Best Mysql Client For Mac Os

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Posted by: Fil Maj
Date: February 06, 2008 01:59PM
Best Mysql Client For Mac Os
Hi everyone,
I'm new to the forum here but have been using MySQL consistently for a year or two now - open-source is good for broke students like myself :).
I administer a lab at my university and run various IT services, like a web server, a database (MySQL!), a few wikis, stuff like that, and do various coding to help out with research here. Recently I realized how wonderful stored procedures would work in the context of some of the research we do here and have gone about implementing a few.
My problem is that the mysql client program that runs from command-line (i.e. /mysql/bin/mysql) doesn't want to work on our server. The server is a G5 Mac. MySQL is installed and runs fine as a background service, but if I want to run the mysql client to check out tables and run stored procedures, this is what I get:
server:bin server$ ./mysql -uuser -ppass
server:bin server$
It's like the client executes but I don't get the mysql> prompt or access to the client. Now, this used to run fine when I had Mac OS X 10.4 installed, but when I reformatted the server and installed Leopard (10.5) this is what's happening. I'm not sure whether it's a Leopard problem or whether I messed something up when configuring/installing MySQL after the format. I ran the mysql_client_test and that passed all the tests. The wikis, website and other things that use the database run fine too, it's just like this command-line client isn't working.
The reason I want the mysql client running is to test the stored procedures. I usually use phpMyAdmin to interface to the mysql service on the server, but it has a limitation when it comes to running stored procedures.
Any help at all would be greatly appreciated. I hope I'm posting in the right section here, if not I apologize :/


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