How To Use Curse Client For Mac

Is there a curse client for mac?
I need my add ons if i am to play wow...
Just found there is an unsupported Alpha client on Curse..
Is this stable?

Curse client for Non-Windows users (self.feedthebeast) submitted 2 years ago by bluphenix316 While FTB still offers a java based launcher, with the trend of moving to Curse voice for distribution of modpacks, is there a Curse Voice client for Linux? The Curse Client offers a variety of different customization options, both for your individual client and your server. Your personal client settings can be found by accessing the Settings tab by pressing the cog in the bottom left-hand corner. Customizing a server, however, is different.

I have been using Curse for several years (sigh...) and there are two issues. It is slow to startup, and hangs when quitting (occasionally needing to force quit). Other than that it works without any trouble. Curse can't be bothered to update the Mac client.


The best thing to do is just download the addons from the curse website and add them manually.
Curse did away with its MAC client a while back.
How do you do it manually?
How do you do it manually?

Download the add on(s) you want from the Curse website, using the appropriate links on their site (into your Downloads folder on a Mac ?). Then manually move them into your WoW folder : World of Warcraft / Interface / AddOns.
When you next load up the game, any add ons will show up in your Addons tab on the character screen.
That's what i've always done anyway ....
You can also use ZAM's (Wowhead/WoWInterface) Minion app. Its library includes most of Curse's:
I have used the Mac client for a couple of years and had no problems at all. Makes life much easier than manually updating.
Is there a curse client for mac?
I need my add ons if i am to play wow...
The Mac Curse client still works. For now. It is still my main add-on manager.
I have also used ZAM's Minion and WowMatrix. Minion works pretty well, but it sometimes disagrees with Curse on what the latest version of some add-ons is. It also does not cover the full set of Curse add-ons. On the other hand, it does track some add-ons that Curse does not. Minion has one serious bug: do not close the client window with the X button or it will crash on closing. Close it with the menu bar.
Minion also does not handle two versions of WoW as well as the Curse alpha client, so you will need to keep your PTR version updated manually.
Minion definitely has more features than Curse, including the ability to update all add-ons automatically as well as backup your add-on settings.
The issues with using the Cruse client seemed to have mostly to do with communication back to their servers... a while back they did some big upgrades there and the client started running a lot smoother. One advice, when your log file gets over 100MB, delete it.
I don't actually know if anyone knows this but get wow matrix its the same as curse but 10 times better you can update add ons without restarting and thing and its for mac windows and linux
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This project was created to download the World of Warcraft addons in an automated way.Without using curse client o/

This project can be used to learn basic of Scrapy Framework too!

How i use?

Create an virtualenv (i prefer virtualenv-wrapper):

And install requirements:

Then run!

Addons will be on out directory.

How i search my Addons to download?

On curse_spider/ you can see the list of my preferred addons (im a rogue :P), add your addons in this file then make run again.


Addons can be downloaded in zip extension, you need extract and copy this addons on World of Warcraft/Interface/Addons directory.

World of warcraft add-ons

How To Use Curse Mods


Good Game! See you on Azeroth!

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