Email Client For Mac 2018

The internet has changed our lives for the better. From connecting people across nations to establishing a communication centred way of life, the World Wide Web assists users in almost everything. Emails have become a convenient medium of communication especially for entrepreneurs and web developers. However, as workload increases, users might find it difficult to manage their emails and contact lists. This is where email clients come into the picture.

An email client, also known as mail user agent (MUA), is a program used to manage and access a user’s mail. Desktop email clients, on the other hand, are specially configured to suit the interface you are working on. Moreover, the application offers a set of additional features such as mail generation, encryptions, secure backups and cloud storage that set it apart from other mailing services.

For new Mac owners who feel OS X's built-in mail client is too complicated for their needs or who find it doesn't play nicely with their email provider, AppleInsider went hands-on to find the top.

  1. The Mail application that ships with macOS and OS X is solid, feature-rich and spam-eliminating software that is also an easy-to-use email client. Optimized to work on the Mac, the Mail app is trouble free and full featured.
  2. Thunderbird, Mail and Calendar, and Microsoft Outlook are probably your best bets out of the 22 options considered. 'Free and open-source' is the primary reason people pick Thunderbird over the competition.

What Is The Best Email Client?

Mentioned below are the top 10 that are well suited for your Mac or Windows device. You can easily download these applications from the internet and install them on your computer. Also we recommend you to check one of our other posts – 15 Best Free Website Builders of 2017.


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Outlook is an email manager introduced by Microsoft and is a part of the Office Suite tools. The program though mostly used as an email client has other features as well. For instance, Outlook consists of a calendar, a task manager, contact manager, note taking journal and web browsing functions. You can use the program as a stand-alone application or club it with other platforms such as Microsoft Express and Microsoft SharePoint Server to expand its productivity and performance. Outlook is tailor-made for the enteprise environment, from sharing mailboxes, public folders, SharePoint lists to scheduling meetings, you can do everything here. Microsoft has also recently launched a mobile-friendly Outlook interface that is compatible with all Android, IOS, Mac and Apple devices.

Top Features:

  • Features such as Sweep, Pin and other tags allow users to focus on important matters and deal with things quickly
  • Includes a host of other Microsoft apps such as OneDrive, Office suite, Skype, and One Note
  • Allows users to customize their contact lists, schedule meetings, set reminders- in short manage and monitor the integral aspects of their business successfully

Claws Mail

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Claws Mail is a free and open source GTK+ email client service provider loaded with a set of really cool features that can be configured quickly. Considered to be among the fastest, more extensive and reliable programs in the market, Claws store your mail in MH mailbox format. You can even save the content in Mbox format using the many plug-ins and extensions offered by the application. Anti-spam, HTML viewer, RSS aggregator, Python scripting and Perl filtering happen to be some of the main plug-ins provided by Claws that can help you manage your work better.

Top Features:

  • Claws Mail protects the shared content using SSL, GPG, and anti-phishing security encryptions
  • The program runs on both Windows and Unix-like platforms and allows free testing as well
  • Customizable toolbar, X-Face support, pre-folder preferences, foldable quotes, plus various extensions enhance the look and feel of the program
  • Search and filtering, importing files from external formats are other features
  • An external editor armed with an extensive range of readymade templates and designs


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Best Email Client For Mac 2018

Thunderbird is a powerful email client software that is free and open sourced. A cross-platform program, it can be used to process RSS feeds, contacts, and other news as well. Developed and released by Mozilla, the program development was discontinued in 2012. However, a stable and more robust version was updated quite recently; it supports all kinds of business ventures and personal requirements. Other than the standard functions such as filtering emails, scheduling meetings and setting up reminders, the program has a lot of extra features. For instance, it protects all your files using an SSL encryptions, also the many plug-ins and extensions further simplify your job.

Top Features:

  • Thunderbird can manage multiple email, newsgroup and news feed accounts as well as support multiple identities. Quick search, grouping and message filtering enhance the efficiency
  • Email clients like Thunderbird incorporates a Bayesian filter, a whitelist contact record and an anti-spamming plug-in as well
  • Thunderbird supports POP and IMAP features and also consists of other tools such as LDAP address completion and Enigmail add support
  • It supports both Mbox and Maildir formats across different Windows, Mac, IOS and Linux devices

Nyla’s Mail

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Nyla is an open source and free desktop email client that is compatible with Gmail, Yahoo, Microsoft Exchange, and IMAP accounts. Nyla works well on all Windows, IOS, Linux and Mac email client services and can accommodate multiple plug-ins and extensions as well. Nyla is a company known for offering programs suited to incorporate user-contributed extensions, and can effectively manage and monitor your emails, contacts, and newsfeed. In addition to that, users can also design and modify their plug-ins as per their requirement. An extensible web email client application built with Electron, React and Flux, there are many versions of the program as per the platform you will be using.

Top Features:

  • Plug-ins lie at the heart of the program and boost the functionality of your app. You can check out the integrated plug-ins or create your own
  • The interface of Nylas is also styled using CSS that you can easily modify or customize. Moreover, while you are at it, check out the extensive range of beautiful themes, layouts and designs as well
  • The translator, quick reply option, emojis, phishing detectors, GitHub info bar and other indicator add on to the program’s functionality


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Very similar to the Sparrow email client designed for OS X, Mailbird is a program specially created to support Windows 7, 8 and ten versions. A popular application among both professionals and amateurs, it has also been awarded the best Windows email client in the year 2015. The platform is nothing like other standard email managers such as Thunderbird and Outlook. For starters, Mailbird is faster, greater and accurate than its peers. Secondly, the simple yet robust functionality of the open source app is pretty user-friendly and easy to operate. The latest version of the program 2.0 has additional features such as email snooze, video conferencing and speed radar.

Top Features:

  • The sleek and minimalistic interface offers a unified inbox to look after your multiple email accounts
  • Lightning fast filtering, indexing and other integrations such as DropBox, EverNote and Google Docs for better performance
  • Syncs seamlessly with POP and IMAP services that support a maximum of 3 email accounts
  • The latest version includes the quick snooze, video meetings preview option and speed radar

eM Client

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eM Client is a fully featured program designed to manage your emails and marking calendars and keeping your contact list up-to-date. Developed and launched in the year 2006, the program is perhaps the most user-friendly apps in our list. However, your system needs to have Microsoft.NET framework pre-installed for the application to run. Considered to be among the fastest email clients for Windows, eM Client focuses on two customer groups and offers plans accordingly. The pro plan is intended for commercial purposes while the free version is better suited for inexperienced users and supports just two mail accounts. Gmail, IceWrap and the Apple Server are among the few platforms that are compatible with the program.

Top Features:

Best Email Program For Mac 2018

  • The latest eM Client 5.0 version includes the GData protocol that allows seamless syncs and backup options
  • The multi-lingual app can be translated into 12 languages for already pre-installed in Windows 8 version
  • If the POP and IMAP servers are integrated with your mail accounts, you can configure the features as per your liking quickly
  • The program is excellent for touch-screen devices
  • Microsoft Exchange is partially compatible with the app

The Bat!

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The Bat! Is among the top email clients built for Windows to safeguard your correspondence with the third parties? From sending and receiving your emails to managing your contacts and establishing secure encryptions The Bat! is extremely sensitive to user needs. The end-to-end encryption (E2EE) technique also allows you to store the content over the cloud. You can even personalize your emails as the program blocks certain malicious software and extensions downloadable on the web. Created by Ritlabs SRL, the application has two main versions namely Professional and Home. The Pro version is more portable and efficient of the two, especially the Bat Voyager.

Top Features:

  • Unlimited memory and access to countless email accounts, it even supports the POP3, IMAP servers and even the Microsoft Exchange platforms
  • All files are protected with an internal PGP implementation and Open SSL-based encryption. The platform supports HTML 4.0 and CSS 2.0 versions, i.e., you do not require coding skills or professional expertise to customize the platform
  • The integrated IDN support, along with the old sorting and filtering function only increases the productivity

Opera Email Client

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Opera Mail is a public email and news customer service developed by Opera for Windows devices. The application has been linked with the Opera web browser ever since version 2 to 12, it was only in 2013 when Opera Mail was separated from its browser. The updated 2.0 version of the app has extra features such as text support, inline spell checking, spam filtering, contact manager and POP3 and IMAP integrations. The program uses a single database that keeps tabs on every email sent or received and establishes access points for better data tracking techniques.

Top Features:

  • The program accounts for faster, hassle-free operation helping the users save time with features like auto-sorts, filtering, and rich text support
  • Auto-sorts and easy indexing of mailing lists and attachments. Opera Mail even uses the Bayesian filtering to get the job done
  • The IRC client though integrated into the mail component of the program allows multiple servers, transfers, and available customization through CSS
  • Opera Mail also displays the text in HTML and uses Presto layout engine to do the same

Windows Live Mail

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Windows Live Mail is one of the most popular email clients, it is a free open source desktop program specially designed for Microsoft users. Also known as Elroy, the program was formerly known as simply Window Mail when users on Vista. Similar to other Microsoft apps such as Outlook and Office Suite, the program is suited for both offices and home use. The calendar, manager, mail filter and reminder are the standard features of the program that account for a robust yet reliable operation.

Top Features:

  • The Windows Live Mail is a multi-user platform and offers an extensive ribbon that can be configured as per requirement
  • Provides you with an ability to edit the HTML coding and segregate the data in different folders and mailboxes
  • Supports DeltaSync and Web DAV HTTP-based protocols. Also, you can now perform full index searches in case the Windows search fails
  • The live spell checker, contacts sync, and RSS feed help you finish the tasks faster

Email clients collect and arrange all your contacts in one place, allowing you to focus on more pressing matters of the business. Good email clients have been a boon for e-communications. And if you want to create a website the you should definitely check our list of 15 best free website builders.

You’ve Got Mail

Email clients come in all forms of size and functionality. But only a few have the necessary features that ease user interaction while providing an easy to use interface to manage, categorize and control all incoming and outgoing emails. Support for the major email providers is also crucial for success and widespread adoption among users.

The recent rise in the number of feature-rich email clients for Mac allows users to select the best among clients that suit their taste and requirements. These competitors have not only gained widespread adoption due to their feature-rich interface, they are now on the verge of challenging the already established Apple Mail and Microsoft Outlook.

So here we have we have compiled the top 3 email clients for Mac OS that not just feature rich but are also highly customizable to suit each user’s needs.

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Postbox – Good Design, Powerful Features

With a native UI and sleek design, the Postbox app looks more like a Mac app than the Apple Mail itself. For only $10, the app is filled to the brim with usable features, performance-oriented software architecture and intuitive design. The base engine is from Mozilla’s flagship Thunderbird – an email client that is now an age-old application with no further development or innovation. The categorization algorithm and automatic account detection help it shine better than most of its competitors.

Once you have entered your email to start configuring the client, it automatically checks and detects all protocols until it finds the right one. Then it synchronizes all email (or selectively, depends on your configuration) to your Mac. All downloaded emails are then categorized by tracking their metadata to form threads and categories. You can now easily follow and keep track of automatically created message threads.

The message threads are clean and easily distinguishable from each other through simple interface elements. Along with that, the program automatically categorizes all images, audio, and attachments to present a clean interface ready to take user input. Cross-platform and service support is one of its strongest suits. Now you don’t have to attach large files to your email. Postbox provides a Dropbox link to your file that can then be uploaded to share with its recipients. The app also connects major social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and others to provide a host of new features that generally lack in major email clients.

AirMail – Super fast and Highly Customizable

Airmail is a worthy replacement to Sparrow (Now bought by Google and shut down) with excellent features and support for Google services. The app is lightning fast with pre-caching processes that automatically cache most of the data that lets the app open and execute a function in a fraction of seconds. Along with Google, it also supports other major email providers.

It categorizes emails with the help of tags and labels just like Gmail. The app also comes with dozens of keyboard shortcuts that greatly help in navigation and carrying out basic functions.

One of the major features of the app is its unlimited flexibility to customize. You can change how folder structures work, how conversations are displayed and the whole user interface of the app. It also allows users to store to do’s in the form of folder structures that can be easily modified to suit your need.

The app only costs $2 and comes with features that are ideal for Gmail and outlook users. Unfortunately, it also has its share of disadvantages that are likely to be improved in future versions. One of the major repellants is the huge number of icons and buttons that often make the user interface hard to understand. It takes the normal user some time to set up the whole workspace before they can continue using the app effectively. But once the app is set up, it turns out to be the most effective and fast email client on the web.

Inky – Beautiful and Self Learning App

The most attractive feature of Inky is its awesome interface. Along with a clean and natural interface, the app focuses on productivity and personalization depending on user choices. This is ideal for users who like to use emails clients for personal uses rather than for businesses or in professional environments. One of its distinguishing features is its setup process.

All your account related information including POP and IMAP information is stored on Inky’s server to automate user experience and data across devices and locations. Once you are logged in, the app automatically pulls all emails to your desktop and classifies them categorically with significant ease.

Inky uses the unified inbox approach to display all your emails. Moreover, you can connect multiple email accounts along with social networks with Inky and it will automatically grab all incoming emails and messages on the respective services to your desktop. The unified interface is well-organized even when there are hundreds or thousands of emails waiting to be read.

Moreover, Inky is self-learning. That means it automates a majority of the tasks by noticing what you generally do with a type of email or thread. This saves most of your time and helps you focus on the important stuff.

Best Mail Client For Mac 2018

Moreover, you can teach inky to display your emails based on relevance, which is then automated until you remove your preferences. Inky also comes with smart organization features that automatically categorizes all emails into pre-built categories depending on the contents. The only thing lacking in the app are business-oriented features that some users may expect from an email client.

Email App For Mac 2018


Along with the above, a dozen other applications may suit your requirements. Some of the most popular ones that deserve a mention are Mail Pilot, Unibox, Mail Mate, etc. All of these apps are quite different from each other even though they accomplish the same task. Unique interfaces with hundreds of inbuilt features that ease user experience make them the most popular apps among the Mac community.

Some of the apps also have versions for other operating systems, therefore helping you adapt in whichever OS you like. Even if you want a simple email client, you don’t have to stick to Apple Mail. There are better alternatives at throwaway prices that provide a better experience along with productive features.

Mozilla Thunderbird

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