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In this world of social media, we've got a lot of chat channels to keep track of. Whether you're checking your Twitter DMs, GChats (Google Talk), Facebook Messenger messages, or iMessages, you can have most of them in one place with a dedicated chat client. These are the best chat apps for Mac.


10 Best Instant Chat Messenger Alternatives for PC/Mac. The integration of instant messenger and popular online services has reduced the need for an IM client, especially when comes to a PC platform, but it hasn't vanished completely. For now, we're stuck using something like Skype or Google Chat to make voice and video calls, which is okay, but it'd be really nice to have these integrated into the main client. The Competition. If you’re on a Mac, the ability to have Facebook Messenger conversations right in the Messages app of OS X is really quite nice, the conversations will appear alongside other text messages and iMessages, Google Chat, Yahoo Messenger, or AOL / AIM communications. The new Hangouts app runs on Chrome OS and Windows (no Mac support yet), with chat icons camping out on the desktop. When using the service, users will have easy access to their contact lists.

Apple's built-in chat client, Messages, makes it seamless for you to chat with anyone that has an iPhone, iPad, or Mac without any effort. You can add SMS and texts messaging from Android or Windows phones to Messages if you have Text Message Forwarding enabled. It gets better, though. Thanks to a little help from Jabber, you can use Messages for dozens of chat channels that use XMPP instant messaging. It's lost some of its universal appeal over the last few macOS updates, however. Messages no longer works with Facebook, AOL Instant Messenger, or Yahoo. It's also very difficult to get Messages to work with GChat (though not impossible).

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Adium is probably the most popular third-party chat client. You can connect it to AOL Instant Messenger, Google Talk, Twitter, MobileMe, IRC, Bonjour, Jabber, plus a few more. It's a great way to keep most (if not all) of your various chat clients in order. I personally don't like the interface of Adium, but sometimes function is more important than looks. Adium has a lot of little features that are really awesome, like initiating encrypted ORT chats, and file transfers. You can't get it in the Mac App Store, but it's free and open source and it's highly rated among Mac users.

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Trillian is another popular chat client that brings together many of your messaging apps into one place, including AOL Instant Messenger, Facebook, Google Talk, ICQ, Olark, and Twitter. I much prefer Trillian's interface because it reminds me so much of the built-in Messages app. It is, however, slightly less feature-rich unless you go pro. You can get quite a few more business-facing features for about $2 per month. It's a seamless experience for Mac users and my personal favorite third-party client, but I don't use a lot of different chat channels in my daily life. I stick with Google Talk, Facebook, and Twitter. It's perfect for me.

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Best Chat Client Windows 10


I haven't personally used YakYak, but it's a big hit with Mac users that only want a Google Talk client. You may have noticed that GTalk compatibility with Messages in macOS High Sierra is difficult, to say the least. If you just want to be able to chat with your Google peeps with a dedicated window on your Mac, YakYak looks like the perfect option. You can upload images, group chat, and more. You have to install it from GitHub, but there are some fairly clear instructions on how to do so if you're saavy with your Mac. It's not a Chrome extension and doesn't rely on Chrome to work. So, if you're anti-Chrome, this apps is for you.

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How do you chat on Mac?

What is your preferred chat client for bringing together all of your various chat channels? Put your recommendations in the comments and I'll check them out.




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Google's new Hangouts app is designed to work outside the browser
Google's new Hangouts app is designed to work outside the browser
Rd client for mac

Google has launched a new app for Chrome OS and Windows that gives users direct access to their Hangouts conversations right on the desktop. The app continues a trend we’ve seen with Chrome, giving users more functionality outside of the browser.

The new Hangouts app runs on Chrome OS and Windows (no Mac support yet), with chat icons camping out on the desktop. When using the service, users will have easy access to their contact lists and chats, and will receive alerts for new messages.

Rd Client For Mac

Messages sent from the new app will sync across all the user’s devices, with both video and voice call features working here as well. If you’re a Google Voice user, you can also make and receive calls and SMS messages from the app, in addition to accessing your voicemails.

Function-wise, Hangouts for the desktop looks similar to the “Chat Heads” interface found in Facebook’s Messenger Android app, only with chat icons locked in place like traditional desktop icons (unlike than free-floating Chat Heads).

With Hangouts now sitting at the head of the Android messaging table (and with an iOS app available in the App Store), it was inevitable that the service would eventually make its way to the desktop – and no longer as just a Chrome extension.

The Hangouts app is free, and available now. You can read more at the source link below, or just jump straight to the Chrome Web Store (though again, it's Windows and Chrome OS only for now).

Source: Google Chrome Blog