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Jan 28, 2015  The new and improved Mac client allows OneDrive for Business users to securely manage and sync their work files through the Mac’s familiar Finder experience. Integration with Finder is one of the features made possible by App Extensions in. Microsoft is planning to push down the new file-sharing experience, along with the OneDrive client for Mac, for Office 365 subscribers that use Office 2016 for Mac. Microsoft also plans to automatically update OneDrive clients for Mac (the 'standalone' app store versions) with the new file-sharing experience.

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Hi alovchin,

We’re sorry for inconvenience caused.

As we cannot reproduce the issue when we tested in the macOS 10.14.1 and OneDrive version (18.212.1021.0008), check the test result below.

Reproduce steps:


1. After following the suggestions we had mentioned in the above reply and restart the Mac.

2. When we open the Finder, we can see the OneDrive icon in the Finder sidebar and cannot see the overlay icons in OneDrive folder, but after click on the OneDrive in the applications the OneDrive syncs with the account signed in as before and can see the overlay icons in the OneDrive folder. See the images below:

When Files On-Demand is turned on

When Files On-Demand is turned off

3. We can see the overlay icons in OneDrive folder when we signed into OneDrive.

So, we would like to suggest following:


1. Try the reproduce steps mentioned above and check whether you can see overlay icons or not.

2. If still cannot see overlay icons, try opening the Mac in Safe mode and check whether the issue resolves.

If the any of the above didn’t work, please provide following for moving further:

1. Screenshot of your OneDrive Preferences as shown in above.

2. Provide the video of reproduce steps at your end via private message to protect your privacy.

3. Please provide the expecting overlay icons, as the icons you can see in the above images.

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Onedrive Sync Client Mac

OneDrive Files On-Demand, one of the main new features that came with Windows 10 Fall Creators Update last year, is now heading to the Mac, Microsoft announced today at its Ignite conference. Soon, Mac users will be able to see all their OneDrive files in Finder but only download them when necessary.

For those unfamiliar, OneDrive Files On-Demand is an evolution of the Windows 8 OneDrive Placeholders, which disappeared when Microsoft launched Windows 10 back in 2015. With Files On-Demand, OneDrive users no longer have to choose which folders need to be synced locally, saving some useful store space along the way.

Download Onedrive For Mac

“Files On-Demand gives the Mac an intelligent connection to the cloud and is just one more example of the power of Office on the Mac platform,” said Ron Markezich, CVP, Microsoft 365 Commercial. This is the latest milestone in Microsoft’s ambition to make Office a first-class experience on the Mac, and Microsoft is also planning to bring all of its Office apps to the Mac App Store at some point.

To try OneDrive Files On-Demand on your Mac today, you’ll have to be running macOS 10.14 Mojave (available later today on the Mac App Store) and make sure that you have an Apple File System (APFS) formatted volume to sync with OneDrive. Once you’re ready to go, you can download the preview build here.

Onedrive For Mac Reviews

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