as default email client. So, Mac OS X users can utilize this application to change the default client.

Outlook Email Client For Mac

Let’s Wrap Up

Using Outlook On A Mac

In the above discussion, we have learned about Outlook for Mac. Along with this, we have explained three feasible solutions which help to set Outlook as default email Client in Mac OS X. Be sure to follow each step more carefully. Hope this post will prove to be helpful for Mac users.