Nzb Client For Mac

The small and efficient NZB client for OSX, optimized for performance and ease of use.
NZBVortex is very feature complete and extremely tuned for optimal download speeds and minimal system resource usage.

Downloading files from usenet has never been easier with NZBin. Just import or launch your nzb file and NZBin will start downloading the files from your newsserver, including repairing, extracting, obfuscating and filename correction and much more. has registered on 1941-10-05 and has updated on 2018-11-05 and will expire on 2018-11-05.This domain is 77 years old. opened on 5.10.1941 and this domain is 77 years, 1 month old. We see that is using Google Adsense to monetize and, 697904 Alexa Rank and Country rank shows us how good and useful this site is.

Just search for or add your desired NZB then let take NZBvortex control: it will download the minimal required data to complete the download, uncompress, cleanup and move the download to your desired location. No overflood in settings or info: we take care of all the technical stuff in the background.

A real set-and-forget download application: add a NZB and NZBVortex will take care of the rest.

Reviews on MacUpdate

Version 3.3.10 released – January 29th, 2017

  • Improve support for new obfuscation types

Version 3.3.9 released – December 18th, 2016

  • Fixed a crash in the PAR2 decoding code
  • Fixed a potential crash during search on the new Macbook Pro 2016

Version 3.3.8 released – November 27th, 2016

  • Fixed a crash in the PAR2 decoding code
  • Improve pirate detection, please contact us you still see this message
  • Fix file list split view line not showing on MacOS Sierra

Version 3.3.7 released – August 14th, 2016

  • Removed incorrect “pirated” message when using Mac App Store license
  • Search blacklist posters add and remove button not correctly laid out

Version 3.3.6 released – July 3rd, 2016

  • Users can now use Mac App Store license on app downloaded via our site

Version 3.3.5 released – June 26nd, 2016

This is a bugfix release with fixed for 3.3 release
  • Prospectively add par2 files during download preventing a lengthy par2 check
  • Prevent too many par2 checks during obfuscated downloads
  • NZB name rename is named back to odd name
  • Group filter menu broken on filter bar

Version 3.3.3 released – May 1st, 2016

This is a bugfix release with fixed for 3.3 release
  • Some NZBs might trigger the “password hint files found” when having subs rar files with underscore in filename
  • Support alternative non-official newznab categories and remove negative default search keywords
  • Plus and minus button in groups moves down when many items have been added in groups list

Version 3.3.2 released – March 13th, 2016

This release contains a massive rewrite, modernisation and cleanup of the code.
  • RAR file content not correctly processed – password and junk detection broken
  • Move to completed with folder already present might cause incorrect folder in parent of completed
  • One file result rename – detect optimal filename improvement
  • File list selection lost every 1 or 2 seconds on OS X 10.7 and OS X 10.8

Version 3.3.1 released – March 1st, 2016

This release contains a massive rewrite, modernisation and cleanup of the code.
  • Fixed RSS view not showing downloaded and watching TV show tableview
  • Fixed very small memory leak on OS X 10.7
  • Fixed uncompress error: unrar didn’t work anymore on OS X 10.7

Version 3.3.0 released – February 28th, 2016

This release contains a massive rewrite, modernisation and cleanup of the code.
  • Use HTTPS for all communication and links to – including Sparkle updates
  • Update sparkle to 1.13.1 with security fix
  • Prefer IPv4 addresss above IPv6 if both are available – prevents bad IPv6 configurations
  • NZBGeek obscured filenames – Rename as NZB file name instead
  • Modernise all views and use latest layout system
  • Modernise all code and cleanup – all code since 2009 inspected and updated
  • Download folder incorrect when not using move to completed
  • Favor filename instead of nzb title during one file result rename
  • RSS feeds update, but do not automatically initiate download
  • When downloading single file NZB, file is renamed to match the NZB file

Version 3.2.3 released – November 18th, 2015

This is a bugfix releae and contains some small features.
  • Improve download title and one-file result rename behaviour (obfuscated names)
  • User interface doesn’t react to user input anymore
  • ZIP contents not correctly processed during detection of junk and passwords
  • Update p7zip to 15.09
  • Weirdly packed multi archive/par set downloads might cause second and after set to get deleted
  • New Network API for Sonarr as they requested
  • Cmd+m doesn’t minimize window
  • Queue order changes every 2 second when using scheduler in combination with “prevent scheduler” downloads

Version 3.2.2 released – October 4th, 2015

This is bugfix release for 3.2.0 – small issues fixed
  • Improved new SSL code – cause low occurrence crashed during application launch

Version 3.2.1 released – September 30th, 2015

This is bugfix release for 3.2.1 – small issues fixed
  • Add file list OS X 10.11 edge actions – prevent crash as well
  • Improve SSL threading / locking code
  • Skip Sample files broken – other (media) files are not skipped at all

Version 3.2.0 released – September 27th, 2015

A brand new release with up to 40% lower cpu usage using SSL, OS X 10.11 features, priorities and more.
  • 40% lower cpu usage when using SSL – fastest SSL implementation around
  • Add NZB downloads list row actions like Open and Remove (10.11 feature)
  • Don’t check again the additional loaded par2 files being loaded during wildcard par2 check
  • Option to select a group for when creating an RSS feed using “Save as RSS” feature in NZBVortex
  • Sort Queue only in one direction – no reverse sorting
  • Option to pause downloading while postprocessing
  • Ability to set archive passwords for all archives at once
  • Ability to ignore scheduler per nzb
  • Keep a download on top/bottom feature
  • Assign different priorities for each group
  • Add a checkbox to a group settings to ignore scheduler
  • Make NZBClub search engine work again
  • Upgrade openssl to 1.0.2d
  • Add NZB via NetworkAPI should return an NZB identifier for 3rd party apps
  • Crash while getting categories from
  • NZB is reported as junk, but is actually good
  • IllimiNews’ SSL negotiation is not working
  • Dragging a file item from the file list into the NZB list caused a crash

Version 3.1.2 released – April 4th, 2015

This is an important release for version 3
  • Merge two downloads causes crash in background thread
  • Make merge possible when right clicking one NZB
  • Group processing option not for showname folder only
  • Crash in cleanupOneFileInFolder when found duplicate found

Version 3.1.1 released – March 14th, 2015

This is an important release for version 3
  • Fix rare crash on OS X 10.7 – when displaying size in dock icon and there is just bytes remaining
  • Fix OS X 10.7 compatability – new tableview improvements doesn’t support OSX 10.7
  • Crash when opening seach while having a newznab search engine added without a name

Version 3.1.0 released – March 2nd, 2015

This is an important release for version 3
  • Fix crash when using a bad regex in include or exclude filters
  • Downloads show “Waiting for save” – never complete
  • Upgrade p7zip to version 9.38.1 final
  • Low occuring freeze in NZBVortex – race condition in combination with a deadlock
  • NZBVortex might freeze (deadlock) during joining split archives
  • Issue with Group processing option “Move to TV show folder” broken
  • Use NSTableView’s lazy row initialising for NZB and File table view
  • Upgrade unrar to version 5.21
  • Cloud: if there is no release title but there a nzbtitles (user) then use the most used title in uiTitle
  • 7zip multipart support seems not to work for this NZB
  • Incorrect processing for PAR2, 7ZIP, Unrar etc when having ” -” in the filename
  • Double click on Agree in license screen will make it crash – disable buttons after first click
  • Use NSActivityLatencyCritical for App Nap activity
  • Fix two spelling errors: “less than 10%” and “Decompress”
  • Don’t remove newznab number prefix anymore
  • Move to completed and renamed downloads – seems original name is used again in move to completed
  • Support NZB 1.1 head fields
  • When entering a password: automatic set “requires password” checkbox – remove it when clearing field
  • Numberic up down for speed so setting speed can be done via mouse

Version 3.0.3 released - January 4th, 2015

This is bugfix release for 3.0.2 to fix some rare issues
  • Fix potential issue where some specific system tweak utilities cause to call accessibilityIndex on TableView cells
  • Fix window position when the titlebar is above the visible frame of the NSScreen broken on multi monitor
  • Potential crash when dragging download queue order when suddenly the queue has less items
  • Fix potential crash when groups try to figure out what the show name is while it's a movie
  • Keyboard focus (keyView) was not correctly set to the download queue

Version 3.0.2 released - December 30th, 2014

This is big release with lots of fixes and improvements.
  • Fix issue for some users where downloads instantly finished without downloading
  • Updated unrar to version 5.20
  • Updated LetsMove to 1.16
  • Updated Sparkle framework to version 1.8.0
  • Fixed crash reporter - make it functioning again
  • Fixed a NZBIndex search result compatibility issue, did fallback to RSS view
  • Improve junk detection by inspecting first and last archives and exe + bigfile and txt
  • Download groups parse UI title into: showname, season, episode and offer move to showname option in group
  • Fixed dragging multiple selections in queue results in only one nzb being moved
  • TV Series with episode numbering like 1x06 being tracked correctly now
  • Fixed: new font of download speed graph is difficult to read
  • Cleanup {{}} from UI title so it's not used in rename
  • Fixed: cloud release name rename might result in a (1) appended to folder
  • NZBVortex might never quit when quitting during a download (keeps saving)
  • Left click on classification and NFO button on search results are broken for some users
  • Fixed potential crash when left clicking a search result
  • Fix Password from filename in {{ }} again, was broken in 3.0
  • Explicit set nzb title via cloud or manual should be used in one file result rename
  • Ctrl left click doesn't open menu on nzb / file table view
  • Fixed crash when cmd/right clicking empty spot in file queue
  • NZBVortex won't reopen last selected view if window is closed
  • Update filenames from cloud of NZB might not refresh UI caused by threading
  • Fixed a potential crash when querying Categories for search engine
  • Update review URL for Mac App Store

Version 2.11.10 released - December 28th, 2014

This is a bugfix release

  • Fixed crash when adding a download via binsearch results

Version 2.11.9 released - December 6th, 2014

This is a bugfix release

  • NZBVortex works on OS X 10.6 again

Version 3.0.1 released - September 19th, 2014

This is a re-release to refresh images on Mac App Store as version 3.0.0 was already uploaded and images can't be changed.

Version 3.0.0 released - September 19th, 2014

We are extremely proud in bringing you the best we can offer!

This is the biggest update we ever released with really unique and awesome features.
Let's first start of with the biggest feature, unique for any usenet client: NZBVortex Cloud.

NZBVortex Cloud

As we all know usenet gets a little harder now as downloads have weird names, are passworded and downloads are taken offline regularly.

We think we have found a solution: we will make the NZBVortex clients work together and help each other!
Some examples of what NZBVortex Cloud will offer:

  • You can now rename downloads: will be shared to other users.
  • Weird download names will automatically be renamed
  • Weird filenames will be automatically renamed
  • Junk and spam will be detected more efficient
  • Allow you to rename download - these names are shared in the cloud
  • If a download is passworded your client will inform other clients
  • It will share well known archive password if available
  • If a download is too damaged on your usenet server(s) other clients will be informed on the same server(s)
  • Fully and I mean fully anonymous, we are out of NSA reach - servers store NO identifying information - we are serious about this!
  • No monthly fees; all included in the one-time license purchase
  • … more feature will be added in future updates

New and Yosemite optimized Interface

  • A more modern and fresh looking interface which is more cleaner and focusses on the content.
  • New and fresh Icon including a progress bar in the dock while downloading.
  • It introduces OS X 10.10 Yosemite-like interface even back to OS X 10.7 - we care for you guys and adding more animation in 10.9 and newer.
  • Added OS X 10.10 Yosemite specific UI design which makes NZBVortex really fit in well in OS X 10.10 Yosemite.

Improved download results

  • On top of all the improvements resulting from NZBVortex Cloud the following has been added to improve your download results:
  • Improved password detection
  • Improved junk detection
  • Automatically choose best final filename when obfuscated
  • Improved filename detection in article subjects

Modern technologies

  • Modernised all API’s and removed a lot of old code and replaced with modern code
  • Replaced custom scrollviews and use new ones offered by Apple
  • Updated to a custom build unrar 5.1 - around 5% more performance
  • Optimised threading and thread handling
  • Completely rewritten the HTTP(S) file downloader
  • Updated Sparkle update framework to version 1.7.1
  • Updated CocoaHTTPServer to reference 2.3 implemented
  • Newest Par2SL version which fixes a small corner case issues
  • All code has been inspected and rewritten at places, cleaned and modernised.

Generic improvements

  • You are able to rename downloads.
  • Improved RSS result parser for search results
  • Make NZBClub search work again
  • Improve rar-in-rar junk detection
  • Fixed a few very rare crashes and hangs
  • Lower CPU usage on lower specced Macs
  • Improved Split Join functionality
  • Support new failure report URL scheme for newznab sites
  • Quicker quit time of the app

Version 2.11.8 released - September 27th, 2014

This is a bugfix release

  • NZBVortex works on OS X 10.6 again

Version 2.11.7 released - September 21th, 2014

This is a bugfix release

  • Fixed NZBClub search
  • Fixed password detection in RAR5 archives

Version 2.11.6 released - December 21th, 2013

This is a bugfix release

  • Adding par2 files from other NZB via advanced context menu broken
  • Par2 file details check improvement for specific file sets

Version 2.11.5 released - December 1th, 2013

This is a bugfix release

  • Support XtremeSplit (XTM) split files
  • Extremely rare: Freezing of User Interface while it is still downloading
  • Improve passworded Rar in Rar - detect this new password trick
  • Par2 file availability check: whitelist NFO - allow it to be missing
  • Junk detection: more than 10% damaged pause improvement

Version 2.11.4 released - November 16th, 2013

This is a bugfix release fixing the following bugs

  • Free mode: configured speed limit always used even when not enabled when it's below 250KB/s
  • Low occurrence: RSS feeds TV tracking might cause high CPU load and unable to quit app

Version 2.11.3 released - November 11th, 2013

This is a bugfix release fixing the following bugs

  • Fix low occurrence crash in SSL error handling

Version 2.11.2 released - November 7th, 2013

This is a bugfix release fixing the following bugs

  • Corrupt par2 file might cause nzbvortex to hang during obfuscation check
  • Free mode (trial expired) keeps waiting for download

Version 2.11.1 released - November 4th, 2013

This is a bugfix release fixing the following bugs

  • Nzbvortex 2.11.0 crashes on OS X 10.6 - Snow Leopard

Version 2.11.0 released - November 3rd, 2013

We're very proud to announce this release: massive amounts of improvements and fixes.
Focus of this release: lower power usage, improved Mavericks support, better obfuscated download support.

  • Improved Mavericks power management support - prevent AppNap, SystemSleep and mark as background process
  • When trying to wild-card checking - try wildcard with par2 prefix if it finds 1 or more matching file
  • Remove several Thread sleeps in favour of semaphores -less cpu wakeups
  • Too much disk/io during parsing of NZB - bad moment for segment missing check
  • Lower memory usage while parsing large NZBs
  • Move from KVO to simple setProperty overloading for report DataObject changes
  • Crash while having RSS feeds without name (empty string)
  • Implement PAR2 filedescription packet parser - better quick check for obfuscated downloads
  • Add NZBGrabit obfuscation format (x01, x02 or x001, x002 filext)
  • Add support for unofficial (X-DNZB-Failure) DirectNZB header - auto get new NZB when NZB fails (DOGnzb)
  • Upgrade RAR to version 5.0 (zipped rars example)
  • Don't add intermedia episodes for full year episodes (2013.09.24 resolved to season 2013 episode 924)
  • Only two items visible on scrollviews when it's containing view is becoming visible again
  • Improve view switch animation, more smooth and layered
  • Auto renaming of 'one file result' after download doesn't work anymore
  • RSS: TVshow watchers should process from new to old
  • RSS: TVshow watchers should process all feed items, even the downloaded ones
  • Data is not written to destination drive if download started with destination drive offline which was later connected
  • Don't pause NZBs with password when password in NZB filename {{password}}
  • Check for missing articles inside the NZB - some NZBs are not complete
  • Deleting specific RSS TV Show Episode States deleted them all
  • UI threading issue during finish search
  • Improve HTTP download code - redirects and partial urls
  • Edit ended after entering one character when table view column has sorting enabled
  • Quitting app causes current downloaded to be marked with error

Version 2.10.3 released - August 2nd, 2013

This release fine-tunes the 2.10 release - fixing issues and adding small features.

  • Batch adding NZBs might cause skipped par2 files to disappear
  • Add support for RSS feeds from
  • Improved memory usage of yEnc decoder
  • Improve quit speed - optimise stopping threads
  • Support spaces in cleanup expressions
  • Selected search engine not restored after restart if it's a newznab search engine
  • Make password lock clickable on NZB progress view which opens Set password view
  • Update LetsMove to version 1.8

Version 2.10.2 released - July 17th, 2013

This is a bugfix release on the big 2.10 feature release. Please update.

  • Non sandbox security bookmarks issue - asks for folders over and over on Mavericks
  • Crash while testing RSS feeds where the tested NZB < 50kb in size
  • Show closed lock icon for NZB when no password entered; unlocked one if user enter all passwords
  • Improve 'snappiness' of update data in Scrollview views

Version 2.10.1 released - July 7th, 2013

This is a bugfix release on the big 2.10 feature release. Please update.

  • Fixed bug where no download would start from RSS without include filter

Version 2.10.0 released - July 6th, 2013

We are very proud to bring you this big update to NZBVortex.
The focus of this release has been improving RSS feeds, better postprocessing and search.
Don't forget to check out the new folder move options in Groups, they are very handy.

  • Integrate NZBking search engine
  • Newznab as search engine
  • Post extract 'par2 filename repair' postprocessing
  • OS X Mavericks broke or disabled proc_listpidspath in Sandboxed Apps
  • Don't strip [] and () characters from NZB filename so NZBs keep years in name
  • Slightly less cpu cycles when no NZB is processing
  • File cleanup - file_id.diz
  • Ability to disable 'download error' notification sheet
  • Favicon for web interface bookmark.
  • Match RSS Include filter in order, first has preference
  • Some specific poster uploads filenames with usenet file name '(null)'
  • Improve CPU usage on high count nzb queues
  • Blacklisting in search by poster name
  • Newznab search engine categories
  • Reintroduce 'smart par2 check' checkbox in advanced preferences
  • Add option to auto create separate folders for seasons when using groups
  • Ability to abort Usenet Search and downloads of nzbs in search
  • Archive password file support and via nzb filename {{PW}}
  • Recreate rss completely
  • Detect wake up while updating RSS feeds, cancel update if detected
  • Disable 'Missing start archive' junk check when filenames in nzb are incorrect
  • Sorting of the list of group in the menu
  • Sort Watch/RSS List top left on name
  • Groups: Ability to move to subfolder with same name as RSS watch
  • RSS TV Shows: download all episodes of a show but never double
  • Groups: Ability to move TV shows to season folder

Version 2.9.5 released - April 20th, 2013

This is a bugfix release

  • NZBVortex failing to repair with error message 0 more blocks needed
  • Crash after download a 'old style' search result (web view)
  • Double extraction when mismatching Unicode normalization form in filename
  • Improve filename detection in malformed subjects in NZBs

Version 2.9.4 released - March 27th, 2013

We improved uncompress postprocessing and even better Obfuscated download support!

  • Binsearch should default to 'popular groups'
  • Support RAR archives sets starting with .000
  • Add support for 7z archives
  • Advanced -> Add PAR2s from NZB removed all downloaded files
  • Merge a download into a failed download should be possible
  • Repair obfuscated filenames using SFV when par2 set is damaged
  • Fix crash while trying to mount a bad completed folder (sandbox)

Version 2.9.3 released - February 28th, 2013

We applied a little spit and polish to the 2.9 release of NZBVortex.

  • Fixed crash while adding a nzb via Remote API or WebUI
  • Make 'Move to completed' more robust regarding mounted volumes

Version 2.9.2 released - February 24th, 2013

Thanks for your feedback via email and our site.
This release adds some requested features and fixes a few less common bugs.

  • Binsearch search engine should search in all usenet groups
  • When downloading a search result via Binsearch engine use a more sane name
  • Introduce advanced option to show advanced/full search result title
  • Ability to add RSS feeds via search even without search results
  • PAR2 repair not performed after 'Join before par2 repair' has been used
  • 'Move to completed' deletes download if download and completed is same folder and result is one folder
  • Set password for NZB: make more clear when no archive is available
  • When adding RSS feeds via search: disable show episode when checkbox is disabled
  • Make Repair file backup cleanup rule more strict
  • Pressing Cmd+Z (undo) after typing in search bar results in application hanging
  • Fixed typo: Avarage > Average in speed graph

Version 2.9.1 released - February 2nd, 2013

Support more 'obfuscated' filename types
If you encounter bad downloads because of weird filenames: contact us!

  • 'Ask for Download Location' not working for Search and RSS
  • Support more obfuscated filename schemes

Version 2.9.0 released - January 27th, 2013

We are very proud to announce the new version of NZBVortex.
We've added binsearch and nzbX search engine and support a new filename format.

  • Nicely animated and striped Progressbar
  • Improve Speed graph - wider and fill color
  • Support new hashed NZB filename or in-NZB files
  • Binsearch support - result scraper
  • Add search engine
  • Ability to specify decompress password during enqueueing
  • Support more tv show number schemes
  • RSS feeds: Watch name in bold if updates available
  • Update Growl framework to 2.0.1
  • Improve incomplete nzb file detection
  • Support badly numbered HJSplit split sets
  • 'Pause Junk' pauses too small or no start archive AND (new) also rar-in-rar and hint files
  • Combine search results adds to top of queue
  • Whitelist IP for network API / WebUI
  • Quicker NZB parser
  • DirectNZB http headers for add NZB via URL
  • NetworkAPI: Ability to specify group during add of NZB
  • Improve password detection by distincting between real password or hinted files
  • Password detection on corrupted RAR not working

Version 2.8.6 released - December 22nd, 2012

New in this version:

  • Web interface sporadically requests for API key while not needed
  • Oddly formatted uuencoded articles might cause crash

Version 2.8.5 released - December 16th, 2012

Some bugs where fixed and Network API extended.
New in this version:

  • Fix issue where NZBVortex might keep asking for folders during start
  • Incorrect 'archive is password protected' warnings for some downloads
  • Fix download issue for some uuencoded downloads
  • Various Network API improvements
  • Preferences sheet opens too slow
  • Ability to disable SSL for Network API and Web interface
  • Process ArticlesForBackupServers in File after saving Servers

Version 2.8.4 released - December 2nd, 2012

This is a bugfix release.
New in this version:

  • Writing to disk errors when saving preferences for a second time
  • Only update security bookmarks when folders are really changed
  • Support uuencoded articles
  • Mysterbin went down - remove from search engines
  • Unsandbox folder after selecting download folder 'ask folder mode'
  • Improve password checks of archive, faster and more reliable
  • Filter matching using regex should not split up regex using spaces

Version 2.8.3 released - Nov 10th, 2012

This is a finetune release.
New in this version:

  • NZBclub via HTTPS not working anymore, move to http
  • Filesize on finished downloads wrong if download has directories
  • Make more clear users have to use HTTPS for webui on iOS devices
  • AQXMLParser crash while parsing RSS feeds - sporadic
  • Prevent never-ending crash reporter uncaught exception
  • Force set of security bookmark in MASFolderSelection even when path is same
  • WebUI: Improve NZB context menu, more situation aware
  • WebUI: improve colors - make same as native UI
  • Network API: Authentication hash check fails when base64 uses padding
  • Network API: remove pauseAll, resumeAll
  • Network API: Incorrect HTTP bonjour publish - Publish HTTPS

Version 2.8.2 released - Sept 24th, 2012

We are very proud to present to you a much improved version of NZBVortex!
New in this version: Retina graphics, iPad/iPhone/Browser interface, NZBClub support, Remote Network API for remote apps.

  • WebUI: Support Safari Privacy Modus (API Key)
  • WebUI: Prevent hover background color for iOS devices
  • WebUI: Do not show progressbar for 0% progress
  • Very low frequent crash in XML parser
  • Support 'season' only filter and downloads in RSS
  • Don't warn when run on Mac OSX 10.8.0 - bypassed OSX bug

Version 2.8.1 released - Sept 21th, 2012

This is a bugfix release, fixing a few bugs and low occurring crashes.

  • Fixed crashes caused by Servers without credentials
  • State database not correctly created for new users
  • NZBClub maxsize not working for RSS feeds generated

Version 2.8.0 released - Sept 21th, 2012

We are very proud to present to you a much improved version of NZBVortex!
New in this version: Retina graphics, iPad/iPhone/Browser interface, NZBClub support, Remote Network API for remote apps.

  • Add Web Interface for remote control
  • Improve retina MacBook pro support
  • Search/rss feature addition for NZBClub
  • Implement a network API for other apps to control NZBVortex
  • Add Simple file verification support (sfv)
  • Fix possible registration issue on Snow Leopard (server) machines
  • Invalid RSS feed XML / search might cause stability issues
  • NZBVortex fails to extract rar archive of splitted one-massive rar file
  • 'Paused, likely junk, missing start archive(s).' When filenames do not match on NNTP server.
  • Move usenet password from plist to keychain
  • Add advanced option to enable 'Pause damaged downloads without repair' (SFV)
  • Add option to toggle 'Pause Junk downloads'
  • Restructure Advanced preference screen
  • Add 'Download next' option to the search menu.
  • False rar-in-rar detection for subs which are spanned over multiple archives
  • Ability to choose growl, mountain lion notifications or none
  • UI freeze + high mem load when right click on fileset when having 100+ items selected
  • Watched network folders or symlinks to network folders don't work
  • Many more small fixes...

Version 2.7.4 released - June 22th, 2012

New in this release:

  • Work-around for bug in latest Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion update
  • Retry missing articles 3 times per server for optimal completion
  • Option to manual skip files and filesets from NZB
  • Better support for Mountain Lion Notifications
  • Updated RAR to version 4.2
  • Scheduler put Mac to sleep/shutdown even when option not enabled
  • Pause NZB's with a very small start RAR file, password trick
  • Password protect should also pause nzbs which are missing start rars
  • False positives password warnings (rar-in-rar)

Version 2.7.3 released - May 26th, 2012

New in this release:

  • Support usenet servers which respond with a complete article (220) instead of body only
  • Search Merge and Download doesn't download all files
  • Scheduler pause + sleep when done should trigger sleep
  • RSS window remember and restore splitview positions
  • Initial watch folder process during start doesn't work sandbox
  • Auto launch NZBvortex can cause incorrect helper not installed warning
  • Fixed potential crash while adding nzbs via a open panel (very low frequent)

Version 2.7.2 released - April 14th, 2012

New in this release:

  • Fixed Always requests keychain permission on osx 10.6
  • Fixed a potential crash in unsandbox bookmarks code
  • A potential crash while downloading a zip in watch folder

Version 2.7.1 released - April 12th, 2012

New in this release:

  • A potential crash while downloading a zip in watch folder

Version 2.7.0 released - April 10th, 2012

New in this release:

  • Rare crash during adding of a NZB after a damaged NZB
  • Implemented a NFO preview popup for search results
  • Dont offer to move app to applications in sandbox mode
  • Make MAS sandbox compatible on Mac App Store
  • Use a semi private API to detect if an file is in use
  • '?' Matching in filtering etc should match exactly one character
  • Cleanup rss view and make it easier to understand
  • Delete files from parse queue when they don't contain an nzb start tag
  • 'Auto remove finished nzbs' prevents queue completed notify & sleep
  • Show NFO links back in search results
  • Show files + PAR2 file count in main search results
  • Rebuild state file when SQLite open fails
  • Remove temporary entitlement and use secure bookmarks
  • Failed download counts as paused and finished at the same time (queue status)
  • Blacklist path finder for open file check
  • Pause nzbs containing uuencoded articles
  • Add 'maxsize=' to the SD RSS feed created with 'Save As RSS' button
  • Option to disable growl notifications
  • Very sporadic crash while deleting a finished download (thanks Winston Smith)
  • Double add of same nzb still posible sometimes
  • Only SHA1 check NZB files in parse queue

Version 2.6.3 released - January 14th, 2012

This is a bugfix release for some rare issues reported by users.

New in this release:

  • Some downloads are misidentified as 'password protected' archives
  • Some specific queries result in old style nzbindex result view
  • Filter finder pid and name from lsof isBusy results
  • RSSViewController downloadSelectedFeedItems crash
  • Tune cleanup even more (recursive clean folder cleanup)

Version 2.6.2 released - January 9th, 2012

New in this release:

  • Cleanup empty folder recursion issue
  • Find via toolbar should show sidebar when enabled

Version 2.6.1 released - January 8th, 2012

New in this release:

  • Improved NZBIndex result scraping
  • Try prevent scrollbar compatability mode in Lion

Version 2.6.0 released - January 8th, 2012

Almost too much to talk about: most importantly we integrated Mysterbin search engine!
The complete search view has been redone, it will be a lot more clear now.

New in this release:

Nzb Client Mac Free

  • Move search options back to right + add collapse
  • RSS feed items and search results should download into unique filename
  • Merge and download in search should download biggest first
  • Cleanup post processing Alias handling
  • No move progress when a volume was not mount before move
  • Integrate mysterbin search + more search work
  • NZB inside NZB should be added to queue
  • Nzb parse end tag + max wait
  • Add timer for 'speed limit' mode and 'pause all transfers'
  • Average out the average speed more for Dock / NZB / Stats bar
  • Speed Graph peak, avarage, current speed
  • Allow moving multiple selected items to top or bottom.
  • Pause nzbs with rar-in-rar archive sets - password protected
  • Search sort order changes should perform a direct research
  • Disable recursive uncompress doesn't work
  • Continue on finished file on disk with missing articles
  • Article and File states might now always be updates in persistance
  • Update growl to 1.3 framework
  • Remove completed download folder when 'move to completed' is disabled
  • Support rar archives which contain files with same name
  • Very long par2 checks for this NZB
  • GTPopover displays on wrong screen on multi monitor setup
  • Fix filesize CAP - 2.15gb
  • Improve ui title generation from nzb filename (gerteunis) - closed.

Version 2.5.4 released - December 3rd, 2011

This is a bugfix release: fixes an issue where split files aren't joined correctly in some situations.

New in this release:

  • Par2 fix-filename should not rename possible split files
  • Other small bugfixes

Version 2.5.3 released - November 19th, 2011

This is a relatively small release but brings you nice features like up to 2x to 8x faster
par2 check and repair and a quicker way of enabling sleep when done and speed limit.

New in this release:

  • Add very fast par2 based on intel tbb
  • Introduce CMD-click for Zzz and Turtle for instant enable/disable
  • Download next should unpause downloads
  • Allow multiple selected items to 'download next'
  • Download Next doesn't always move nzb to 2nd position
  • Server error never shown - computer wakeup detection too aggresive
  • Dealloc used in FrenchSet detection - can cause crash
  • Alert sheet not opened when move failed (Window not opened?)

Version 2.5.0 released - November 2st, 2011

It took a little longer as usual but hope it's worth the wait!
A lot of handy features has been added and some other have been finetuned.
Most noticable is the better support for 'French/Canadian' uploads
and easier adding of RSS feeds using the search screen. Check it out!

New in this release:

  • Support the French/Canadian renamed file uploads and improve other funky nzbs
  • Better support misnamed files during par2 phase
  • Introduce a 'configure sleep' balloon while clicking the Zzz button
  • Show a balloon for the hard to find (seems) sleep and speed limit buttons
  • Lion resume fullscreen wrong screen dimensions.
  • Add a low CPU priority mode option for postprocessing
  • Press SPACE to pause/resume marked downloads.
  • 'Reset Monthly server volume' doesn't work when 'volume limit warning' is disabled
  • Server traffic reset button doesn't update UI right away
  • A reminder on launch that speed limit is use
  • Show 'speed limit' balloon above speed limit mode button when pressed
  • Detect 'wake up computer' timeout - make it little more snappy
  • Application fade in animation glitch
  • Button to add search query as RSS watch
  • Merging nzb with another already imported paused nzb should not start download.
  • Wildcard support rss / group matching / cleanup (regex using slash)
  • Right click -> make this nzb the next to download
  • Delete to trash with 'Yes and Delete Files' or at least make it optional.
  • Episodes watch values not saved following power cut
  • Move out all other stuff from ProcessSpeed thread
  • Rename files if the nzb contains other filenames compared to the par2 set content
  • Drop NZB after itself (blue line bottom of itself) moves moves below the next NZB
  • Franticly clicking SSL checkbox might cause a crash during test server settings (NSThread)

Version 2.4.2 released - August 25th, 2011

This is a bugfix release. This release fixes two relatively rare crashes.

New in this release:

  • Fix infrequent crash during manual download of RSS feed items
  • Fix for very rare and hard to find crash in network stack

Version 2.4.1 released - August 22th, 2011

This release adds Full Screen mode, keyboard control, multi selection and auto remount of NAS volumes.
A lot of other feature are added and tuned.

New in this release:

  • Search results might cut off some text
  • Possibly too small memory buffer for network
  • Monthly Fair Use policy was not clickable
  • Out of diskspace detection was not checking

Version 2.4.0 released - August 20th, 2011

This release adds Full Screen mode, keyboard control, multi selection and auto remount of NAS volumes.
A lot of other feature are added and tuned.

New in this release:

  • Mac OS X Lion full screen mode
  • Auto remount NAS when it's unmounted
  • Merge search results (i.e. add additional par2 set)
  • Keyboard support, selection and commands
  • Multi select support almost everywhere
  • Lower CPU usage in Idle (up to 66% lower) and Download (up to 25% lower)
  • Test server settings in preferences
  • Better support for newsservers with missing groups
  • Merge NZBs into each other
  • Delete completed download files
  • Added a search context menu
  • Option to auto remove completed download
  • Backspace opens remove nzb
  • Add support for link in search results and RSS
  • File list auto scaling
  • Support RAR archives with authenticity check
  • much much more...

Version 2.3.1 released - July 24th, 2011

New in this release:

  • Crash in Lion while removing a completed download

Version 2.3.0 released - July 18th, 2011

'Power of the colored dot!'

This release add Groups support, making NZBVortex ready for the next TV show season!
Groups will make NZBVortex way more XBMC, Plex or other scraper friendly.
Requiring less time for you to sort you shows after downloading.

Some requested features are added and postprocessing has been improved again.

New in this release:

  • Groups with auto matching, added to queue, filterbar, rss and more.
  • Mac OS X 10.7 Lion Ready
  • Option to disable removing dots form filename (better for some scrapers)
  • Better cleanup 'Sample' folder (especially for german releases)
  • More queue sort options: Age, Size, Name, Group Name, Remaining bytes
  • Lion UI fixes for the momentum scrollbars
  • Better Giganews SSL to non-SSL server switch
  • Prevent multiple launches of NZBVortex
  • Able to add preference toolbar icon
  • Welcome message displayed too often for new users
  • Support for RAR sets which start with .001

Version 2.2.6 released - June 12th, 2011

This is a bugfix release; fixing various postprocessing side-effects.

A selection of changes in this version:

  • NAS or external HDD less prone being remounted with -1 suffix
  • Various post processing tweaks and tuning
  • Various cleanup improvements
  • Improve corrupted queue detection

Version 2.2.5 released - June 4th, 2011

A new release which adds more postprocessing and better SSD drive support.
New postprocessing steps: unzip, join split files.
A selection of changes in this version:

  • Tuned performance for SSD drives (with TRIM or TRIM hack)
  • Zip file support
  • Split file support
  • Video preview now also works on Split and mk4 files
  • Better detection of 'Preview file available'
  • Lower cpu usage
  • Faster and less memory used for parsing large NZBs
  • Better detect passworded nzbs
  • Detection of a corrupt state database file
  • Checkbox before RSS feed name now disables update; new option added to disable download of nzbs
  • Move 'One folder extraction result fix' to cleanup phase (even multiple sub folders now)
  • Support badly formatted yEnc articles better
  • Support pause and cancel during Joining
  • Better old nzb detection
  • Support concurrent add of search results
  • And of course: all kinds of other small issues fixed.

Version 2.2.0 released - May 2nd, 2011

Here we are again, a new and fresh install for you to enjoy!
Some often requested features are added and some tuning has been done.

Thanks to Povilas Griškevičius and mamahuhu for their time and support!

A selection of changes in this version:

  • Newly designed Icon
  • IPv6 support
  • Scheduler with speed limit and pause
  • Preview video while downloading
  • Cleanup empty folders
  • Smarter resuming of a removed download
  • Restructured preferences, cleaner now
  • Small UI tweaks (thanks mamahuhu!)
  • Moved some screens to Sheets now; for large monitors
  • Recursive extraction of RAR files
  • Visual feedback + mark search result while downloading
  • New dock info options: speed; size; time; percentage and none.
  • Better indication on UI when backup servers are used
  • Do not try to find nzb's in zips larger than 50MB
  • Do not pause NZB's on weird server responses.
  • Retain speed limit mode config on restart
  • Added a RSS feed item details window
  • Press enter min or max size in search should search
  • Select file in finder if only one file is available
  • Always create a new folder when using 'ask for location'
  • Lots of other smaller fixes and tuning

Version 2.1.2 released - April 7th, 2011

This is a bugfix release, two bugs have been solved.

Fixed in this release:

  • Potential deadlock crash while resuming an nzb (low occurance)
  • 'Ask for download location' should always create a new subfolder in selected location

Version 2.1.1 released - March 16th, 2011

This is a bugfix release, two low frequent issues have been fixed.

A selection of changes made in this release:

  • Support Sxx.Eyy (the extra dot) RSS feed item show matching
  • Fixed a potential crash in downloading invalid RSS feeds
  • Add support for HTTP 301 and 302 redirects in RSS (very specific)

Version 2.1.0 released - March 12th, 2011

Including FairUse and Block account warnings, up to 30% faster uncompress, lots of fine-tuning

A selection of changes made in this release:

  • Added an option to get warned when your fair use policy has been reached
  • Added on option to get warned when you block usenet account is almost depleting
  • Added sound notification on queue and nzb completion
  • Up to 30% faster uncompress due to new unrar 4.0
  • Performance tuning on very large NZBs
  • When downloading: actively prevent Mac from going to sleep
  • Keep last 50 downloaded rss feed items
  • Support self-signed HTTPS servers (many private forums are)
  • Added a self-resetting monthly transfer volume counter (nice right?)
  • Make changing watch-folder live (previously you had to restart)
  • Make RSS download successive matching feed items
  • Added an installer DMG
  • Small but important stability fixes (every crash is one to many)

Version 2.0.0 released - Jan 4th, 2011

Finally I am able to proudly present version 2.0.0 of NZBVortex!
This is a major release where I have added the most requested
features as well I've took the time to tune it as much as possible.

We tried to test this application as good as we can, so we hope it
should be very stable. Thanks go out to Povilas Griskevicius, mamahuhu,
Stephane Reinstein and John Clay.

Version 2.0.0 is a free upgrade for all current customers.
Compare that to the competing products which let you pay over and over
for the same license you already have bought.

The top new features are:

  • Finally: Full multi server support (multiple primary and multiple backup)
  • Massive engine tuning
    faster startup time, way less memory usage on big queues (hundreds of GBs).
  • Support (and optionally auto pause) passworded downloads
  • Option to auto pause download which: have no par2 files or are reaching the retention of your usenet servers.
  • Ability to retry failed download a day later: so your server might have more time become more 'complete'.
  • Global option to add all new NZB's in paused state
  • Display a NZB's age and sort queue by age (oldest first)
  • Better speed throttling
  • Less disk IO during usage
  • and much more...

Version 1.6.2 released - October 24th, 2010

Fixed two rare bugs and introduced a in-app DNS cache.

List of the biggest changes:

  • Fixed rare crash just after uncompressing
  • Introduced a local in-app DNS cache
  • Fixes an extremely rare bug where the queue not loaded on start

Version 1.6.1 released - October 4rd, 2010

New in this release: Usenet Search, Queue Filter bar and introduce advanced manual repair options.
Thanks go out again to: Povilas Griskevicius and mamahuhu for their tests and feedback.

List of the biggest changes:

  • Fixed in 1.6.1: Fixed launch issue of specific rss feeds
  • Performance tuning of large file lists
  • Introduced 'Download all par2 files'
  • Introduced 'Add PAR2s from NZB...'
  • Introduced 'Download all par2 files of...'
  • Move to completed fails during sleep/wake (wifi not available)
  • Make search history available in the top right corner search field
  • Make (hidden) pref for Shutdown instead of sleep
  • Rar postprocessing cleanup for Rxx, Sxx, Txx and Uxx
  • Small pixel tweaks in RSS view
  • Add 'Search for NZB' using a public nzb index site
  • Prevent never-ending file save on fast connections (memory eater)
  • Delete state file if it's damaged on start of app
  • Warn for app slim functions when app is damaged
  • Add 'Add par2 files from..' to NZB context menu to add all par2s from another NZB
  • Continue download of target folder already exists AND filename is there
  • Unable to import NZB with same name from same location
  • Graphic glitches and interface freezing when switching view mode fast over and over
  • Make KB/s MB/s and GB/s work better for Dock icon as well
  • Only update filelist when selecting a NZB when the filelist is visible
  • Time to completion incorrect
  • And lots of other smaller changes

Version 1.5.0 released - August 15th, 2010

Finish your downloads before updating!

Renewed User Interface including File list and Speed Graph.
Up to 50% lower cpu usage for non-ssl connections.
Lots of fixes, features and tuning has been done.
Thanks go out again to: Povilas Griskevicius and mamahuhu for their tests and feedback.

List of the biggest changes:

  • Revamped User Interface
  • File list per NZB (resize window to make the list wider)
  • NZB information visible in a separate panel
  • Speed throttling improved
  • A lot of RSS feed tweaks like filter on category, mark new items etc
  • Up to 50% lower cpu usage on non-SSL connections
  • Drag and Drop in nzb queue and in RSS window
  • Show SSL status in main window
  • Made download stats visible on all windows
  • Make toolbar customizable
  • Download speed graph added
  • Overall performance and state tuning
  • much more

Version 1.0.0 released - June 20th, 2010

Now with RSS feed support! A lot of work has been done on this release.
Lots of fixes, features and tuning has been done.
Thanks go out again to: Povilas Griskevicius and mamahuhu for their tests and feedback.

List of the biggest changes:

  • RSS feed support
  • Support for ZIPed NZBs
  • Added move to top/bottom of queue
  • Queue items are selectable including context menu on list and item
  • Clear button on the button right to clear finished
  • Around 40 other changes (check full change log)

Version 0.7.2 released - May 4th, 2010

This is a bugfix and finetune release.

List of changes:

  • Do not move completed download when 'ask for location' has been enabled
  • File open code incorrectly cleans up partial file on restart
  • Make new file IO more robust regarding incorrect compiled articles

Version 0.7.0 released - April 30th, 2010

This version adds support for accented characters in filenames, Cleanup files after download, supports moving the completed files to another location (temp/complete folders) and the option
for you to manually start postprocessing of downloads.
This release has a lot of other fixes and tweaks mainly for low occurance issues.
Thanks go out to Povilas Griskevicius and Mamahuhu for their thorough tests!

Other new features:

Torrent Client For Mac Os

  • Make post processing optional/delayable
  • Ability to move completed downloads to another location
  • After completion cleanup: Make configurable which file types to auto cleanup
  • Incorrect parsing of yenc message with 'special character' filenames
  • Cleanup filenames in NZB's which contain set numbers in the filename ' (1/79)'
  • One-article files use crc32 field instead of pcrc32
  • Make NZB parse routine more robuust to it will not add nzb's twice or download in same folder
  • Article state repair after restart was causing downloading of skipped files
  • During prefs save: only reset current connections if connection prefs are changed
  • Save invalid yenc message to file in 'Application support' folder
  • Gather anonymous system info during Sparkle update
  • Sleep button doesn't work if there are paused download in the listing
  • NZB waiting in 'saving/downloading' state after 'Need additional blocks: .. 1..'
  • NZB download folder should not end in .nzb even when cleanup falls back to default
  • 'Support' filenames with an forward slash in it
  • Extra cleanup expressions
  • When reverting state of FileArticle to FileArticleStateWaiting also update File and NZBstate
  • Make sure a 0 bytes file will be saved if all articles are bad
  • Filename cleanup should accept accented chars
  • Increase max number of concurrent connections
  • Change button for Download location and NZB watch folder broke on 10.5
  • Incorrect display of total and nzb file size on large files

Version 0.6.0 released - April 11th, 2010

This version introduces a lot of User Interface changed while keeping the interface subtle.
Version 0.6.0 also has a lot of fixes for corner case problems like incorrect formatted NZBs etc.
Some additional handy features are added as well.
Thanks go out to Povilas Griskevicius for his thorough tests!

Other new features:

  • Support nzb parsing of filenames encapsulated with two single quotes instead of a double quote
  • Stop / pause should also work during postprocessing mode
  • Postprocessing should not unrar/unzip to another subfolder when there is just one rar set
  • Update all texts and handling of NZBViewController stats
  • Fix a crash when processing post processing results (very very rare)
  • Download a limited number of NZB at once in Simultaneous transfer mode
  • Offer option to move downloaded files to trash when deleting NZB
  • Some NZB's have suffix (xx/xx) in the filename, strip that
  • Display growl message when adding NZBs from watch dir
  • No growl notification when server url is changed to non-available/non-existing address
  • Add 'Pause All' and 'Resume All' to Dock menu.
  • US-ASCII encoding not supported in NZB files
  • Parsing of NZB should be done on a separate thread not on IO thread
  • Sometimes application skips parts or downloads only a small amount
  • Button to enable speedlimit
  • Alternating rows colors in NZB listing
  • Show how many nzbs were added to the queue. Best place - stautus bar.
  • Show total amount of data to be downloaded.
  • Bunch of UI Ideas for the future
  • Implement coloured progress bar for status
  • Numbers-only-named nzbs with enabled 'Autmatically add NZBs' causes crash
  • Implement a CrashReporter for better crash reporting
  • Download start Pars first
  • Save file should be more resistant to crashes
  • Add copyright notices in the about of NZBVortex
  • Crash in during save of article, parse article footer

Version 0.5.5 released - March 25th, 2010

This is a finetuning and bugfix release. One big feature has been added: support for Mac OSX 10.5 (Leopard).
NZBVortex will now also check if your free disk space is low and pause all downloads if it is.
Thanks go out to Povilas Griskevicius for his thorough tests!

Other new features:

  • Make NZBVortex OSX 10.5 compatible
  • Changes Case of some Letters
  • Starting NZBVortex on 10.5 crashes during setting of OpenPanel location
  • Application crashes when manual adding a nzb and 'Ask for download location' is enabled
  • Cleanup unrepaired rar files (*.rar.1) after succesful uncompressed
  • Make getStartPars check for other sets which don't have a .par or vol00+xx filename
  • Make name cleanup work better by stripping all weird chars
  • Trouble repairing archive with two par2 sets and one is okay other needs additional blocks
  • Support double digit start par2s (0+1, 00+01, 0+03 etc)
  • Simultaneous transfer should limit to the 'top' CONNECTIONNUMBER NZBs
  • 'Disabled preferences require a license'
  • Pause downloads when free diskspace gets below 2x write cache size
  • Make find index in data faster on OSX 10.5
  • Extract RAR sets in separate subfolder so they will not overwrite each other

Version 0.5.0 released - March 13th, 2010

This is a feature release; the following most noticeable features are added: SmartCheck (experimental; very fast par2 check), optional skip Sample files, Sleep Mac when done, NZB watch folder, better support for some newsservers and many more. Thanks go out to Povilas Griškevičius for his thorough tests!
Other new features:

  • Shaved of 300KB of the NZBVortex application size, leaner!
  • Added experimental version of SmartCheck, detects if par2 check is skippable
  • If unrar fails and SmartCheck skip has been used go back to PAR2 check
  • Use Par2SL instead of current Par2 CLI applications.
  • Make sure Sample skip doesn't skip all files (gerteunis)
  • Shutdown when done option (gerteunis)
  • Save files to FILENAME.partial first to notify users which files are 'done'
  • Add a NZB 'watch' folder
  • Free edition was skipping par2 files as well, not allowed
  • Ability to Ignore 'Samples' from NZB's when the sample files have their own par2
  • NZBVortex crashes when opening nzb which is deleted directly after adding
  • Make save state faster so it can be used more often
  • Some news servers use 'unauhthorized' to notify no more connections are allowed
  • 'Add NZB' button opens dialog causing crash NZBVortex when iLife mini browser is installed and crashing
  • 'Delete NZB after adding' should delete to Trash
  • Remove support for PPC. Compile only for Intel.
  • 'Service Discontinued' NNTP status should not mark article Failed

Version 0.4.2 released - February 21th, 2010

A lot of CPU tuning has been done in this release.
No real new features; just a lot of performance and functionality tweaking.
Other new features:

  • On start of NZBVortex revert state of nzb back to state which triggers par2 or unrar
  • Do not process par1 messages, try to skip download of par1 files if an equivalent par2 is available
  • When stopping or finishing NZB the file handles aren't released
  • Create a new folder with number of target folder already exists (auto create target folder)
  • Prevent adding the same NZB twice or more
  • Download speed in dock icon
  • Correctly handle corrupt NZB's and log + notify it
  • Check work directory before starting post processing
  • Filename cleanup should not end up in a '.NZB' filename
  • In 0.4.1 all pars are downloaded, not smartly skipped
  • Cleanup rar.1 etc as well, par2 repair will store the original to rar.1
  • Display error growl message if postprocessing failed
  • Growl not displayed while in free mode

Version 0.4.1 released - February 15th, 2010

This is a bugfix release, fixing an issue which some very specific NZB's could not be opened.
Also some performance enhancements have been made while downloading big NZB files.
  • Optimize CPU usage. statefile save cause overall spikes (large NZB's)
  • Optimize memory usage when parsing NZB files
  • Exception Type: EXC_CRASH (SIGABRT) while opening specific NZB file
  • OSX security dialog prevents adding multiple NZB's at once
  • Add option to delete NZB files upon import/add
  • Make registration work better and live
  • Drag & Drop NZB to application window
  • Application crashes after changing write cache size from default to 100
  • Don't show '(licensed)' in application title
  • Make 'smart downloading' setting unavailable if no active license is present.
Go over to the download page and get your copy today!

Version 0.4.0 released - February 12th, 2010

Yet another great release. A lot of new functionality has been added in this release.
  • Optimizes download size
    only downloads required pars, saving up to 10%!
  • Par check and verify
  • Unrar downloaded files
  • Cleanup files after completion
  • Added an 'Open location' button after download
  • A lot of other engine and UI tweaks!
Go over to the download page and get your copy today!