Mac Asking For Dhcp Client Id

IP address Client-ID/ Lease expiration Type. Hardware address/ User name. 0004.f301.58b3 Dec 04 2010 11:47 AM Automatic. Also you might want to sniff the DHCP packets so we can see exactly what the client is asking. If you don't have a sniffer, you could possibly try one of these IOS tools. Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol.

  1. What Is A Dhcp Client Id
  2. What Is Dhcp Client Id

We have just added a MAC mini server to our AD forest. The whole purpose of this is to pass down policies to the growing number of MAC's we have been getting on our network. So I need this mac server to be included in the DNS servers issued by DHCP. I could just add it to the list that gets sent to all clients, but I'd rather have it just go to these mac clients. I configured a DHCP user class option and then entered the ID into the DHCP Client ID field in the network control panel of one of our MAC's. I then renewed the lease and of course it didn't work.


What Is A Dhcp Client Id

Our DHCP Server is a 2008 R2 server.

What Is Dhcp Client Id

is there something I am missing here?