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Oct 10, 2017  Minecraft Console Client is a lightweight app that will make your life easier! Able to connect to any minecraft server, both offline and online mode, it enables you to send commands and receive text messages in a fast and easy way without having to open the main Minecraft game. The ultimate Mac user's guide to Minecraft on OS X - mods, skins, and more. Now, bring up the Minecraft client and once again click 'Edit' on your profile in the bottom left corner.

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I've seen videos for Minecraft mods which add features like oil, pipes and guns. Where can I find these mods, and how do I install them on a Mac?

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For mac minecraft client for mac

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2 Answers

  1. Download the .ZIP file
  2. Extract it to some directory.
  3. Go to the directory you just created.
  4. Open a new Window
  5. Go to ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft/bin
  6. Look for a file called minecraft.jar
  7. Rename that file to
  8. Unzip it
  9. Drag all files ending with .CLASS into the minecraft.jar FOLDER
  10. Delete the META-INF folder.
  11. You're done!
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This video is fairly old, but installing mods hasn't changed since it was made:

The mod pack

The instructions

A tutorial for general mods:

Nivia 5 Minecraft Client For Mac


For Mac Minecraft Client For Mac

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