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Android email apps are double-edged swords. They can be extremely convenient—especially if your job involves day-to-day email communications—but they can also contribute to tech-induced depression.

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Email addiction is a real problem, and it’s only one facet of a greater and increasingly prevalent issue: smartphone addiction. So before we make any email app recommendations, we’d like to remind you that sometimes it’s better to go without.

But if you do need a good Android email app, then keep reading! Here are the best email apps for Android that you should consider.

This mail client only recently arrived on OS X after finding success on iOS and Android Task-Oriented Email App Mail Pilot Arrives On Mac OS X Task-Oriented Email App Mail Pilot Arrives On Mac OS X Like the mobile version of the app, Mail Pilot for Mac is very useful for managing important email like a to-do list. Criteria for the Best Email App. In selecting the best email app for macOS, we used the following criteria in selecting the winner: Overall Design — Dealing with email can be annoying, and using a poorly-designed email client can compound the frustration factor. Best Mac Email Client of 2017 Mail for Mac might be a great service for the majority of Apple users, but some require a more feature-rich service to use on a daily basis. Below are the top mac email clients this year that support in-app integration, multiple account setup, quick replies, and much more. An independent writer who has reviewed hundreds of email programs and services since 1997. The Mail application that ships with macOS and OS X is solid, feature-rich and spam-eliminating software that is also an easy-to-use email client. Optimized to work on the Mac, the Mail app is trouble free. Best Video Software for the Mac How To Run MacOS High Sierra or Another OS on Your Mac Best Graphic Design. We are excited to announce the release of our new Android AirWatch Email Client v1.0.

The Best Free Email Apps for Android

1. Samsung Email

Samsung’s Android apps are pretty hit or miss, but when they hit, they knock it way out of the park. Just as Samsung Internet Browser is one of the best free browsers for Android, Samsung Email is one of the best free email apps for Android. The folks at Samsung really know what they’re doing.

My favorite thing about Samsung Email is its purity of aesthetic, which is shared across all Samsung apps. If you have a Samsung device, it feels good to have an app that ties in with the cohesive whole and works well enough to beat out other similar apps.

Other notable features include Exchange ActiveSync for business email accounts, encryption for security and privacy, custom notifications, schedule synchronization, and spam management.

Download:Samsung Email (Free)

2. Blue Mail

Within a minute of installation, Blue Mail had me impressed. This email app has it all, but what I liked best was its smooth performance and compact interface. Even on a tiny device, Blue Mail feels like it has a lot of breathing room. It’s never cramped, it’s easy to navigate, and it’s pleasant to use.

Blue Mail supports Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook, Office 365, iCloud, and AOL. Both IMAP and POP3 are supported. Advanced features include per-account notification settings, Quiet Hours, Groups to send mass emails to the same recipients time and again, and more.

Download:Blue Mail (Free)

3. Gmail

The Gmail app comes pre-installed on most Android devices, so that’s the way to go if you don’t want any hassle. Don’t have it? No problem, you can install it manually if you want. Check out these hidden Gmail app features to really kick your email productivity to the next level.

At one point, the Gmail app was only compatible with Gmail or G Suite email accounts, but it has since added support for Yahoo Mail, Outlook, and any other email service that supports IMAP/POP.

Download:Gmail (Free)

Email Client For Mac And Andriod

4. Microsoft Outlook

After the Microsoft Outlook app was redesigned, it became one of the best email apps in the Google Play Store. It’s pleasing to the eye, it has productivity-boosting features like the Focused inbox, and best of all, it’s completely free without ads or upgrades.

Microsoft Outlook supports Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and of course Outlook, Office 365, and Microsoft Exchange. In addition, you get smart filters, swipe gestures, and integration with Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint (which is great if you use Microsoft Office on Android).

Download:Microsoft Outlook (Free)

5. K-9 Mail

I won’t deny it: K-9 Mail is ugly as sin, trapped in the past as far as appearance goes. But it’s worth mentioning because of its one unique selling point: K-9 Mail is open-source, which makes it the most trustworthy if you care about privacy. You can see in the code that they aren’t doing anything sketchy with your emails or data.

K-9 Mail supports all essential email features and works with any email service that supports IMAP, POP, and Microsoft Exchange 2003/2007.

Download:K-9 Mail (Free)

6. myMail

myMail is clean, fast, beautiful, and a joy to use. A lot of the design elements are familiar so it’s really up to your personal preference to decide on this over another email app.

myMail’s range of support for different email accounts is wide, including Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook, iCloud, AOL, GMX, and Microsoft Exchange. Account setup could not be any simpler: just enter your credentials and let the app handle it for you.

Notable features include real-time push notifications, easy file attachment process, unique email signatures, email threading for clean browsing of conversation chains, and up-to-date syncing using the ActiveSync protocol.

Download:myMail (Free)

The Best Paid Email Apps for Android

1. Nine

Email Client For Mac And Android

Not many would pay $15 for a desktop app, let alone a mobile app. But Nine is extremely well-made, so much so that your productivity will increase and you’ll never be able to go back to a “normal” email app again.

On top of its straightforward interface design, you get Exchange ActiveSync, a rich-text editor for emails, per-folder email notifications, SSL encryption, hybrid email search that’s lightning fast, and more. Nine works with Gmail, Yahoo Mail, iCloud, Outlook, Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, and many more.

Email Client For Mac

You have to try it to believe it. Fortunately, Nine comes with a free trial that let’s you evaluate whether or not the price tag is worth it for you.

Download:Nine ($15 with 14-day free trial)

2. Aqua Mail


Free Email Client For Mac

Aqua Mail is clean, minimal, and it works well. Its navigation is the simplest I’ve found in Android email apps because everything is laid out in an intuitive way. It supports pretty much all email services: Gmail, Yahoo Mail, FastMail, iCloud, GMX, Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, and more.

The downside is that the free version of Aqua Mail has an account limit of two, it has ads, and it adds a “sent with Aqua Mail” signature to all your emails. You can get rid of these limitations and nuisances by upgrading to Aqua Mail Pro for $5.

Download:Aqua Mail (Free with in-app purchases)

3. MailDroid

MailDroid is a from-scratch Android email app that comes with all email necessities, plus a few uncommon goodies: full rich-text editor, password protection, split screen for tablets, saving attachments to cloud storage, and more. It works with Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook, and AOL.

The free version of MailDroid is supported by ads, which you can remove by upgrading to MailDroid Pro for $6. I recommend using the ad-supported version for evaluation, then upgrading ASAP if you like it. (Spam subscriptions don’t carry over from the free version to the paid version.)

Download:MailDroid (Free with in-app purchases)

4. TypeApp

At first glance, TypeApp looks like a Blue Mail clone. When I first launched it, I had to double-check that I’d opened the right app—and it wasn’t until I gave it a much closer look that I realized these email apps have subtle differences.

TypeApp adheres to a slightly older flat design appearance instead of the Material Design principles used by Blue Mail, but TypeApp has additional interface elements that make navigation and management easier.

Best Email Client For Mac Os X

Overall, though, the two have nearly identical feature sets. Blue Mail has slightly better performance and less battery drain, but TypeApp is a great alternative if Blue Mail doesn’t work for you.

Download:TypeApp (Free with in-app purchases)

What Your Favorite Android Email App?

Google Email Client For Mac

The “best” email app for Android is ultimately the one you like, because no matter how many cool features it has, the important thing is that you enjoy it and it doesn’t get in your way. You’ll do just fine with any of the Android email apps above. And if you want one more free option, check out Spark and reasons it’s worth a lookSpark Is the Best Google Inbox Alternative: 11 Reasons Why It's Worth a LookSpark Is the Best Google Inbox Alternative: 11 Reasons Why It's Worth a LookGoogle’s alternative email client, Inbox was shut down. Let's look at Spark and why it can be a suitable replacement.Read More.

Are you an Android user who’s tied to the Apple iCloud ecosystem? Pick one of the email apps that support iCloud, then read about how to access iCloud on your Android devices5 Ways to Access iCloud on Your Android5 Ways to Access iCloud on Your AndroidNeed to log into iCloud mail, calendar, and contacts on your Android? Here is how you can sync your iCloud account to an Android.Read More.

Best Email Client For Mac

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  1. One question, who are the publishers of these apps and where are they from?
    I'm not happy about Google and Yahoo being able to rifle through my emails but I'd be even less pleased about some dudes in China being able to do so, especially if I was running a business.

  2. k-9 is great!!! has sorting eg by sender

  3. I've been using Edison for years now, it's very clean, has nice UI and it's free.

  4. TypeApp is excellent, tried many but it's definitely the best I've tried.

  5. I'll offer this: myMail respects my email (spam/junk) filters. TypApp doesn't.

    So, for my use, myMail is useful (and used); TypApp is not.

  6. Thanks for the review, Joel. I just installed TypeApp, but I hadn't heard about Blue Mail. If I like TypeApp, I might switch, so your review is very useful.

    But I wish you would make it even more useful by having a standard list of features and a table comparing each app with respect to features. For example, I use both an Android phone and an iPad, and would prefer not to have the learning and potential confusion that comes with different clients on different mobile devices. So just something as simple as a checklist of what other OS's the apps run on would be useful.

    One feature I absolutely need but find missing in mobile apps is cross-account IMAP access, along with appropriate account default settings. On my desktop computers I use Thunderbird, and it has this capability. So I use it to keep things organized. For instance, sent mail from all my email accounts (work, personal, etc.) all go into the same folder on one of my iMap accounts, which I change every year ('sent 2016,' 'sent 2017,' etc.). I also use only one folder across all accounts for things like 'Curate and store in Evernote,' 'Requires action,' or 'Bills to pay.'

    This last example illustrates what I'm talking about. Someone may get a bill at work to renew a professional membership and a bill at home for electricity, but I think it's pretty common for people to put both kinds of bills in a single place and then go through them an pay them all at once. Yet most mobile apps I've looked at seem to conflate mail address and function, so that it's only possible to store sent mail or other messages related to specific purposes in folders associated with the sending account rather than folders shared across accounts.

    I notice you don't discuss this in any of these reviews, and you probably shouldn't. Many people might not be familiar with the concept, and it would take space and time to explain it. But a table of features, with the names of features linked to explanations where necessary, would provide such essential information to users like me and allow other users to familiarize themselves with the concept at a time of their own choosing.

  7. hi my name is christine nakamura and im having trouble getting into my icloud account. i forgot my password and my security question answer. its been awhile since ive used iphone, and i want to recover my pictures and videos of my childern. is there a way i can retrieve them using my new email address. my old email account was with and i dont use that anymore it closed. my new email.

  8. I use K9 as my client and eNotify to obtain 'BlackBerry style' control over email notification handling...

  9. What is it with the Gmail app? Everyone sings its praises. Aesthetically, to me, I think it's awful, very messy and frankly confusing. There are several alternative apps that have a much simpler, cleaner interface that doesn't make you miss emails because they don't have 'priority' or other inboxes. Just an inbox.

  10. I am trying to put second email account on maildroid but could not find any options. Can anyone help me?

  11. No matter I am satisfied with my apps, I periodically check for better ones. For instance, I was happy with BitDefender antivirus app but by checking android benchmark performances at, i just 'discovered' Comodo Mobile Security free av app, which is way better in performance and free features like backup of data, anti-theft and many more. It comes with a free battery saver which to my surprise is also way better than the previous one I was using. Following this same path, I am happy with Extended Email app with Android, but...looking for something better. By googling 'best email app android 2013' or similar, I found everybody is talking about the apps listed in this (excellent) article by Joel. By reading the comparison and features (thank you Joel) I found that in fact Enhanced Email pro - at US$9.99 it is powerfull with much more options than MailDroid, but cheaper. By reading the article I found that Enhanced Email has most if not all features listed for the other email apps. It can also be used by corporate users because it can sync with Exchange server. I personally find it simple to use. Option to unified inbox. I can chose the colour the led blinks when email arrives in one of your (unlimited in the pro version) inboxes. Just by looking at the color of the LED blinking I know which client/business is contacting me: is it one of my clients or is my girlfriend? I know in one second without need to open the inbox and can prioritize things. Enhanced Email accepts html signature, though it has not a WYIWYG editor. It can be used with pop, imap, gmail, yahoo mail and many other. User interface has not an amazing design, it is true, but it works perfectly well: I can configure color background for read, send, etc. emails. I can attribute a colour to each email account. There are many additional configurations that facilitate the life of users, like calendar and contacts sync for those that have an Exchange server (not my case). However, it is very simple to use: most of the time I just use it and with a couple of clicks I know quickly exactly what is going on with all my email accounts. I use it since around one year ago. Last time I 'lost my time' configuring it was around 8 months ago and since then using it extensively from 8AM-7PM for business and for leisure in the evenings without any issues. I was amazed to find that Enhanced Email is almost always not listed in the top search google list. After looking for alternatives in the last days, I chose to stay with it. Hope to have helped you decide by sharing my personal experience with Enhanced Email. The

  12. I'm looking for an email app that only supports one email account. Any ideas?

  13. On my PC I use Eudora, and have for years. One major thing I like is that it downloads my emails to my PC, and keeps them. I have the option of retaining copies on my server, or not (I choose to auto-delete them after downloading.) With my Nexus 7 tablet, every email app I have tried only reads them at my server. If I delete them from the server, they also disappear from my Nexus. Is there an email app that will download and retain them on my tablet?

    • This option is available in most pop3 e-mail clients.

  14. I have gmail, but have minor dissatisfactions with it. I need an email with the above edit functions and space for years of received email. I am willing to pay. Where is a review with a cross-reference (#) layout to compare the different attributes of the major email services. It should not be this hard to find the best email services.

  15. Dissatisfied with the new yahoo android app since it will not allow me to edit my contacts or edit an email before I forward it. Lately, I was able get the two chores done using an earlier version of app yahoo android mail which does not allow me to send the mail out. I was able to save the edited email as a draft which was accessible with the newer version. Now yahoo is blocking me from going to the older version. The older version was perfect for all that I needed email to do before yahoo destroyed it. It appears that yahoo is driving people to their new dumbed down version so that they will have customers for a yet to be released paid version. Am I mistaken or has yahoo mail simply 'gone to hell'?

  16. Thank you for writing an article on Email client/apps. I have been particularly interested in MailDroid. I'm currently using Aqua Mail and quite satisfied with its Smart Inbox that consolidates all Inboxes of my email account. I move around quite easily and fast within the app a few days after I first installed it. attachments 'panel' is a short swipe from the body of the email itself. Quite convenient and cool feature to swipe. The grey theme fits my taste. The interface is definitely elegant, yet robust where it matters. Highly configurable to the point where you wonder where you are within the settings. I dread apps that are 'highly configurable' because I tend to get so deep in configuring that I get lost in the mayhem of it all. The color badges should have been paired already as a default and if the user wants to tweak then allow in export mode. It's too tedious for my eyes. How much more uncomfortable for those color blind who would end up taking primary colors just so to be done with it. I actually later realized after choosing color badges that bold primary colors didn't fit well with the quite elegant UI. They might be bold primary colors but to me they are fuzzy and need the shade to be easy on the eyes with muted colors that are not bright. I bet a lot users in the end went cross eyed with all the configuring including familiarity with those color badges. I will get use to it later but I preferred that color choosing be an expert mode setting. A fast pick up and go with the least amount of worries at the start of any app experience is well appreciated. Usually, email apps have the most number of settings that must be configured, and it's just too much to even ask users who have problems with colors and it's aspects to choose a color. I would be happy with a default setting for this.

    Forgive my gripe on such a small matter. AQUA MAIL is definitely a five star app nonetheless-_- Did I mention that AquaMail is quite FAST ?

  17. The problem I had with K-9 is that it didn't allow configuration for an outgoing SMTP server. The default email app for Droid doesnt allow for unlimited 'Signature', which makes it a problem for investment advisors and stock brokers, or anyone who is regulated.

    This is where Blackberry ruled.

  18. I like the Inomail app the most. It's perfect for reading all the mail from Yahoo, Gmail and others.

  19. I would definitely add Emoze to this list
    I've done benchmarks with the stock ICS email client and with several third party clients like Touchdown, Moxier, K9 and I find that Emoze has the advantage in almost every aspect.

  20. I'm using Aqua, K9, Gmail and the regular stock email client right now for 7 different accounts ... matching up the strength of the client with the way I use the various accounts. If an email address gets tons of emails that you just scan over and need to 'mark as read' you can get any faster than Aqua Mail (paid version). It also does great with attachments and flawlessly handles gmail. K9 I find to be easiest when creating/sending an email. I use one gmail account with the gmail client -- the only gmail account that keeps history, has location enabled, handles calendar notifications and the like. Finally, I have a '911' email address (ie: [email protected]) that friends know they can use in an emergency. Having it solo on it's own client makes it easier to configure to ALWAYS play a loud notification 24 7 when it's an urgent message.

  21. It would be great to find one that supported GPG signing and encrypting emails.

    • I use k9 and OpenKeychain, GPG signing and en-/decrypting works fine.

    • K9mail + openKeychain

  22. I have an Android device and have the first two apps installed, Gmail and Yahoo!, and I must say this. I hate Yahoo! for not allowing me to log off. I still can't log off. I've installed it a few weeks ago, nearly when it arrived, Yahoo! is my oldest email, and the professional one, and that is one thing that is «driving me crazy». I can't log off. If anyone knows, please tell me. Despite that, it is fairly similar to the current version of the web layout, so, after some habituation to the UI, I now go correctly to each arrow to send, reply, next email, but I admit they were poor choices for the job. At least not intuitive...


    Márcio Guerra

  23. I am using GMail. It is the best. Actually we people need to access a lot of Google services so it becomes mandatory to have a Google/GMail account and also GMail is comfortable too :)

  24. Enhanced Email is very good. I use it exclusively for multiple accounts on my Android. It's UI is very friendly and makes emailing from my phone easy.

  25. Enhanced Email is very good. I use it exclusively for multiple accounts on my Android. It's UI is very friendly and makes emailing from my phone easy.

  26. Appreciate the feedback. There are a number of major features that MD has including custom rules set with wildcards, online search for IMAP and offline for IMAP and POP, as well as a combined inbox for all inbox mail (not sent mail yet). Also, feel free to long-press things as that will show some menus that people don't often see such as long-pressing a folder allows IMAP subscription. Of course there is a ton more, but you would need to play with the app a bit.

    This year has a ton of plans of new features and requests, but one of the biggest will be some UI changes :-) They have already started, but the goal is to remain a functional app first.

  27. Appreciate the feedback. There are a number of major features that MD has including custom rules set with wildcards, online search for IMAP and offline for IMAP and POP, as well as a combined inbox for all inbox mail (not sent mail yet). Also, feel free to long-press things as that will show some menus that people don't often see such as long-pressing a folder allows IMAP subscription. Of course there is a ton more, but you would need to play with the app a bit.

    This year has a ton of plans of new features and requests, but one of the biggest will be some UI changes :-) They have already started, but the goal is to remain a functional app first.

  28. I use [email protected] mail (aka formerly K10).
    It's similar to K9 (which is one of the best for sure), but it has a much better surface.
    Try it!

    • correct name now : [email protected] mail
      It is difficult to find in the market / Google play now:

  29. I'm trying to move away from Yahoo Mail entirely so I can get all my mails in one central and easily accessible place using the Gmail application. Actually trying to convert my whole phone to Gmail's applications and services.

  30. No A+? There is a lack of good alternatives.

  31. No matter how many e-mail service and app I try, I always come back to Gmail official app, I'm addicted to it somehow.

  32. I use K-9 on my phone and it's good, but it looks like ass on tablets. Looking for a good alternative that works with regular POP3 accounts.

  33. 'I thought the “back arrow” button would return me to the previous screen but it replied instead. A “down arrow” in the top bar should’ve brought a new menu down, but it navigated to the next email.'
    You really think differently. I never had that problem. AquaMail also do similar thing. Aqua Mail is my fav. for now.

  34. I own a PC repair/sales business and depend heavily on Kaiten Mail to communicate with customers. It's one of the 'must have' apps on my Android phone.

    • I would Definitely add Emoze to this list
      I've done benchmarks with the stock ICS email client and with several third party clients like Touchdown, Moxier, K9 and I find that Emoze has the advantage in almost every aspect.