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Unison is a newsreader for the Apple Mac OS X-platform. The application destincs itself by it's simple interface and smooth interaction. The application is merely a downloadapplication and doesn't have any other functions in regard to automatic repears and such. Usenet Client Features: In the past we would show you how to use tools like WinRar, 7-Zip, and QuickPar to repair and unpack your Usenet downloads. Fortunately newsreaders like Newshosting and TweakNews take care of these tasks for you. Best Usenet Clients For those new to Usenet the task of finding the right newsreader can be challenging. Especially if you're not sure where to look and what features are the most important.

The best Usenet providers

Read on for our detailed analysis of each Usenet provider

Usenet and Newsgroups may seem a thing of the past, consigned to the history of the internet, but they still remain very much alive. While no longer in the mainstream Usenet groups still remain active, not least because they can provide for a more private meeting ground that more popular social media sites and forums.

However, accessing Usenet groups is no longer so simple, or free, and it's usually the case these days that you'll need to go through a Usenet provider.

These not only provide access to existing discussions, but also to archives, usually stretching back for a number of years.

There are limitations, though, not least for bandwidth use, so users who aim to do a lot of downloads from Usenet will find plans tend to cost more.

Even still, there are a number of Usenet providers out there and plans are priced competitively.

Here then are the best in Usenet providers that we could find:

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1. Newshosting

Retention: 3390 days Newsgroups: 120,000+ Maximum connections: 60 SSL: Yes Free trial: Yes

Newshosting 12 Month
Newshosting 1 Month
Industry leading retention
Free zero-log VPN
Usenet reader for mac
No support for Bitcoin payment

[58% Off] Newshosting (Official Promotion) - Get up to 58% Off TechRadar's #1 Rated Usenet Provider

Newshosting is the best Usenet provider as tested and vetted by our experts. If you want a strong all-rounder of a Usenet service, then look no further than this provider.

It sports the industry’s best retention, runs its own US and European server farms, and also offers uncensored access to 120,000 newsgroups. You can also get some high-quality newsreader software that includes search, not just for Windows and Mac, but Linux as well.

Through an exclusive TechRadar promo, you will be able to grab a free, albeit rudimentary, zero-log VPN account for extra security and privacy in addition to 256-bit SSL connections already included with the service.

Newshosting tested the fastest as far as download speeds go. It also passed our tests in retrieving old binaries with flying colors as well. Are there any negatives at all here at all? There’s very little to complain about, save for the VPN client being a little basic and for support being only in English, but this doesn’t actually reflect on the core Usenet service you get.

Newshosting is competitively priced, which you can try for yourself with a 750 GB free trial, exclusive to TechRadar visitors, the largest Usenet free trial offered anywhere.

Get the best overall Usenet provider 2019
Newshosting tops our charts for quality, but the price is pretty attractive, too. That's largely thanks to the EXCLUSIVE offer we've managed to get just for TechRadar readers - and it's a goody. Sign up with one of the below links and bag 750GB worth of downloads for FREE! Here are its plans and prices in full:

  • $8.33/mo (unlimited for 12 months) + you get a free VPN worth $60 per year

2. Eweka

Retention: 3356 days Newsgroups: 125,000 Maximum connections: 20 SSL: Yes Free trial: Yes

Eweka Monthly Sub
Free Newsreader with Search
Only 20 connections

[22% Off] Eweka (Official Promotion) - Get up to 22% off + Free High Speed Upgrade

Eweka is an impressive operation indeed, running its own data centre in Amsterdam with its own server farm. The firm has its own trans-Atlantic backbone which allowed us to get the full download speed offered (although no US servers as yet).

There’s a lengthy 3,369 days of retention offered here (growing daily), which is among the strongest Usenet offerings in that respect, and while you only get up to 20 connections maximum, which is less than many rivals, we found performance to be very speedy in our tests. And really, that’s what counts.

There’s plenty more to like with Eweka besides, including the fact that the service performed well when it came to our retention testing (grabbing old files). Eweka users also get free access to the premium Newslazer newsreader, which includes a powerful search tool.

There’s also an unrestricted seven-day trial (if you do not signup through the official TechRadar promotion) to give the service a whirl, and this doesn’t require you to enter any payment details, either. Considering what you get here, the service is reasonably priced, too.

3. Supernews

Keeping Usenet simple and slick…

Retention: 2357 days Newsgroups: 110,000 Maximum connections: 30 SSL: Yes Free trial: Yes

Supernews Monthly Sub
Servers in US and Europe
Not as much retention as some rivals

Supernews is a veteran Usenet provider having been in operation since the mid-90s, and it has servers across the US and Europe. You get 2,357 days of binary retention and 5,021 days of text retention, and access to over 110,000 newsgroups.

What’s more, Supernews keeps multiple copies of articles across its network, and the firm claims that this helps to ensure a 100% completion rate.

And on the performance front, you get unlimited speed, with the provider guaranteeing that your connection won’t be throttled in any way, shape or form.

Supernews keeps things pleasingly simple when it comes to plan choices, as well, because there’s only one: a straightforward unlimited plan with a monthly fee. It’s not the cheapest subscription around, but this is a quality service, and you get a three-day trial to test it out first. Also note that with the TechRadar Pro offer in place at the time of writing, you get your first month at half price.

4. Newsgroupdirect

A real retention hog with a bundled VPN

Retention: 3370 days Newsgroups: N/A Maximum connections: 50 SSL: Yes Free trial: No

NewsGroupDirect 1 Month
NewsGroupDirect 6 Months
NewsGroupDirect yearly
Great retention levels
No free trial

Newsgroupdirect offers an impressive retention level of 3,370 days, and maintains its own network. As with the previous provider, it makes a big promise on the completion rate front, guaranteeing users 100% completion. And furthermore, 100% uptime is also promised.

You get a plentiful 50 connections even with the most basic plan, along with SSL encryption, and access to the Ghost Path VPN service for extra security and privacy on top. Again, the VPN comes bundled with all plans, which is good to see. Customer support is another strong suit here, as well.

While there is no free trial, Newsgroupdirect does offer a seven-day money-back guarantee, so if you’re not satisfied in the first week, you don’t lose anything – although note that you must not have used more than 15GB of bandwidth.

Subscription plans are competitively priced, although it’s slightly disappointing that you don’t get much better value for signing up to the annual plan compared to the six-month option.

5. Easynews


Direct Usenet access right from your web browser

Retention: Up to 3380 Newsgroups: 100,000+ Maximum connections: 60 SSL: Yes Free trial: Yes

Easynews Classic
Easynews Plus
Easynews Big Gig
Stream or download from any web browser
Free zero-log VPN
English-only support

Easynews is a slick operator that differentiates itself by offering the ability to access Usenet directly from within your web browser as well as supporting mobile access. That’s obviously a commendably hassle-free way to do things, and the web interface is well crafted, plus it also means you can access the service across all your devices (with no software installation necessary).

Retention rates vary, but with the top-end plan you get 2,950 days retention via the web interface (3,364 days retention via NNTP), although considerably less on some of the more basic plans. That Big Gig Plan also gives you a bundled Zero-log VPN service (albeit with a rather basic client).

There’s also good news when it comes to Easynews’ privacy policy, which is very concise and makes it crystal clear what data is kept by the provider. Performance is good too, although the range of plans is somewhat confusing, and the basic subscriptions are more suited to those with light downloading needs.

Also handy is a 14-day free trial which lets you experience the service before you pay for a subscription (note that there is a 10GB bandwidth limit). Pricing starts from $9.98 per month to $14.97 per month, depending on the bandwidth required.

6. Newsdemon

A newsgroup service that’s affordable and user-friendly

Retention: Up to 3,150 Newsgroups: 107,000 Maximum connections: 50 SSL: Yes Free trial: Yes

Fragmented pricing

Resellers are quite common in the Usenet world, and for good reason: by purchasing a large amount of bandwidth from a major service provider, they can negotiate better terms and sell on that access to you for a vastly discounted rate. One of the biggest providers to resellers is Omicron Media, which counts nearly 30 clients operating from its vast server backbone.

Omicron Media reseller NewsDemon is our pick of the bunch, offering 50 simultaneous connections and unlimited SSL-secured transfers from European and US servers for a more-than-reasonable £3.60 ($4.70) per month – or perhaps less, we've seen different prices listed during different visits. There are also block accounts available.

There's the bonus of a VPN connection if you're willing to spend a bit more, or transfer-capped block accounts for a little less. If you're employed in education, charitable work, or certain media outlets NewsDemon will even offer you free access – though in the interests of disclosure we should be clear that we've not taken advantage of this offer.

Plans cost between $5 a month for 50GB of downloads, to $10 a month for unlimited downloads.

7. GigaNews

Retention: 2,367 days Newsgroups: 110,000 Maximum connections: 50 SSL: Yes Free trial: Yes

GigaNews Diamond
GigaNews Bronze
GigaNews Silver
Fast and secure service
Not cheap

GigaNews is amongst the most expensive Usenet providers, but its price reflects the sum of its parts. Alongside access to newsgroups – naturally – a $24.99 (£19) per month Diamond subscription gets you the use of GigaNews' own Mimo Usenet browser and search engine, SSL access to its servers, and the pro version of Golden Frog's multi-faceted VyprVPN service.

Whatever you're using it for – and even if you're doing something else online entirely – the extra layer of privacy offered by a quality VPN has to be reassuring.

GigaNews' server availability is another plus, with multiple redundancy on US and EU servers owned and run by the company itself. The real question, however, is whether you plan to use all of the features GigaNews offers. If you're looking to Usenet access for the conversations this is absolutely overkill, and for binary downloads it's still rather expensive, but if quality is your top priority, then it’s a good choice.

8. Astraweb

Two servers for the price of one…

Retention: 3,000+ days Newsgroups: 90,000 Maximum connections: 20 SSL: Yes Free trial: No

AstraWeb 10Mbps 1 Month
AstraWeb Unlimited 3 Months
Impressive retention levels
Question marks over customer service

Astraweb is another of Usenet's big mainstays, having run since 1998. Sign up and you're actually gaining access to two distinct services – its download servers in the US and the Netherlands are run as separate companies, and one server may contain files that the other does not. Essentially Astraweb gives you a main server and a backup server for the price of one.

Users have reported that its quality has declined over the years. Whether or not you believe this is up to you, but Astraweb's longevity in the market does earn it some brownie points, and it does not resell its services meaning you should see a consistent download rate from its servers.

Retention is one of the highest we've seen at over 3,000 days, with a claimed 99% availability. Seeing as the 1% that's missing could be the one critical part of a binary you need, Astraweb – even with its dual servers – is probably best used with a block account on hand.

You can get unlimited downloads for $10 per month.

9. TweakNews

Fast, Reliable Access with Exclusive Lifetime Discount

Retention: 2500 days Newsgroups: N/A Maximum connections: 40 SSL: Yes Free trial: Yes

TweakNews Ultimate Annual Sub
TweakNews Ultimate Monthly Sub
Speedy performance
Relatively low retention levels

This is a European Usenet provider which offers solid core features, and it’s a fairly priced service to boot. One interesting point to note is that there is a VPN bundled here, although it only comes with the most expensive plan.

We found performance to be impressive with TweakNews with fast download speeds, and it was also good to see that the included VPN (which is Omicron Media-based) managed a commendable turn of speed. In fact, it was comparable to a good specialist VPN provider.

On the downside here, retention isn’t great, and when we encountered an issue with the service, we found that tech support was on the sluggish side.

Usenet Client For Mac

In terms of cost, there’s plenty of flexibility, and if you sign up for annual billing, there are some good value deals to be had – and you can benefit from block subscriptions, too, if that’s the route you prefer to take. There’s also a free trial which gives you 10GB of data to play with (but it has a limit of eight connections).

10. UsenetServer

A no-frills provider for experienced users

Retention: 3390 days Newsgroups: 100,000+ Maximum connections: 20 SSL: Yes Free trial: Yes

UsenetServer 1 Year
UsenetServer 1 Month
Good retention and performance
Free Zero-Log VPN available
Free VPN not included with monthly

If you want a dependable Usenet offering with a good core service, then look no further than this affordable provider – although be warned, it isn’t for newsgroup novices.

UsenetServer gives you plenty of retention at 3,371 days, a promised 99% completion rate, and no restrictions such as data limits or throttling of your download speeds.

A slight weak point is that you can only have a maximum of 20 connections, which is less than many services, but that said, in testing we found UsenetServer to offer 150+ Mbps download speeds performance levels anyway, so this likely won’t matter.

What may matter for beginners is that UsenetServer is rather shaky when it comes to help but offers good tech support, and while it does offer a bundled zero-log VPN for extra security, the Windows client for the latter is a poor piece of work. But if you’re an experienced user who knows what you’re doing, all this is likely moot, because you’ll find your own way around the service just fine anyway.

The other strength here is that this is a relatively wallet-friendly provider, particularly when you consider that with the annual plan, the zero-log VPN service is bundled in. There’s also a free 14-day trial (with a 10GB data transfer limit).

Usenet groups were the social media of the early internet, where users could come together in groups specialized by topic, and discuss news, events, and general issues (and arguments!) relating to that topic. However, it was not so easy to navigate between them or to keep up with the latest posts.

Usenet clients simplified the process of navigation and updates, making it easier to find the information you wanted.

While social media has since evolved through forums into dedicated chat sites like Facebook and Twitter, Usenet groups are still very much alive and running, and have adapted to the modern internet - as have Usenet readers.

Even better, the spam problems that had begun to plague Usenet groups have been very much reduced, and NZB managers often provide easy and effective ways to locate content.

Here we'll look at the best in Usenet clients and NZB downloaders, to keep the process of surfing for content in Usenet groups as accessible as possible.

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1. Newsbin Pro

Fast, feature-packed news reading from the Usenet veteran

Loads of essential features

Newsbin Pro is a full-featured commercial Usenet client for Windows.

After more than 20 years of development, it's probably no surprise that the program is absolutely crammed with high-end functionality. But despite that, it manages to be straightforward and user-friendly. The installer prompts you to enter your Usenet server details, then you can search for the files you need and download them right away.

Newsbin Pro uses multiple techniques to boost its performance. XFeatures header compression support can download headers up to 10 times faster. You're able to set up multiple servers for simultaneous use, and the program can block RARs which are password-protected or contain executable files, hopefully reducing the time you'll waste downloading spam and malware.

Heavy-duty Usenet users might still find their downloads take a while, but Newsbin Pro can help there, too. You're able to limit the program's bandwidth use, allowing it to run in the background without hogging your connection, or you can use the scheduler to download files while you sleep.

All this runs smoothly, with full support for all the standards you would expect. Newsbin Pro can handle SSL encryption, and supports per-server SOCKS 4, SOCKS 5, and HTTPS proxies. Smart NZB handling can automatically download the files you need, and the AutoPAR feature repairs or replaces missing or corrupted RARs, then expands the contents.

Newsbin Pro is available with a standard search subscription for one year at $30 (£25), but you can buy Newsbin Pro without the search function for $20 (£18). A free trial is available.

2. Newsleecher

Usenet searching with the emphasis on speed

Speedy Usenet search

Newsleecher is a popular Windows Usenet reader with many timesaving technologies and extras.

The program's SuperSearch is a speedy Usenet search tool with handy wildcard support. The SuperLeech service can be set up to regularly check Usenet for the files you need, downloading copies almost as soon as they've been uploaded. And if you're tired of wasting time on spam files, there’s more good news: NewsLeecher can detect and avoid password protected files, RAR-in-RAR files, and anything containing an executable (EXE or SCR).

NewsLeecher was the first Usenet client to support NZB files, and its latest version provides many ways to work with the file type. You can create NZBs directly from articles or search results, import them manually or set the program to monitor folders, import anything new and automatically download the specified files.

All this is presented in a handy tabbed interface. You can manage servers in one tab, browse articles in another, and there are tabs to run searches, check the transfer queue, even access downloaded files via an embedded Explorer window. It's a great way to keep track of all your ongoing tasks with minimal on-screen clutter or hassle.

Newsleecher providers unlimited Usenet access for $9.49 (£8.50) per month, and there's a free 14-day trial available.

3. NZBGet

Expert-level, fast and free NZB processing

Highly configurable

NZBGet is a lightweight open source NZB downloader which runs almost anywhere: desktops (Windows, Linux, Mac), routers, NAS devices, media players and more.

The package works this magic by running as a background process which is largely accessed from a browser-based interface. This allows NZBGet to be used from mobiles and tablets, as well as its host hardware, and ensures you get a consistent interface everywhere.

Operations are mostly very easy. Add one or more NZB files from the interface, copy them to NZBGet's incoming folder or just point the program at a URL and it'll download the files you need. NZBGet is highly optimized for speed, even on low-end devices (the developer says you can run it with less than 32MB of RAM).

The focus on performance continues elsewhere with intelligent PAR file verification, smarter retries and a multi-core repair process ensuring damaged files are recovered as fast as possible.

Neat bonus touches include speedy and accurate deobfuscation of file names, effortlessly restoring cryptic nonsense – like, for example: cf8ae6185547f6ca0ad263439f2279fa.01 – to its original version.

While NZBGet could be used by newsgroup novices without too much difficulty, the real value here is for more expert users. Automation features include support for powerful RSS filters, plus there are a huge number of low-level options and settings, and every aspect of the program can be controlled via an RPC API and your own scripts.

What Is The Best Usenet Client

4. Nzb360

A powerful NZB manager for Android

Stylish and easy-to-use interface

Nzb360 is a comprehensive NZB manager for Android. The app works with a host of popular services: SABnzbd, NZBGet, Deluge, Transmission, µTorrent, qBittorrent, Sick Beard, Sonarr, Radarr, CouchPotato, Headphones and unlimited Newznab Indexers.

Set up a service on your PC, for instance, tell Nzb360 about it, and you're able to monitor and control what's going on. The app queues up content for your services, ensuring it works even if the remote computer is turned off (although built-in Wake-On-LAN support means you may also be able to start your system remotely).

Usenet Reader For Mac

There's support for managing a wide range of connection types, including local/remote addresses, SSL/TLS, HTTP authentication, URL rewrites, reverse proxies, and more.

Nzb360 isn't an app for beginners, and there's something of a learning curve as you figure out how to get the software working as you would like.

Still, an attractive and well-designed interface points you in the right direction, and experienced users should have few problems (the exceptional 4.8 average review score on Google Play suggests the developer is doing something right). But if you do have any issues, the built-in feedback mechanism and a web support forum are on hand to help you out.

If you're interested, a free build gives you a basic idea of Nzb360's abilities, and the full-featured Pro version is available at the bargain price of $7.49 (£6.50) for a lifetime licence.

Best Free Usenet Client

5. SABnzbd

The free and open source Usenet client

Multiple languages

SABnzbd is a cloud-based binary newsreader, which means it can be used by any device through a browser connection, and is also mobile-friendly. It's also currently available in sixteen languages, covering many from Europe as well as Russian, Ukrainian, Hebrew, and simplified Chinese.

As well as reading and processing RSS feeds, it can also work with custom scripts, and integrates with a number of programs for improved downloads, such as Sonarr, Sickrage, and Radarr.

Features include managing individual files, night mode, speed limiting, and drag and drop interface. You can also customize the interface, see active connections, and a tabbed mode is available.

Even better is that SABnzbd is open source software that is free to use. A live support chat feature is available on the website, as well as user support forums.