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Oracle Instant Client is free, easy to install client software for connecting to Oracle databases. It's available on a variety of platforms (Windows, Mac, Solaris, Linux, AIX, and more). It consists of four different component: basic (or basic-lite), JDBC, SQLPlus and SDK. How to install Oracle Instant Client Version (64-bit) on a Mac (OS X 10.11.5) I have downloaded version (64-bit) version and unzipped the file.

A tap of Mac Homebrew formulas for Oracle Instant Client and relateddownloads.

Due to difficulties downloading the files from Instant Client Downloads pagethe process can not be automated. However, if the files are downloaded manuallyand put in the cache then Homebrew can do the rest. You will need at least theinstantclient-basic file downloaded to $HOME/Library/Caches/Homebrew andthen any additional files such as sqlplus related ones.


Where <formula> is one of the formulas listed in the Formula/ directory. Forexample instantclient-sqlplus would require

You could also tap the repository before installing. This is equivalent to thecalls above:

Installing libraries which depend on Instant Client Basic Lite

When installing libraries which depend on Basic Lite you might need to specifythe DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable. E.g. in order to installruby-oci8older than 2.2.0 you will need to execute


You can also set DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH globally but this isdiscouraged and is known tobreak things.

Homebrew Instant Client is licensed under the MIT License (see LICENSE).

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I have both a PC and Mac environment setup to connect to the same Oracle server. Both are using Oracle instant client and are on the same network. Both machines are similarly configured (e.g., 16GB, flash drive, network connections, etc.).

When I try to execute a select from a relatively small table using SQLPlus, it takes ~2ms on my PC while it takes over 2 seconds on my Mac. I've attempted to dig into the differences using the Oracle trace files and other tools, but have not found anything that I am doing incorrectly.

Google searches have not yielded any helpful results. Is this just a dead end for me?

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This was a problem with the network connection. Although I thought I had validated my Ethernet network connection was live and valid, the communication was preferring the wireless connection. Once I resolved this problem, I received results comparable to the PC environment.

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