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Remote Programs are a feature of Windows Server Terminal Services that lets client computers connect to a remote computer and use programs that are installed on it. For example, a workplace may have a remote computer to which employees can connect and run Microsoft Word. Hey Guys, I'm looking for a way to download the new MS RDP client for Mac from outside the App Store. I have looked online for the.dmg but all links lead back to the App Store. Next look for Microsoft Remote Desktop in the App Store to download the new application on your Mac running OS X Yosemite or higher. Once installed you can skip the first run experience. In the menu click connections and choose the option to import connections from the other app.

  1. Microsoft Remote Desktop For Mac Download Dmg

On June 1, 2016, Microsoft released an update to it’s Remote Desktop client for Mac OS X via the Mac App Store. The update to version 8.0.32 broke some functionality for people. The most commonly reported error I have seen is “Connection reset to peer” before authentication.

Sadly, unless you have a Time Machine backup to grab the old version from you are likely going to have to find an alternative. If you do happen to have an older version that isn’t broken let me know and I will gladly host it for all to get here.

An alternative is to use a beta version of the Microsoft Remote Desktop for Mac. This is a beta version; as such you should expect some beta like functionality. However, my limited testing indicates that where Microsoft Remote Desktop for Mac version 8.0.32 falls flat on its face this beta version appears to work.

If this beta version disappears off the web for whatever reason I have made it available: Microsoft Remote Desktop for Mac version 8.2.22 ( via

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Applies to: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012 R2

Microsoft Remote Desktop For Mac Download Dmg

You can use a Microsoft Remote Desktop client to connect to a remote PC and your work resources from almost anywhere using just about any device. You can connect to your work PC and have access to all of your apps, files, and network resources as if you were sitting at your desk. You can leave apps open at work and then see those same apps at home - all by using the RD client.

Before you start, make sure you check out the supported configuration article, which discusses the PCs that you can connect to using the Remote Desktop clients. Also check out the client FAQ.

The following client apps are available:

DeviceGet the appSet up instructions
WindowsWindows 10 client in the Microsoft StoreGetting started with Remote Desktop client on Windows
AndroidAndroid client in Google PlayGetting started with Remote Desktop client on Android
iOSiOS client in the iTunes storeGetting started with Remote Desktop client on iOS
macOS macOS client in the iTunes storeGetting started with Remote Desktop client on Mac

Configuring the remote PC

To configure your remote PC before accessing it remotely, Allow access to your PC.

Microsoft remote desktop client for macClient

Remote Desktop client URI scheme

You can integrate features of Remote Desktop clients across platforms by enabling a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) scheme. Check out the supported URI attributes that you can use with the iOS, Mac, and Android clients.