How Do You Assign Client Name For Mac Address

The specific command used in Unix to find a MAC address varies depending on the version of the operating system. In Linux and in some forms of Unix, the command ifconfig -a returns MAC addresses. You can also find MAC addresses in Unix and Linux in the boot message sequence. Assign Device Name to MAC address I have different access points and have noticed that many times there is no Device Name associated with a MAC address. I want to know if there is a way to globally assign a device Name to a MAC address.

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I have to get Mac Address of client's PC where my website is running. So how to get Mac Address of client's machine (not of the Server's Mac Address where website is hosted). I need script that is compatible with IE, Firefox, Safari and Chrome.

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The only way to achieve this is by using an applet or plugin which could for example be programmed in java (although java itself might not allow it according to Getting MAC address on a web page using a Java applet ), as javascript will naturally not disclose this kind of information. Lastly you could also find this information from the server side if it's on an internal network as is often done with semi-private wifi network landing pages.

Based on the comments below: As it's an internal network you can retrieve the mac address as follows on the side. You execute the following command arp -a which will return you a list of all ip addresses with associated mac addresses. Next using something along the lines of

Personally, I would do this with mac-auth and role derivation. Setup the mac addresses in the local controller db, with a specific role assignment. Then, in that role, specify the vlan you want. Then, enable mac-auth on the VAP. This should work unless your VAP setup already has more complex auth parameters like role derivation from 802.1x.

you should be able to find the users ip address which you can next match with the data you retrieved from the arp command and voila, you have your mac address for the current user.

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I have scenario where some user are allowed from some fixed PC (for which MAC address entered by admin will match with system from where user try to logged in) , he/she will not able to logged in from other than those PC

To achieve the above the right way, you should be relying on Client certificates to perform the authentication. If a valid client certificate is not presented then the request will be denied.

You can find more information on Securing a website using client certificates @

If the users are in internal network, preferred way to authenticate them is using the Integrated windows authentication as described and authorization will be based on a Access control list

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Sounds like this is an internal network.

Another method is that by using mac address the dhcp server can assign particular ip ranges. you can then check for that ip range in your server code. There is not a way to get mac address in javascript, but you can get the ip easily. Also perhaps your dhcp server can publish mac address ip address tables for your web server to use via an api or something - not sure on that but may be worth looking into.

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Our business is currently running a VPN using OpenVPN on a server we host ourselves.


We have a need to lock down our internal network for client reasons - so the desired outcome is that only whitelisted hardware/MAC addresses can connect to our network via our Draytek 2925 router. That's easy - we can simply use the strict bind feature of the router to prevent random connections. However, I cannot figure out a way to make this work with OpenVPN. It occurred to me that we could look to assign static IP addresses to VPN clients, but from what I can find online these can only be assigned to user accounts rather than MAC addresses.

As well as this, even if I can figure out a way to assign static IPs, I'm not sure how to make these work in the whitelist - currently if I try to enter a normal OpenVPN address like to the whitelist, the router is telling me this is outside the router LAN address range (presumably I can add this somehow but I haven't figured out how yet).

I'm new to all of this kind of stuff so apologies if my question is seen as a bit behind the eight ball.

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If anyone can help with the MAC question I'd really appreciate it; alternatively if anyone has a better idea for achieving the end goal I'd also appreciate that.


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You can't really tie a connection to 'hardware' unless you are storing the connection keys in a hardware-integrated key store like, for example, the TPM module which is integrated with the mainboard. The source MAC addresses are not preserved as soon as IP packets get routed, other possible machine-specifig identifiers are not exchanged during the handshake or configuration phases of the OpenVPN connection.

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That being said, there have been some efforts for implementing policies in software. Network Access Protection (deprecated) was a Windows-generic approach to this, also VPN gateway specific clients (Checkpoint, Cisco) allow you to configure checks to meet before a connection can be established.

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While this might be possible to implement with the OpenVPN client as well (either by trying to push the 'route-up' script option or by working on the OpenVPN code to run a server-supplied script and check the result), be aware that OpenVPN has not been designed with this use case in mind, so things might break for you when trying.

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