Mail Client For Mac Os 10.13.4

Emails from important people are usually important messages. For instance, messages from family, friends, bosses, and clients typically trump newsletters and receipts.

In Mac OS X Mail, you can set up filters, of course, and smart folders to spot messages from key senders fast, or engage an email triage service. You can also mark those people as VIPs, however, and have OS X Mail do the rest.

Emails from very important senders will be broken out—all together as well as by sender—in a special smart folder, you can get desktop notifications, and you can set up your own rules for dealing with VIPs' messages, of course.

We are expecting macOS 10.13.4 to be released soon, as well as the other Apple OS updates currently in beta. It is possible that the new operating systems debut as part of Apple’s March 27 event.

VIPs synchronize automatically across OS X Mail installations and with iOS Mail.

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Make a Sender a VIP in Mac OS X Mail


Mail Client For Mac Os X

To hand a sender the very important person (VIP) badge in Mac OS X Mail (and have all messages by the same sender marked with a star in message lists and appearing under the special VIPs folder):

  • Open a message from the person or another sender you want to designate as VIP.
  • Click the star outline () in front of the sender's name and email address.
    • If you cannot see the star, move the mouse cursor over the sender's name or email address.

Note that the star, when active, appears as an outline for read messages; for and in unread emails, the star is filled blue.

If the sender's email address is in your Mac OS X Address Book, VIP status will apply to alternative email addresses listed for the contact. You can also add additional addresses manually for people not in Contacts.

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You can restrict OS X Mail desktop notifications to messages from VIPs, for example.

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Of course, you can also remove VIP status from any sender again whenever you wish.