Download Owncloud Client For Mac

  1. One benefit of hosting a Mac mini server is you can use it many different ways. Owncloud is a great service to add to the multi-purpose list. Download Owncloud. Owncloud also makes sync clients that let you run a desktop client that pushes data to your site or a mobile client to access the data.
  2. Using ownCloud Desktop Clients In other parts of this guide we explain how version control and synchronizing folders and files works using WebDAV and the file manager of your operating system. The ownCloud client is a good way to have more control over the way files are synchronized between your ownCloud server on the web and your computer.
  3. OwnCloud Sync Client - Install the OwnCloud client to automatically synchronise folders on your local PC or Mac to our cloud storage. Works like DropBox, Google Drive etc. Ensure you download the client, not the OwnCloud server package from this link.
  4. In order to synchronize files with their ownCloud server, desktop (For Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X) and mobile (Android and iOS) clients are available. Files and other data (such as calendars, contacts or bookmarks) can also be accessed using a web browser without any additional software.
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I've installed OwnCloud Server and got everything to work. But is there a good client for it?

The desktop clients allow you to keep your existing work flow, making sharing and collaboration a breeze. Simply copy a file into the directory and the ownCloud desktop client does the rest. Make a change to the files on one computer and it will flow across the others using these desktop sync clients.

I'm looking for a good client for windows that even can delete files in the cloud if I delete something in the local directory.

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2 Answers

The official ownCloud client is available for Windows, Mac and GNU/Linux and it works perfectly. And it does what you ask for.

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If you want owncloud client then you can download these from official owncloud site ,here you can find clients for every platform like for windows ,linux android..etc

lokender singhlokender singh

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commented Jul 11, 2017
edited by jnweiger

Some weeks before the release:

  • Check if we should update the bundled sqlite3 (
  • Check if we should update Sparkle on build machine (
  • Ensure NSIS is up to date on the build machine
  • Ensure up-to-date dependencies (e.g. latest Qt version is installed on the machine and picked up (cmake output)
  • Ensure the crash reporter server is up
  • Check crash reporter for bad crashes
  • Ensure Windows Overlay DLLs are rebuilt
  • Check nightly builds are up and running, that is Jenkins jobs ownCloud-client-linux, ownCloud-client-osx and ownCloud-client-win32 all green.
  • Ensure Linux nightlies are built too for all distros
  • Build branded clients through the scripting machine and smoke test one or two branded clients (especially with predefined url)
  • Upload a nightly build of the windows version to
    • Contact AV vendors whom's engine reports a virus
  • Documentation should be online before the release
  • QA goes over
  • Make sure to have client/ChangeLog updated
  • use git log --format=oneline v<lastrelease>...master if your memory fails you
  • check if enterprise issues are fixed

One week before the release:

  • Communicate the release schedule on mailinglist [email protected] Give a high level overview of the upcoming new features, changes etc.
  • Ensure marketing is aware ([email protected]) and prepared for the release (social, .com website, cust. communications)
  • Inform GCX knows the next version is about 1 week out ([email protected])

For all Betas and RCs:

  • Branch off a release branch called VERSION-rcX or VERSION-betaX (without v, v is for tags)
  • Edit VERSION.cmake to set the suffix to beta1, beta2 etc. Commit the result to the release branch only
  • Create build for Windows using rotor job owncloud-client-win32 (uncheck the 'nightly build' checkbox, check the 'sign package' checkboxes) both themes 'ownCloud' and 'testpilotcould'
  • Create build for Mac using rotor, job owncloud-client-osx (uncheck the 'nightly build' checkbox, check the 'sign package' checkboxes) both themes 'ownCloud' and 'testpilotcould'
  • Create the beta tarball using Jenkins job ownCloud-client-source
  • Create Linux builds using rotor job owncloud-client-linux building (this magically interacts with the ownCloud-client-source job)
    • theme 'ownCloud' -> isv:ownCloud:community:testing
    • theme 'testpilotcould' -> isv:ownCloud:testpilot:testing
  • Copy builds from daily to testing on, double check the download links.
  • Create a pull request to the repository to update the install page (strings.php, page-desktop.php). From now on download packages from the staging webserver.
  • Inform community mailinglists [email protected] and [email protected]
  • Announce on
  • Create a signed tag using git tag -u E94E7B37 tagname (
  • Check crash reporter

For first Beta of a Major or Minor release:

  • branch off master to new version branch (e.g. master -> 2.1, when releasing 2.1)
  • Adjust VERSION.cmake in master and count up (e.g. 2.2)
  • Adjust translation jobs for client and NSIS to point to the release branch (e.g. 2.1).
  • Make sure there is a job for the docs of the new master branch and the current release branch on rotor.

Day before Release:

  • Check the translations coming from transifex: All synchronized?
  • Run the scripts on the final code tag
  • Run make test
  • Run smashbox on the final code tag
  • Inform product management and marketing that we are 1 day out

On Release Day (for final release):

  • Branch off a release branch called like the version (without v, v is for tags)
  • Double check VERSION.cmake: Check the version number settings and suffix (beta etc.) to be removed. Commit change to release branch only!
  • Make sure to increase the version number of the branched of release, e.g. if you release 2.3.2 then you should change VERSION.cmake in 2.3 to 2.3.3 since that branch now will be 2.3.3
  • Add last updates to Changelog in the client source repository.
  • Stop publishing on OBS
  • Branch isv:ownCloud:desktop to isv:ownCloud:desktop:client-X.Y.Z before overwriting
  • Check download mirrors for sufficient free disk space (jw,tsgebert)
  • Run with (uncheck the 'nightly build' checkbox, check the 'sign package' checkboxes) both themes 'ownCloud' and 'testpilotcould' this does all of the following (except for signing the sources):
    • Create tar ball ( and immediately sign it (asc file). (
    • Create build for Windows using job official-client-win32 (uncheck the 'nightly build' checkbox, check the 'sign package' checkboxes) both themes 'ownCloud' and 'testpilotcould'
    • Create build for Mac using, job official-client-osx (uncheck the 'nightly build' checkbox, check the 'sign package' checkboxes) both themes 'ownCloud' and 'testpilotcould'
    • Create Linux builds using rotor job owncloud-client-linux (this magically interacts with the ownCloud-client-source job)
      • Check if patches still apply in the linux packages
    • Update OBS repositoryisv:ownCloud:desktop
      • theme 'ownCloud' -> isv:ownCloud:desktop
      • theme 'testpilotcloud' -> isv:ownCloud:testpilot
    • Linux: Update the testing repository to the latest stable version.
  • check remaining free disk space on the mirrors.
  • immediately sign the sources (asc file). (
  • Linux: Create submitrequests in obs
  • Inform GCX that a new tarball is available. Inform QA...
  • Copy builds and source tar ball from testing to stable on, double check the download links.
  • Check if the following packages are on
    • Windows binary package
    • Mac binary package
    • source tarballs
  • Create a pull request to the repository to update the install page (strings.php, page-desktop.php) for variables and changelog. From now on download packages from the staging webserver.
  • Re-download Mac builds and check signature. Interactive in installer window
  • Re-download Win build check signature. From Mac or Linux: osslsigncode verify ownCloud-version-setup.exe
  • Mac: Perform smoke test (Install, make sure it does not explode, and check if all version indicators are correct)
  • Win: Perform smoke test (Install, make sure it does not explode, and check if all version indicators are correct)
  • Linux: Smoke test
  • Linux: Re-enable OBS publishing
  • Announce on
  • Announce on [email protected]
  • Create git signed tag in client repository using git tag -u E94E7B37 tagname
  • Send out Social (tweet, blog, other)
  • Send out customer communication (if any)
  • Inform GCX that the new version is released ([email protected])
  • Inform [email protected]
  • Ensure marketing is aware ([email protected])
  • Take pride and celebrate!
  • Also update the testpilotcloud builds for that release version and make sure they show up on the download page
  • Tell GCX to increment the minimum supported version for enterprise customers
  • Check if minimum.supported.desktop.version ( needs to be updated in server

A few days after the release

  • Update the updater script clientupdater.php (check the crash reporter if auto update is a good idea or we need a new release) owncloud/enterprise#2246
  • Execute announced deprecations. Disable builds for deprecated platforms. Update accordingly:
  • Increment version number in nightly builds. Special case: after the last release in a branch, jump forward to the 'next release branch'... That may mean, this is nightly is the same as edge then.

added this to the 2.3.3 (fixed, plus Qt 5.6.2 for Linux) milestone Jul 11, 2017

commented Jul 11, 2017

FYI @[email protected]@SamuAlfageme

commented Jul 11, 2017

Changelog is up:

commented Jul 11, 2017

@guruz updated w/ some more refs. Can't find the issues/PRs for:

Could you ref. them?

commented Jul 19, 2017

Blocked by the APFS gold ticket (research) and on owncloud/enterprise#2151

commented Jul 24, 2017

🚧 Blockers

  • [macOS] Check file system unicode normalization is correct #5650 ~~~> macOS 10.13
  • 'Open in browser' / 'Open folder' doesn't work on some KDE distros:
  • Multiple Linux Platforms fail to compile with 2.3.3 - #5915
    • affected: CentOS_7, Debian_7, Fedora_24, openSUSE_13.1

🆕 QA over new (patch-version specific) Testing Scenarios 2.3.3

  • Chunking NG: Don't use old chunking on new DAV endpoint (#5855)
  • Selective Sync: Skip excluded folders when reading DB, don't let them show errors (#5772)
  • Settings: Make window bigger so Qt version is always visible (#5760)
  • Share links: Show warning that public link shares are public (#5786)
  • Notifications: Make close/dismiss button in the Activity tab match server's logic (#5922)
  • () Downloads: Re-trigger folder discovery on HTTP 404 (#5799)
  • SyncJournalDB: Don't use ._ as filename pattern if that does not work because of SMB storage settings (#5844)
  • SyncJournalDB: Log reason for sqlite3 opening errors
  • Switch Linux build also to Qt 5.6.2 (#5470)

💥Regression test on the whole client

Target: Kubuntu 17.04, Windows 10, macOS Sierra 10.12.5

  • Installer/Uninstaller
  • Setup
  • Syncing
    • User stop syncing
    • Test resuming of uploads
    • Test resuming download
    • Modifying files when the sync is running ~> see Note below
    • Test shared folder
  • Network-related
  • Crash Recovery
  • Server interaction checks
  • Upgrade (where applicable)
    • Upgrade from Previous Client Version
    • Upgrade from previous server version
  • Credential Management
    • First startup
    • Update
    • Password change, without URL change.
    • Password change, with URL change
    • Wrong password
    • Shibboleth
  • Multiple folders
  • Activity log (Including 2.3's #5306)
  • Quota
  • Windows Office Files
  • Big File modified during Upsync
  • Command Line Client

📃 Notes:

  • Resuming a paused sync that was uploading a bunch of files and were moved in the client is duplicating one file in both locations - #5949

commented Aug 7, 2017

@[email protected] all release blockers cleared out; I'm starting with the regression scenarios.

commented Aug 8, 2017

We have some builds in and

We will publish them after testing

commented Aug 8, 2017

PR for website: owncloud/

commented Aug 9, 2017

Posting for central and mailing list:

commented Aug 10, 2017

@guruz other than #5949 I found no issues on the regression tests. We can announce the RC1 now 👍

commented Aug 10, 2017

Waiting for deployment of owncloud/ then announcing

commented Aug 10, 2017

commented Aug 16, 2017

Linking owncloud/enterprise#2151

commented Aug 16, 2017

Starting build of rc2 with latest changes of @jnweiger in OBS

commented Aug 16, 2017

rc2 @

Download Owncloud Client For Mac

commented Aug 18, 2017

rc2 PR @ owncloud/

commented Aug 30, 2017

Triggered 2.3.3 final builds for ownCloud-client and testpilotcloud-client:

OBS submits from *:testing to final

@[email protected]
everyhting is at;O=D

  • owncloudclient-2.3.3.tar.xz is there, but I cannot sign it. @guruz your help needed here, I am afraid.

commented Aug 31, 2017
edited website updates for staging owncloud/
@michaelstingl Please review the changelog and double check the deprecation warnings.

commented Sep 1, 2017

Downloaded and installed macOS and Windows versions, they work for me.
I didn't check Linux

commented Sep 1, 2017

@jnweigerall linux installations and basic sync runs I did went fine 👍

commented Sep 1, 2017

Owncloud Linux Client

I am doing one more rebuild in OBS: renaming all xUbuntu* to Ubuntu* -- that is how it was with 2.3.2 -- we don't want to break update repos.

commented Sep 1, 2017

Rebuilds done. All fine. Let's publish!

commented Sep 1, 2017

@jnweiger Cool! Any way to redirect the Qt562 OBS repo somehow to make people get automated update there? I think @dragotin mentioned that..

commented Sep 3, 2017

Hmm. Not sure what @dragotin wanted to achieve. We'll update the qt562 libs together with the clients anyway -- security and bugfix that is. The versiion is fixed at 562 until we decide for 58x or so.

commented Sep 4, 2017

Hello , 2.3.3 is not publish on . A problem with that ?

commented Sep 4, 2017

@glannes31 you're right, looks like hasn't gone live yet - PR with the changes was merged in owncloud/ I'll ask the admins around.

commented Sep 4, 2017

2.3.3 is live:

  • OBS pushed
  • pushed
  • announcement on

commented Sep 7, 2017

update the updater: owncloud/enterprise#2246

commented Sep 11, 2017

Closing issue.
We still have pending things in milestone:

added a commit that referenced this issue Oct 19, 2017
adding post-release checks to template
added a commit that referenced this issue Nov 2, 2017

commented Nov 22, 2017

cant change the 'connect to ownCloud on the application windows and connect to ownCloud server'

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