Novell Client For Mac

The language you choose here determines what language setup.exe and the installed Novell Client for Windows use. In most cases, the default use is for Windows Choose one of the following installation methods. Oct 19, 2012  I know that Novell wants us to move to OES, but NetWare works wonderfully, and with it virtualized, I can run it forever (okay, almost forever). However, my faculty member's Mac cannot log into it. I know that at one time there was a Mac client for NetWare from Prosoft, but that seems to have been discontinued. For lone Mac users, a client-side solution is the better option. One such program is Prosoft Engineering's NetWare Client for Mac OS X, IP Edition. NetWare Client launches like an application but. I recently purchased an Apple iMac and would to connect to my company's network. My company has a Novell Netware 6.5 network. I have searched but cannot find a Novell client for the iMac.

JSherman writes 'Prosoft Engineering has released a client that enables Mac OS X to connect to a Novell network. The client is pure TCP/IP, and is not tied with AppleTalk. Its been possible for Macs to connect to Netware Servers for a long time by using Novell's Native File Access, but this is a much better method since it's an actual client that will remember your user ID and password when connecting to servers, and it allows you to browse the NDS tree. This is great news for all of us that use Apple computers in the Enterprise. Mac OS X progress marches on.'

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