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It appears that while I show v5.1.37 when I log into the db, that it is actually 4.1.22

You are mis-reading what you're seeing.
At command line when I use mysql -V it will display mysql 4.1.22

When you run this command it is reporting the version of your MySQL client, not the server. Since you're not specifying which mysql client to use the OS is searching your $PATH and using the first one it finds - clearly the original OS installed version
when I log into mysql using mysql -u root, it show the new server version of 5.1.37.

When you log in, you're talking to the server, which is why you get the different version number. So now you're using MySQL client 4.1.22 with MySQL Server 5.1.37. That's OK, but clearly not what you expected.
. I have tried to migrate data from another server that using v5.1.37 and I get errors

Could you be at all specific about what errors you get. Knowing that would go a long way to answering your question (at least compared to working blind, which is what you're asking us to do).
You should also read the MySQL migration guide which talks about differences between 4.1.x and 5.1.x and how to migrate your data - you can't just open your existing database files and expect it to work.

Mysql For Mac Os

Mysql client for mac

Aug 7, 2009 12:06 PM

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  2. There are several different ways to install MySQL on Mac OS X. We have provided links to the most common installation methods for Mac OS X. MAMP includes PHP 4 and 5.2, and MySQL 5.1. The download is about 160MB. Download MAMP/MAMP Pro — for MacOS 10.4-10.6, Universal binary. XAMPP provides only a utility for starting/stopping the servers.

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How do I install command line MySQL client on mac? Ask Question. Up vote 69 down vote favorite. SQL Client for Mac OS X that works with MS SQL Server. How do you stop MySQL on a Mac OS install? UTF-8 all the way through. Open terminal here in Mac OS finder. Mac LAMP development with MAMP (Mac OS X, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) First of all, MAMP is a terrific, free all-in-one Mac LAMP/PHP solution. Just download MAMP and install the MAMP folder in your Mac Applications folder, and you're almost ready to start your Mac/Apache/MySQL/PHP project.