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How to install Oracle Instant Client Version (64-bit) on a Mac (OS X 10.11.5)

Oracle’s Instant Client is a valuable tool allowing anyone on a Mac to connect to Oracle databases, and is a prerequisite for installing SQL Developer, SQLPlus, or OCI8 (for PHP connectivity). However, Oracle’s documentation for installing Instant Client is very light. There are workarounds for the 11g instant client. The installation notes at the bottom of the download page have changed since I last did this, and it now says to hard link the library files to the user's ~/lib directory to avoid that issue.

I have downloaded version (64-bit) version and unzipped the file.

I now have the following files under /downloads/instantclient:

I don't have the slightest idea how to go from this to a working version of Instant Client so I can connect to a db from the CLI. The instructions on Oracles website seem to be overly complicated.

I have found a few blogs detailing the installation method, but they all seem to be from previous version of Instant Client. Out of desperation, I downloaded a previous version of Instant Client, but still seemed to be missing files referred to in the tutorial.

Does anyone know how I can get Oracle Instant Client on my Mac?


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There are multiple files available for download. From the files you listed you have only downloaded and unzipped the 'basic' package.

To run the CLI (by which I assume you mean SQL*Plus) you need that package as well - the fourth in the list, titled 'Instant Client Package - SQL*Plus: Additional libraries and executable for running SQL*Plus with Instant Client'.

The packages are arranged such that if you unzip all the ones you need from the same place they all put their files in the same directory. Unfortunately that doesn't quite work if you use Safari and have it set to open certain downloaded files; each zip file is expanded into a separate folder, with incremented names. And it deletes the zip files afterwards.

Instant Client For Oracle 11g Mac

You can either disable that automatic unzipping and do it manually, or copy the files from the individual folders into a common one.

Oracle Instant Client Download

You may also need to create a symbolic link for the main client library; from inside that folder (in Terminal) you would do:

You can put that combined folder anywhere you like. You then need to add the full path to that folder to your PATH and environment variable - you can add that to your .bash_profile so you don't need to do it manually.

Once you've done that you can execute sqlplus from anywhere.

So to summarise:

  1. If you're using Safari, disable automatic opening of the zip files; from Safari->Preferences->General untick the 'Open 'safe' files after downloading' checkbox.

  2. Download and

  3. In Terminal go to your Downloads directory.

  4. Unzip both files:

  5. Optionally rename and/or move the instantclient_12_1 directory to somewhere more permanent.

  6. Add the location to your path in your current session, and also in your shell profile/resource file to make it take effect on every login:

  7. Enjoy.

El Capitan added system integrity protection (SIP), and one side effect of that is that exporting DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH doesn't work. That could affect running SQL*Plus from a shell script, for example. There are workarounds for the 11g instant client. The installation notes at the bottom of the download page have changed since I last did this, and it now says to hard link the library files to the user's ~/lib directory to avoid that issue. Fortunately it looks like you don't need to worry about that with the 12c client - they've fixed the way it's built.

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HomeBrew saved me. I do not figure out the environment path.

1. Download the two files below from

This is necessary because of Oracle licenses.

instantclient-basic-macos.x64– andinstantclient-sqlplus-macos.x64–

Put the files in ~/Library/Caches/Homebrew


in the latest versions of HomeBrew replace the above location ~/Library/Caches/HomeBrew with ~/Library/Caches/HomeBrew/downloads.


And also rename the downloaded files with the names suggested by HomeBrew.

Thanks to @manuka_m

2. Next run the following commands

$ brew tap InstantClientTap/instantclient

$ brew install instantclient-basic

$ brew install instantclient-sqlplus

Originated from Joost van Wollingen's doc

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A tap of Mac Homebrew formulas for Oracle Instant Client and relateddownloads.

Due to difficulties downloading the files from Instant Client Downloads pagethe process can not be automated. However, if the files are downloaded manuallyand put in the cache then Homebrew can do the rest. You will need at least theinstantclient-basic file downloaded to $HOME/Library/Caches/Homebrew andthen any additional files such as sqlplus related ones.


Where <formula> is one of the formulas listed in the Formula/ directory. Forexample instantclient-sqlplus would require

You could also tap the repository before installing. This is equivalent to thecalls above:

Installing libraries which depend on Instant Client Basic Lite

When installing libraries which depend on Basic Lite you might need to specifythe DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable. E.g. in order to installruby-oci8older than 2.2.0 you will need to execute

Oracle 11g Pdf

You can also set DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH globally but this isdiscouraged and is known tobreak things.

Instant Client For Oracle 11g Mac Os X Install

Homebrew Instant Client is licensed under the MIT License (see LICENSE).