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SecureCRT client for Windows, Mac, and Linux provides rock-solid terminal emulation for computing professionals, raising productivity with advanced session management and a host of ways to save time and streamline repetitive tasks. Best SSH Clients for Windows. A big missing piece in Windows is the lack of a Linux compatible shell. There are several top SSH clients that fill this void. You can use the SSH client in Mac OS to connect to any other machine with an SSH server running, whether it’s on another Mac with Mac OS X, linux, unix, or Windows computer does not matter, as long as it has an SSH server running it and you have credentials, it can be connected to securely.


Access your Mac’s files remotely via SSH With an SFTP client (like Panic’s Transmit, or FileZilla ), you can quickly access your files remotely thanks to SSH on your home or work Mac.


A modern and powerful SSH/Telnet client with entire fresh design and excellent experience.
With convenient and powerful user interface, ShellCraft significantly improve your efficiency. ShellCraft implements the standard SSH/Telnet protocol, it can simply connect to various servers. The session management function make you managing sessions easily, connecting to session is very convenient from anywhere. It also includes the getting started page to guide you how to start.
Full featured SSH/Telnet protocol
* Telnet protocol with auto-login
* SSH1 and SSH2 protocol with password and public key authentication
* Supports SFTP for SSH2 session
* Everything present in tab such as Telnet/SSH session, session management, host key/user key management
* Multiple default popular themes including Monokai, Solarized etc
* Support split screen
* Configurable font name and font size
* Quick zoom in and out in terminal session
Connect and manage session
* Create and manage sessions in efficient way
* Quick connect to saved session from toolbar address menu or new tab
* Quick connect to remote host from toolbar address bar without a saved session
* Quick connect from OS X status bar whenever the app is active or not
* Auto-connect the default session on app startup
* Folder and tree view in the sessions management tab
* Import and export sessions
* Basic vt100 and enhanced vt mode
* xterm and xterm 256 color mode
* Dynamic configurable terminal buffer size
* Multiple terminal encoding/decoding
* Multiple language input
* Multiple function key escape sequence
* Highlight keyword
Highlighted configurable preference
* Copy the selection automatically
* Paste with right mouse down
* Open new window with default session connected
* Send commands after SSH session connected
* Duplicate or close the tab with double mouse click
* Browser all the default key mapping
* Support pre-defined command by shortcut key

What’s New

- Feature: Supports pre-defined command by shortcut key
- Improvement: Supports set SFTP home directory for session
- Improvement: Supports description for session
- Improvement: Export SSH keys to archive file
- Improvement: Clear screen with shortcut key
- Improvement: Scroll/Page/Line up and down in app menu
- Improvement: Add more shortcut key
- Improvement: Supports to manually freeze the screen before scroll
- Improvement: Add option to open manage session tab when opening new tab or new window
- Improvement: Improve SFTP performance

12 Ratings

I love how simple and beautiful this app is

Been using ZOC terminal for 4 years, which is my favorite terminal of all time. Thought let’s just give this app a try. Experice was pretty decent, but there is something I would love to have.
Even they has option to send command, I will like to have a option where I can save commands with name and click and run any of them.
Something I missed in native OSX terminal is emoji icons, when I brew something native terminal show me a glass of beer. ZOC couldn’t encode that neither this app. I will like to see some emojis here (for fun).
This app is simple, that’s why this is beautiful.

An excellent SSH Tool

UPDATE: 1.0.8 - I just got the latest version and the split screen is very nice and helpful. This is a very nice ssh tool and the splits screen makes it an even better tool for all admins and developers.
Within seconds of installing, I was already connected to my various linux systems. The development team who created this tool really wanted users to have an easy experience.
1. When you launch the app there is a Start Page tab that give you a visual guide of the buttons within the UI.
2. The interface is clean, well thought out, and has an Apple like ergonomics
3. On the fly, it is possible to change the skin for each SSH session which helps you visually keep track of where you are. This is done using a little magic wand looking button at the top right
4. In my eyes, the preferences are very complete with keyboard shortcuts and many options you need for proper telnet and SSH sessions
5. There is a session manager which lets you see a list of all the different systems you have configured
I am very happy with this tool and think anyone who remotes to systems/servers will love this. I hope these guys make an SFTP client in the future because they know how to make a clean and useable interface.

Great app, but recent upgrade made it unusable!

Have been using this app for last 3 years, and never had any complain (apart from minor glitches here and there). But, recent upgrade made it almost unusable. The configure screen fails to launch for any of the saved sessions, and new sessions gets added to the bottom of the list under master tree, irrespective of the folder selected.
I wish they had a forum or bug reporting platform, as I do not want to share this via review.
Overall this is a great app, and does what it should, I am sure these minor issues will be fixed, and I will continue recomending this to my collegues.


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Better Ssh Client For MacBetter Ssh Client For Mac

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