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Microsoft Outlook isn't the only email client on the block. Check out our top picks for the best desktop email clients available for Windows and Mac OS X. If the Mail app that comes with your Mac doesn't provide the features you need, you're in luck. There are dozens of great email apps in the Mac App Store. I've tested many of them and these are my favorites. Apple Mail (Mac, Free) Apple's Mail application, also known as or simply Mail, unsurprisingly continues the tradition of Apple applications following the 'it just works' method of design.

Having a specialized email client that can handle you email is the ultimate way to stay organized and make your tasks done in lesser time. There is nothing bad in using the web interface which is provided by most of the email services like Hotmail or Gmail, but having a dedicated Windows 10 desktop or laptop client is awesome when you don’t wish to keep your browser open 24X7. So, here we look through the best email clients for Windows 10.

Best Email Software or App For Windows 10 Desktop or Laptop

People consider Mailbird to be the best email client for Windows and it definitely fits the bill. It is the primary mail client which people use on a daily basis for their personal as well as professional work. It is available for free of cost but pro and lifetime plans are also available which offers additional premium features.


• Supports multiple accounts which include IMAP and POP3.
• Complete touch support which works great on touchscreen laptops and tablets, even phones.
• Full customization available.
• Undo sent option available for all users


• Not available as apps for Android or iOS.
• It is not available as an open source.
• No advanced filtering options available.

Free email client for mac

Opera is among the most reputed company that provides internet services. Just like its browser, this client offers some good features as well. Previously, when they were using Presto engine this service was integrated in to their browser but now it works as a separate software and their rivals Vivaldi now have this as an inbuilt feature with their web browser.


• Offline access is available in the client.
• The spam filters are really smart.
• There is an unread view which will show you all the mails you haven’t yet read.


• There is no flexible message template in the client.
• It still doesn’t support secure message signing and encryption which is a downside.
• It can be difficult to get started with the Opera mail at first.

It is one of the most used and popular client out there which is known for its simplicity in setting up. It also adapts easily to most of the email services.


• You get a migration assistant while shifting on Thunderbird from some other client.
• Thunderbird offers phishing protection for additional security.
• One click address book.


• Language encoding is troublesome in it.
• It does not support IMAP accounts which are problematic for many people.
• Does not offer virtual folders.

Although it is not as famous as the other mail clients but many people use this too. But it surely is worth a try if you are looking for an email client. There are a few bugs as of now but hopefully they will be updated through frequent upgrades.


• It is one of the most highly customizable email clients you can get.
• There are advanced filtering and sorting options available.
• You can use the basic keyboard shortcuts to do things.


• Sometimes the unread counts shown in the client are inaccurate.
• You cannot create manual filters in Inky.
• Sometimes the fields are rigged on outbound emails.

For those who are looking for an all in one email client that supports calendars, contacts and even IMs, this has to be the best one out there. It offers almost close to Microsoft Outlook experience which is quite good.


• There are some powerful features in the client service.
• Importing Outlook is supported and you can easily switch from there.
• It is among the fastest mail clients out there.


• The look and feel consisting of the overall User Interface and User experience needs some overhaul.
• Only two email accounts can be added in the free version of the software.

If you want a client that resembles the web interface of Gmail, Postbox is the closest that comes to it. It is based on Thunderbird so some of the features will resemble it.


• Works really well with Gmail without any hassles.
• The overall interface is quite sleek and modern, even the experience is quite good.
• It supports threaded conversations which are not supported by many other clients.


• The client does not supports languages which are written from right to left.
• The unread email marker is quite small and doesn’t have enough space to accommodate everything.
• Not available as free but offers 30 day trial.

The Bottom Line

So, these were the best email clients for Windows 10 PC or laptop that you can download in order to organize your work in an easy manner. I am personally using Mail Bird and will recommend this Windows 10 email client to the readers.

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Email is the single most important element of daily work life; without which we would be less-than-efficient. We rely upon email to communicate, send files, schedule, and much more. Every company depends upon different solutions for email - some use Gmail. For those that depend upon Gmail, the browser interface may not be the ideal interface to work with throughout the day. For those wishing to have a more standard email client, you're in luck. I have found five efficient, user-friendly desktop email clients that interact with Gmail.

No more will you have to depend upon a browser-only interaction with your email account. Let's take a look at these five clients and see if any of them can stand up to your demands. Each of them offers a different feature set; but all of them tackle the most important task – email.

Five apps

1. Geary

Geary is the one Linux-only client on the list. It's written in Vala and intended for seamless integration into the GNOME desktop. It's about as simple as it gets - open it up and use your Gmail account. There are few bells and whistles to this take on the desktop Gmail client. The Geary interface is based on conversations, which makes reading an entire discussion quite simple. Setting up Geary is as simple as adding your Gmail address and password. Once you've done that, Geary will very quickly draw in your email so you can begin reading within seconds. Geary does allow you to mark conversations, add labels, archive emails, view inline and attached images, search, and more. Geary is free and can be installed from source or from your package manager.

2. GMDesk

GMDesk is built upon the Adobe Air runtime environment. Although GMDesk hasn't been in development for quite some time, it still works and works well. With this Air-based application you get access to all of the Gmail features, including Calendar, Drive, and more. Each app will open as a stand-alone application and can be closed as such. There is zero configuration necessary - just enter your Gmail credentials and go. You can also connect GMDesk to your Google Apps account instead of the standard Google services. You can select your preferred start-up service, and even switch between Google services within a single window.

Best Mail Client For Mac 2018

3. eM Client

eM Client offers Gmail synchronization built in. This particular solution is more of a traditional email client. In fact, you might find it similar to that of Outlook - only geared toward Gmail. With eM Client you can work with your email, calendar, tasks, and contacts. You do miss out on Google Drive - but that's not really the purpose of an email client anyway. Em Client also has a built in tool to connect with your colleagues using Gtalk. The one caveat to using eM Client is that, in order to get it for free, you must register. The free license is intended for non-commercial use and does not offer any support. If you want the Pro version, you'll have to shell out $49.95 USD.

Best Mail Client For Mac Sierra

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4. Gmail by Pokki

Gmail by Pokki is another simple to use desktop app for your Gmail account that offers up friendly notifications from within the Windows system tray. With this free app you can: View and save attachments, set label notifications, create customized tabs, chat, turn any conversation into a video call with up to ten friends, establish a theme, and more. The one thing to be aware of is that Pokki is an entire app store on its own. So when you download Gmail by Pokki, you are installing their app store. It is quite unobtrusive and can be easily avoided. Getting to the settings requires a right-click of the Pokki 'menu' button in the task bar.

Best Mail Client For Mac

5. Thunderbird

Thunderbird is just as capable of dealing with Gmail as any other client. Set up of your Gmail account on Thunderbird is quite simple - no need to know the Gmail server addresses (just create a new account, add your Gmail credentials and let Thunderbird handle the rest. You won't gain access to your Calendar, contacts, tasks, labels, or any of the other Gmail features, but you will have a very powerful email client at your disposal. You can, of course, add the Lightning addon and have it connect to your Gmail Calendar. Thunderbird is a great cross-platform solution (Windows, Linux, Mac) for those looking for a Gmail desktop client.

Bottom line

If you're looking for user- Gmail-friendly desktop client, look no further than any one of these apps. Although not every app offers the entire range of features as found in the browser-based solution, each of them offers everything you need to access the basics of your Gmail account. Give one of these desktop clients a try and see if it doesn't wean you from your browser.