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The Tunnelblick log is the record of output from OpenVPN for a connection. It includes entries from Tunnelblick giving additional information.

If you want help troubleshooting connection problems, please set the 'verb' level in your configuration file to '3' before making a connection attempt.

The level of detail about OpenVPN operations in the log is controlled by OpenVPN's 'verb' option. The default (if no 'verb' option appears in the configuration file) is 'verb 3'. That usually provides sufficient information for finding problems, and does not log anything about ordinary traffic through the VPN, so it is the best choice. 'verb' levels higher than 3 are usually not necessary, and 'verb' levels 1 and 2 do not usually provide sufficient information to determine why a connection fails.

You can view the Tunnelblick log for a configuration as follows:

  1. Click on the Tunnelblick icon at the top of the screen;
  2. Click 'VPN Details';
  3. Select the large 'Configurations' button at the top;
  4. Select the configuration in the list on the left; and
  5. Select the 'Log' tab on the right.

Sometimes entries in the log (which are prefixed by the date and time) may appear out of sequence. This is because the different programs writing to the log (Tunnelblick, OpenVPN, and scripts) buffer their output. In general, though, the dates and times listed are correct.

When viewing the log, you may use the following standard keyboard shortcuts:

Command-C: Copy
Command-A: Select all the text in the log
Command-P: Print the log