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Just… no.I used this app when it was in 2.x, and I must say I liked it quite a bit. Mostly the UI, I guess. The functionality and under-the-hood conditions were less enjoyable, and the dev would prioritize whatever sold copies (at least on paper?…), rather than fixing core issues with app's performance. Version 3 was a chance to remedy a lot of such things, but instead, after I'd say pretty short beta period (and I believe just 2-3 beta releases before final) - the app was released, and now it's subscription (liked the release notes pretty much saying - 'well, you guys probably expected that, right?'). And the core performance issues still not fixed. And there's STILL not ETA (the tickets for that were up for 2 years).So I thought… well, I just vote with my wallet and NOT support this dev anymore.That said, in a quest for a replacement, I found a really nice app which is mentioned below - called Fork. The UI is a bit less polished, but it still is good in its own way. The app is very performant (no need to wait for seconds OR MINUTES for Tower to update my larger repos status), is very easy to use and seems to be made by someone who actually knows how write good software that's good not only on the surface and it pretty much is all I need.What's more, it's free. But I'd happily pay. Not subscription happily, but a good 'standard' dev tools price.Bad move, fournova…

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Well, I tried GitHub for Mac - very useful thing, but I don't want to share my private code with other (sorry folks from github, but there are commercial projects). Also I tried to deal with SourceTree - also, awesome thing, and private Atlassian Bitbucket. SmartGit is probably the best simple version control client around. It has pretty much every functionality you could ever want in a GUI, but is still pretty easy to use if you don't need any of the advanced features.

Tower is a Git client for OS X that makes using Git easy and more efficient. Users benefit from its elegant and comprehensive interface and a feature set that lets them enjoy the full power of Git. Tower abstracts Git's complexity in an easy-to-use interface.