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The Menu Entry Swapper plugin cannow swap the 'Pickpocket' menu option with the 'Talk-to' menu option for all NPCs, not just H.A.Mmembers. (With the exception of NPCs who can be blackjacked)

Osrs Client Of Kourend

The Low Detail plugin will now reload yourcurrent scene when toggled on or off to apply the changes immediately without requiring a re-log.

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But things have changed for the better. Updates have improved the Mac client so that we can now truly enjoy FF14. The game runs on a new engine and offers good gameplay and a great story. FF14 also features cross-platform multiplayer with Windows and PlayStation 4. Needless to say, this is the best anime MMORPG on Mac.

The Screenshot plugin'sUpload settingnow allows you to optionally copy the screenshot image to your clipboard when taken. Thanks [email protected] for this contribution.

The Fishing plugin no longer draws duplicatesprites for stacked fishing spots of the same type.

Best osrs client 2018

There are also several smaller improvements and bug fixes, including:

  • The Boosts Information plugin cannow toggle displaying combat/non-combat/both boosts
  • Examining items found in the seed box will now trigger the Examineplugin
  • The overlay renderer now shows drag outlines at their proper locations again
  • The Slayer plugin correctly recognizes Lizardand Vampyre tasks
  • The Clue Scroll plugin saw multiplefixes, correcting some STASH unit locations, fixing a Song of the Elves-related clue, fixing someclue items showing no names, and added some item variants to some item sets
  • The text of a Western Provinces diary step has been updated in the Diary Requirementsplugin after a change since therelease of the Song of the Elves quest
  • The white pixels which appeared at the edges of game objects for some players while using MSAAwith the GPU plugin have been exterminated
  • The Death Indicator plugin willcorrectly recognize when players die when respawning in Prifddinas
  • Braindeath Island now has a skybox color
  • Corrections have been made in the Items Kept on Deathplugin to show correct values ofAvernic defenders and Salve amulet (ei)s.


- Jordan

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We had 12 contributors this release!