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Mozilla Thunderbird

Today Readdle is officially launching Spark for Mac, a free and customizable email client from the makers of popular productivity apps like PDF Expert and Scanner Pro. Spark coming to macOS completes the email client suite after previously launching on iPhone, Apple Watch, and iPad.

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Being available on each of Apple’s platforms is especially important for an email app like Spark. Readdle’s email client includes features that let you snooze messages for a later time so having that experience on your Mac, iPhone, and iPad is necessary for having a consistent experience.

Spark also features a Smart Inbox that organizes emails by categories like newsletter and personal, and signature suggestions make signing your emails with the right sign-off easy. Quick Reply tools let you respond to emails with ‘likes’ and requests to ‘call me’ too, although these features are probably best used between Spark users.

You don’t have to use Spark’s smart features either. I’ve been using Spark on both macOS and iOS since the preview version was released two weeks ago, but I prefer to use it as a straight forward email client like Apple Mail. I don’t dislike Apple’s email app; I just like the ability to keep my work email separate from my personal email (and Spark probably plays better with Gmail).

Spark works with swiping gestures which you can customize and there’s Touch Bar support for new MacBook Pros from day one. There’s also smart search features for finding emails using natural language and loads of customization options for making Spark fit your workflow.

Readdle’s email client is also a pretty good-looking app. I’ve used Airmail for my work email for a while now because of its availability across Apple’s platforms; Spark has a more polished look in comparison and works similarly as a basic email app.


Spark shines even more if you rely on the email sorting features, but I appreciate that you can use it as a basic email client too.


See Spark for Mac in action below:

Spark for Mac is available for free from the Mac App Store. You can also find Spark for iPhone, Apple Watch, and iPad for free on the App Store.