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  1. My League Client Won't Launch

Jun 13, 2013  1) Open a new Finder window, navigate to your Applications folder, and find League of Legends.app 2) Right click, Show Package Contents 3) Double.

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I have tried about 30 times to open my league client and all it does is the first time, it will bounce and the league icon with pop up in the middle of my screen, then my docked icon will rest. Then the second time, it will do the same thing but out of the icon that pops up in the middle of my screen it will say 'Another instance of this application is running. Would you like to terminate it?' whether I click no or yes, the same thing happens (my dock icon just rests).

EDIT: I forgot to say that I was wondering if anyone had insight into how to fix this. I attempted to replace my UserKernel with a new one downloaded from a second League dmg, but it was to no avail.

My League Client Won't Launch

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I recently downloaded LoL and I've had some issues on the 'step 2/2 updating league of legends' causing me to (still) not being able to get in. The KBPS keeps dropping to 0 and won't go back up, even after hours. I've looked around the Internet, but nothing seems to work.

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A lot of these are going to be super simple, but may as well try 'em. They're in the order I reccomend doing them in. Note that you can do many at the same time.:

  • Are you installing from the same file each time? If so, download a new installer.
  • Restart your PC
  • Run installer as Admin
  • Enable / Disable P2P: In your client, click the gear icon in the top-right, and then check or uncheck 'Enable Peer to Peer Transfer':
  • Close out all other unneeded programs -- like, all of them
  • I don't know how you're uninstalling League, but try doing it with a free trial of Revo Uninstaller. Then reinstall.
  • Contact League support

Again, you have probably tried many of these already; sorry if this answer is redudant.


Try putting it in Low Spec Mode. Only way I could get it to download.

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