Mac Client For Swann Security

  1. Hello, I was working with a customer today to setup remote viewing for their security camera DVR, but the software that came with the DVR is only for Android/BB and Windows PCs.
  2. To avoid data loss or data corruption when using Windows Vista or Windows 7 clients in a network where data is stored on a Windows Server 2008 or higher, the SMB2 file meta data cache needs to be reconfigured.
  3. I just recently moved into a new home with the swann security cameras already installed. Owner said all I had to do was connect the ethernet cable to the router and it would be an easy install. It is not as easy as he implied.

NEW: SecuritySpy version 5 just released with major new features such as AI-powered motion detection and support for the ultra-efficient H.265 video format - read more about the new features in SecuritySpy 5 or see the features page for a full description of the software.

The guide below is for Windows computer users, however the process is very similar for Mac computer users as well. The same process outlined in this article should be applied when trying to view your NVR or DVR from your computer using a web browser.

SecuritySpy is NVR (Network Video Recording) software that will enable you to quickly set up an effective video surveillance system of any size, from home or office installations to large-scale professional systems with hundreds of cameras.

Flexible recording features provide high-quality continuous or motion-triggered recording, while emails, notifications and alarms can also be triggered by motion detection. Remote monitoring features allow you to view and manage your system from anywhere in the world.


Swann Security Systems Installation

SecuritySpy features smart motion detection powered by AI. Deep neural networks intelligently analyse video footage to decide when to trigger recording and notifications. This provides a high degree of accuracy, and can eliminate false-positive detections.


SecuritySpy's user interface is meticulously designed and easy to use:

With hardware-accelerated video processing, multi-threading and other optimisations, SecuritySpy can take full advantage of the power of your Mac, providing high performance with large numbers of cameras.

Swann Security Systems Manual

SecuritySpy integrates with virtually all IP cameras on the market, including devices from these brands: