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Jul 17, 2014  New corporate changes require now that I support (at least temporarily) an influx of PowerBooks to our old creaky Netware 6 network. The only Mac client I had laying around here was from Prosoft (version 5.12) which only supports IPX. I recently purchased an Apple iMac and would to connect to my company's network. My company has a Novell Netware 6.5 network. I have searched but cannot find a Novell client for the iMac.

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v2.01 is pretty much useless under snow leopard. when snow leopard was initially released (09/2009), prosoft promoted this version as fully snow leopard compatible. i thought this was strange considering how long it took them to produce a fully leopard compatible version. soon after the initial snow leopard release, prosoft whipped out their backup alarm and started siting specific problems...namely file permission errors and file transfer errors between server and workstation. the only feature that still works is printing, which was never fully developed in the first place. this product is so far behind the linux and windows netware clients (both produced by novell) in terms of features and performance. 6 months later, here we site, still waiting for a point release update. last tech support message i received from prosoft indicates the following... 'Engineering is currently looking into the Netware client, but we do not have a timeframe yet when an update could be available. Netware is a dwindling market and we are reviewing our next courses of action going forward with the Netware client.' ...which is completely understandable, but also completely inexcusable at how they initially promoted their product when snow leopard shipped. warning to all future potential customers, but this smells more and more like near term abandonware. the only hope left is for novell to take over production again, and i doubt that will happen anytime soon.

Feb 16, 2014  As long as the backend NetWare or OES servers support either CIFS or AFP, you should be able to browse to them in Finder and access the content without installing any sort of client at all on the Mac. The 32-bit NetWare Client for Mac OS is the latest addition to Novell's NetWare client family, which provides the best connectivity to NetWare services from all major desktop platforms. The NetWare client software is a key component in Novell's strategy to enable a Smart Global Network by extending NetWare services to a broad range of desktops.