Best Paid Email Client For Mac

Emails are the most commonly used way of communication these days between various people across different countries. All formal communications at the office are done using emails. At any time from anywhere you can send an email to a person/group of people. There are many email clients that offer excellent features and privacy. You should always check which email client would be the best to suit your needs. So here we will take a look at the best email clients .

  1. Free Email Client For Mac
  2. Best Paid Email Client For Mac
  3. Mozilla Thunderbird
  4. Best Email Client For Mac
  5. Best Paid Email Client
  6. Best Paid Email Client For Windows 10

First read about the available email clients in the market and give a try to the best client. Almost all the email clients are free to use. All you have to do is create a username and password to log in. Once you have created your email id successfully, you can start sending and receiving mails.

PostBox: Best Power User Email Client for Mac As far as email clients go, the way it is priced, PostBox falls in the premium category. In a world where a competent email client like Spark Mail is free, paying $40 for PostBox might feel a bit much. Airmail - Lightning Fast Mail Client for Mac and iPhone.


  • 1 Best Email clients for Computer & Smartphone
  • 2 Best Email clients / Email Apps

Best Email clients for Computer & Smartphone

Free Email Client For Mac

Here is the feature on the Best Email clients for Computer & Smartphone .

Best Email clients for Mac

  1. Mail
  2. Thunderbird
  3. Newton
  4. Polymail
  5. Boxy
  6. Airmail3

These are the best email client for Mac computers .

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Best Email clients for Windows

Here are the top email clients for Windows computer .

  1. Mailbird
  2. Opera Mail
  3. eM Client
  4. Thunderbird

Best Email clients for Android

Best Paid Email Client For Mac

Here is the list of best email clients for Android or best email apps for android phones –

  1. Newton Mail
  2. Gmail
  3. Outlook
  4. Yahoo ! Mail
  5. My Mail
  6. Blue Mail

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Best Email clients for iPhone

Here is the best iPhone email apps/ best email clients for iPhone

  1. Mail
  2. Airmal
  3. Newton Mail
  4. Mailbox
  5. Inbox by gmail

Best Email clients / Email Apps

Mozilla Thunderbird

1) EM client

EM client is one of the best clients that a lot of people use. The main advantage of this email client is that it has a very clean interface. It also organizes all your emails in a proper manner. This email client has two version for use out of which one is free and the other is a paid version. With the free version, you can create up to two email ids. If you require more than two email id’s with EM client, then you will have to take the full version of it.

This email client also has a great integration with famous email solutions like Gmail. This allows the users to copy the calendar and lists into the program to use later. EM client works very fast, so you do not have to worry about spending a lot of time to send a mail. Another major attraction of this EM client is that it shows everything in a very simple format on the surface itself. The user will never have to search for something that he/she need for a long time. Everything will be seen right in front of your eyes.

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2) Thunderbird

Thunderbird is another email client which is produced by the same company that made Firefox browser. Most of you might have surely heard about Firefox since it was one of the browsers we started using a long time back. Thunderbird is totally free to use and it has enormous functionalities.

One of the main features of Thunderbird is that it can handle multiple email accounts from POP and IMAP setups. The users also have the option of installing as many extra features required for smooth functioning of their work since Thunderbird has a plug- in system.

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3) Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is a very decent email client used by a lot of employees. This email client offers a clean user interface and it also has a logical folder setup. The user of Microsoft Outlook also gets the opportunity to add multiple email accounts from different areas. Since this email client is owned by Microsoft, it offers a perfect integration with all the Hotmail accounts with phonebook or any other options that you want to integrate with.

4) Mailbird Lite

This is a great email client which helps the users to connect this with all social apps and the setup is very easy. One of the main drawbacks of this email client is that it can only support one email account, unlike Microsoft Outlook. Mailbird Lite cannot be treated only as an email app, it is a full fledge communication platform that helps in adding apps, chatting and file syncing. This email client is perfect for office use since it offers features for teamwork. You can use this email client for free as well, but the free users miss many features of Mailbird Lite like speed reading, email snoozing etc.

To setup, the Mailbird Lite, all you have to do is enter your email details and this email client will find the required POP or IMAP setting mechanically. After doing this, the user can import messages easily without any difficulty. The users can also connect the Mailbird Lite with the user’s Facebook account that helps in keeping your contacts and profile photos with this email client. And yes, this client also can be linked with WhatsApp too.

5) Hiri


Hiri is another email client that helps the users in saving time since it has time-saving tools which improve the normal email habits. This email client has many features with smart productivity tools to support the users. It also has a calendar and scheduling options for the users to set tasks and reminders. One of the drawbacks that we have seen with Hiri client is that it does not support Gmail.

This email client” Hiri” is a paid service but it is free for TechRadar readers. And it is crafted with all the necessary things required by a business person. Hiri supports Hotmail, Outlook, and Exchange and its boosting features are pretty great. The dashboard of Hiri is very useful to the users, since it shows all the unread messages there, helping the users to know which mail requires an immediate response.

Best Email Client For Mac

6) Opera Mail

Best Paid Email Client

This is an open source email client which is developed by the Opera Browser. It supports unlimited email accounts and it also offers customizable tagging system. It takes some time to set up this email client on your computer, but it is a free email client.

The main features of Opera Mail are: message templates and filtering, sorting the messages by its type and many more. The Opera Mail also helps in importing RSS feed that makes it a very good alternative to web apps like Google Reader and Freedly. This client uses only one database which will have all the mails. It will also sort the messages automatically for the users’ convenience.

Best Paid Email Client For Windows 10

These are some of the best email clients for computers and smartphones that you can use with ease. It will surely keep your work pressure simple and less time consuming with a variety of features they offer. Read about each email client carefully and see which client is suitable for your work stream. Make use of these email clients to have a hassle free communications between various clients of yours.