No Machine Client Alternative For Mac

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I am looking for an alternative to Oracle's Toad for Mac OS X. I currently use this for work on a Windows machine, but I would like to use it natively in OSX.

I am looking for something that specifically handles XMLTYPEs well.

  1. NoMachine is a free remote desktop application that has stacks of powerful features. With NoMachine you can access all your files and folders, watch DVDs, TV, or YouTube videos from wherever you are.
  2. NoMachine for Mac. Mac Intel 64-bit OS X 10.7 or later, macOS 10.12/10.13. NoMachine for Linux. Transform your Raspberry Pi into a powerful remote desktop client by installing NoMachine. Available for Raspbian and a number of other Linux flavors. NoMachine for ARM.
  3. Parallels is a full-featured virtual machine software which began primarily to run a Windows virtual machine on Apple OS X. It was a great way to have both worlds.
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No Machine Client Alternative For Mac

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No love for SQL Developer by Oracle?(Oops sorry didn't see it was mentioned earlier so I'll just second it.) We used to use TOAD exclusively but due to budgetary issues we reluctantly moved to SQL Developer. It was painful but after an adjustment period it is not bad. Does 95% of the functionality we used in TOAD. They do have a certified MacOS version :

good luck!

P.S. it's free! it's not bad for a free product really...

Tar Patel

No Machine Client Alternative For Mac

I am looking for an alternative to Oracle's Toad for Mac OS X. I currently use this for work on a Windows machine, but I would like to use it natively in OSX.

Tar Patel
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Quest has released Toad Mac Edition v1.0 Beta

Toad- Mac Edition is a native Mac application for database development. Designed to help database developers be more productive, the Toad - Mac Edition provides essential database tools for Oracle, MySQL, and PostgreSQL.

Boost your database development productivity on Mac and develop highly-functional database applications fast.

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You can try SQL WorkBench, it works based on Java and JDBC Drivers, so you can connect to any database that supports jdbc.

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Mac Os Alternative

I use squirrel sql. Its written in java so can work on multiple OS. It uses JDBC to connect. I use it because I need to connect to oracle, DB2, and teradata.

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Best Torrent Client For Mac

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