Client Side Mysql Database Manager For Mac

  • Data viewer:
    • Virtual primary/foreign keys editors were enhanced
    • Problem with filters on data refresh was fixed
    • Added confirmation dialog before opened result tabs closing
    • Problem with missing updated row count (in script mode) was fixed
    • References panel now remembers last FK/reference selection
    • Value view panel now supports Find/Replace
    • Float values rendering was fixed (numbers rounding is disabled by default)
  • Data transfer:
    • Save of previous target container selections was added
    • Export of tables/queries with complex data types (structs, objects) was improved
  • Connection management:
    • Connection permissions config was added (restrictions of data/metadata changes for a particular connection or connection type)
    • Problem with bootstrap queries and auto-commit state save/load was fixed
    • Multi-project support was improved (use selected project for new connections)
    • Support of empty database passwords was added
    • Copy/paste and drag-n-drop connections between different projects was fixed
  • Database navigator:
    • Default double-click behavior configuration was added (view properties/data/erd)
    • Object edit dialogs are properly sized now (problem with too small dialog window was fixed)
    • Connection type coloring in the main toolbar is back
    • DBeaver toolbars visibility was fixed (for Eclipse plugin version)
  • New DBeaver version automatic downloading (optional) was added
  • MySQL:
    • Datetime columns edit was fixed. Problems with timezone were fixed.
    • Legacy MySQL <4 driver was added (again)
  • PostgreSQL:
    • Automatic transaction error recovery was added (famous 'current transaction is aborted' error)
    • Partition management was added (partition create/drop)
    • Support of VACUUM tool for older PG version was fixed
    • Enum items order was fixed (in metadata editor)
    • Legacy PostgreSQL <= 8 driver was added
  • SQL Server: index DDL was improved (now it contains all index properties)
  • Redshift: table DDL generation was fixed ('diststyle AUTO' and other improvements)
  • Hive: struct/array data types support was added
  • Presto: array data types support was fixed
  • DB2 i: routine list reading was fixed
  • We have migrated to the Eclipse 2019-06 platform (fixes many minor UI bugs on Linux)
  • Many other minor bugs were fixed

Navicat for MySQL Client from PremiumSoft, is an integrated GUI tool let you perform MySQL administration and database development in an easier way. Advanced features allow you to create data models, import/export data, backup, transfer databases, create queries, and manage your local or remote MySQL server. It also includes a full-featured graphical manager for setting the users and access privileges and more.

Navicat is sophisticated enough for professional developers, yet easy to learn for new users. It is also available for Windows and Linux and translated into 7 major languages.

Anyway, I need to decide on a client side database. That means it has to be light and file based so the client doesn't have run any database servers (ie. MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server). Also, I'd really like the database to be accessible on multiple platforms, mostly Windows, MAC and Linux (so MS Access is out). Driver Manager; Darwin: OpenLink's Darwin client installer provides the iODBC driver manager. Users may also encounter unixODBC, mac:ODBC, and other driver managers. Mac Classic: OpenLink's Mac Classic client installer provides its own driver manager for this platform.

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Version 12.1.13:

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