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Macros for the OCLC Connexion client written by Walter F. Nickeson, University of Rochester, Rochester, NY, [email protected]

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  • Download OCLC Connexion for free. OCLC Connexion - The Connexion client provides much of the same cataloging functionality as exists in the browser interface, while adding productivity-boosting enhancements including macros, additional keyboard customization you can perform all navigation and cataloging actions using assignable key combinations and integrated label printing.
  • How to add Normalization, Validation or Merge rules to the OCLC Connexion integration profile?

These macros work for me with Connexion client 2.63 and 64-bit Windows 7 Enterprise & 64-bit Windows 10 Pro, but no guarantees are promised or implied.

Guide To Oclc Connexion Client

The four macrobook files are: Essentials.mbk, Extras1.mbk, Extras2.mbk, and MacroTools.mbk. See the PDF file 'SharedMacrobooks' for a list of which macros are in each macrobook.


Oclc Connexion Client Download 2.63

Read a .txt file to see the macro code. Look for the 'How it works' section near the top for complete information on how to use the macro and its features.

Connexion training Looking for training materials? Use the Connexion browser courses and tutorials or the Connexion client courses and tutorials to learn how to create and edit bibliographic and authority records that help users find the materials they need faster. This video is about the mechanics of creating original bibliographic records using OCLC Connexion client. Find additional training videos on our support site, at https://help.oclc.org. OCLC Connexion Update February 28, 2014 / Sue Rahnema / Comments Off on OCLC Connexion Update OCLC Connexion client version 2.50 became available for downloading in November of 2013.

Oclc Connexion Log In

Check back often for updates, enhancements, bug corrections, and new macros!