Is Uplay Client For Mac


Download UPlay for Mac OS. Play your games and connect to other players with UPlay. Uplay for PC Windows & Mac: Uplay for PC is the Ubisoft’s PC games portal developed by Massive Entertainment with which you can play your games and connect to other players. With Uplay PC app, you will find all of your games now on your Windows or Mac desktop PC.

Uplay Activation

Is Uplay Client For MacUplay

Please visit the Uplay website!/en-GB/ to download the UPALY-Client
Create a new Account

Activation on Uplay. Ubisoft also uses it's own platform for their PC games. As with Steam and Origin, you need to download a client (Uplay) and create a Ubisoft account. Uplay is not yet available for the Mac.

Choose the option “create a new account“ or, if you already have an account, choose “log in to your account“
Creation of the account
Choose your user name and password and add your e-mail, then click on the button “Continue“
Condition of use
A window will open, showing the current conditions of use. Accept these by clicking on the button “enter uplay“
You created successfully a new Uplay-Account

After successful creation of your Uplay account, you can download and activate the purchased PC game. For this purpose, log in to Uplay and follow these steps:

Choose the symbol 'Games' in the upper menu bar
As the new display shows up, choose the 'activate product'-Button
Now you can add & activate the purchased game by entering the key you received from Gamesrocket
You have successfully activated the purchased game. You can now start the installation process and conduct the download.

Have fun with your purchased game!

I received a free copy of AC3 with my gpu but it's tied to Uplay. Whenever I load up the game it just starts Uplay, and then I have to click 'my games', click 'AC3', then click 'Play' which is a bit more tedious than simply clicking a shortcut.

Uplay Osx

Is there anyway to bypass Uplay? I'm fine with it running, I would just prefer not to use the actual client to access the game. Every shortcut from the download simply leads to the Uplay client.

For those that have AC3 through Steam, is Uplay necessary? If not, I may actually consider buying AC3 on Steam way down the road when it's on sale to avoid this issue. Unless someone here has an idea..