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Mac OS X also ships with OpenSSH, which can be started with ssh at the command line (from Terminal, iTerm, XTerm, whatever), which is pretty much the best SSH client. Top 10 Best SSH clients for Windows / Mac / Linux PuTTY: It is undoubtedly the most popular SSH client for Windows and Linux platforms for it is extremely easy to use, can even be used as a portable tool and allows saving of profiles.PuTTY is free and can perform telnet, TCP and rlogin. The best GUI application for SSH (and everything else you can do on the command line) is iTerm 2. While the original iTerm had a tabbed interface before Terminal did, iTerm 2 again eclipses Terminal by adding. Fugu will do SCP/SFTP in a fairly nice, albeit simple GUI. It will launch your local OS X editor to edit files on the server and then automatically sync the file to the remote server when you save it within the editor. I don't think Fugu fulfills your sudo requirement, however. To access the Mac via ssh instead, you have to enable remote access for SSH by going into system preferences > sharing, check the remote login box, and just be connected to a network and do all the port forwarding.

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I used to use WinSCP to log into my remote server. I need to login with an ssh key and move the files from and to the remote server. So far I have not find any tool with the same features for MacOS.

Any ideas? It doesn't need to be free.


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I just used Fugu to copy files from ssh server to a samba share, and it works great.

Mac Os Sftp Client

Fugu can also be installed using brew cask install fugu from Homebrew Cask (not the one from Homebrew itself).

And for me the SSH connection is easier to setup in Fugu compared to cyberduck.


Scp Gui For Mac

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I know this question is old. WinSCP 5+ works well in Mac OS X 10.11 (El Capitan) - MacOS 10.14 (Mojave) with Wine 3+.

A word to the wise on using either Cyberduck or Firefox to transfer files. If you copy a file and OS X complains about it being damaged, it is likely that the quarantine extended attribute has been set. To remove it from a file: xattr -dr fileinquestion

Scp For Mac


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