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The search for best email apps for mac os is a never ending one and we cannot say that one email client serves the purpose of different types of users. Whenever we talk about Productivity Apps for Mac, Email Client stands first in the line and we need choices to see which one meets our requirement. Couple of years ago we wrote Best Email Apps for Mac OS X Mountain Lion that includes both premium and free mail apps for mac.

We also have the list of paid, premium email client apps for mac that you may want to check and purchase. Most of the Macbooks and iMac’s now running OS X Yosemite, so its time to bring the updated list of email apps for mac for the year 2015.

Also, if you have recently bought a new Mac, then do check Essential Mac Apps for New Macbook, iMac list. Its not just about reading and replying an email anymore. We do business through emails and it is the ultimate point of contact for most of the people in Corporates, Organizations, Small and Medium Companies, Freelancers and so on.

Best Video Software for the Mac How To Run MacOS High Sierra or Another OS on Your Mac Best Graphic Design Software the Mac Stay. Bayesian spam filter for most email clients.

You may have to use and find which email suits for your needs and very well compatible with the devices you own. There are very less number of mail apps available for mac, and you easily select the one for you by giving it a try on your Mac, iPhone and Windows Computers if you have any at office or home.

Best Free Mail Apps for Mac

Without further delay, here we have the list of mail apps for mac os x that are tested and compatible with latest OS X Yosemite. The apps listed here require minimum OS X 10.7 and above to run.

Sparrow mail app was very popular when it released couple of years ago. Unfortunately Google acquired Sparrow and killed the popular mac mail app. Sparrow is still used by many users because of its clutter free mail reading experience and works well on iPhone as well. It was a premium app when it was released and no updates since then, so it is not recommended to buy that app for $9.99 now.

We have advanced mail apps with tons of essential features added that receives regular updates from its developers. Lets explore the list of such beautiful free email apps for mac os.

Mailbox App

Pretty popular mail app for iPhone mainly for its “Reminder” feature. Simply “Swipe” to perform several actions to organize and manage your multiple email accounts. The unified mailbox app experience stays with mac version too. If you are using Mailbox App on iPhone then you will get the same feel once you installed it on your mac. As it uses dropbox authentication, you will be logged in automatically once you supplied the dropbox details after installing mailbox on mac.

Just one drawback i felt while using mailbox app on mac is its pure white and the gray font color makes it hard to look at for long time. So i did sent a feedback as its in beta stage, the developer team responded to consider it in upcoming updates. Rest, its just a beautiful mail app for mac without any doubt. They recently made it as public beta, so anyone can download mailbox app.

Availability: Mac OS X, iPhone and Android

DownloadMailbox App for Mac

Inky Mail App

This mail app has a beautiful clutter free design with sharp and beautiful fonts across the application. The blue and white combination is an excellent choice and i felt google+ application kind of feel while using this app. Filtered Inbox separates newsletters, social notifications from personal messages that highlights the importance to respond quickly. All newsletters quarantined into Subscriptions so that you can read them when you have time. Daily Deals separates the offers, promotional mails, coupon codes and discount related emails to another view.

Notes let you type messages quickly and maintain a local draft copy inside Inky Application. Package Tracking and Maps are another two cool feature additions that completes Inky mail app as a rock star in the productivity apps arena. You can use all your Gmail accounts, Yahoo mail accounts, IMAP or POP accounts and more to sync and access in all you devices.

Availability: Mac OS X, Windows, iPhone and iPad

Download: Inky for Mac

Mailplane App

If you use mostly Gmail for your Personal and Business requirements then Mailplane Email Client App for Mac is just for you. Mailplane brings the gmail experience without loosing the design and quality of Gmail web interface. It just creates multiple tabs for each accounts, so you can switch, browse, view and edit calendars, notes, manage all your accounts settings without logging out. Its just like a dedicated browser for emails on mac computer. Mailplane comparison with Google Chrome browser shows how efficient and brilliant this application can be in terms of features.

Notifications, Keyboard Shortcuts, Attachment management, Connecting with Mac Apps like Evernote, Pages, Keynote, PDFPen, iPhoto makes this app more powerful and productivity beast when you use it in your mac.

Availability: Mac OS X

Download: Mailplane for Mac

Thunderbird for Mac

If you have used Ubuntu or any Linux flavors, then this name must be familiar to you. It is a pretty popular Email Client for Linux and being an open source email client, it just gets better every day and pretty stable for Linux platforms. Thunderbird App is also available for Mac OS X users, to bring the same design and features to be your favorite mac email client. Latest update brings several new feature additions such as Tabbed Email Browsing, One-Click Address Book, Attachment Reminder, Multiple-Channel Chat, Web Search feature, Effective Filter Toolbox, Advanced Email Search Tools, and a lot more.

Thunderbird Email Client also supports add-ons and mozilla has built a separate addon directory that are compatible for thunderbird and you can access it from its official website.

Availability: Windows, Linux and Mac OS X

Download: Thunderbird for Mac

I hope you have found your alternative to mac mail app from this list today.

Did we miss anything? Feel free to include it in the comment section below. Thanks for reading and dont forget to share a word about this post with your friends and followers across Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Have a wonderful productive day.

A free email client comes installed and ready for use with macOS, and macOS Mail is not a bad program at all. However, you might want to examine its free alternatives. Here are the best free email clients available for macOS. Give them a try.

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Best Free Email Client Software

MacOS Mail

What We Like

  • Included in the Mac operating system.

  • Supports smart folders and robust filters.

  • Markup tools for annotating photos or PDFs email attachments.

  • VIP user notifications.

What We Don't Like

  • Basic design that lacks customization features.

  • No option to snooze emails.

  • Hasn't had a major design upgrade in years.

The Mail application that ships with macOS and OS X is solid, feature-rich and spam-eliminating software that is also an easy-to-use email client. Optimized to work on the Mac, the Mail app is trouble free and full featured. It can handle all your email accounts in one place.

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What We Like

Best free email client
  • Clean, modern design.

  • Quick Replies feature for sending short, templated responses.

  • Smart mailboxes.

  • Supports multiple email accounts.

What We Don't Like

  • Slow tech support.

  • Questionable privacy policy.

  • Doesn't support many services.

Spark is an impressive email program that auto-organizes your inboxes and lets you postpone email easily as well as send quick one-click replies. Spark's 'Smart Inbox' bubbles messages that are important to you to the top, and uses categories of Personal, Notifications, and Newsletters.

Spark's scheduling feature allows you to assign a time period during which it will send a particular message. Select from times later today, in the evening, tomorrow, or on any date.

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What We Like

  • Integrates with Gmail, iCloud, Office 365, Outlook, and Yahoo

  • Supports snoozing.

  • CPU and battery efficient.

What We Don't Like

  • Some features limited to paid subscription.

  • Doesn't support Exchange accounts.

  • Mandatory Mailspring ID.

Aimed at the professional email user, Mailspring boasts mail merge, reminders, and the option to schedule mail—all available in a pro edition.

With the free version, you get a clean, highly productive and expandable email program that includes thrills such as link and open tracking, quick reply templates, and undo send. However, the free edition is limited to 10 accounts.

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Mozilla Thunderbird

What We Like

  • Flexible filtering system.

  • Many available plug-ins.

  • Tabs for navigation.

  • Easy to configure.

What We Don't Like

  • Rudimentary design.

  • Not as user friendly as other clients.

  • No longer in development.

Mozilla Thunderbird is a full-featured, secure, and functional email client. It lets you handle mail efficiently and filters away junk mail. Thunderbird is no longer in active development except for security updates, but it supplies a streamlined interface and a powerful email package.

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Mozilla SeaMonkey

What We Like

  • All-in-one internet suite that includes email.

  • Customizable toolbars.

What We Don't Like

Best Free Email Client Windows 7

  • Outdated interface.

  • Some features not intuitive.

  • No mobile device support.

Best Free Email Client For Windows 10

Never underestimate Mozilla. The company built SeaMonkey, the email component of its open source browser, on the same Mozilla platform as Firefox 51. It delivers HTML5, hardware acceleration, and improved JavaScript speed. It is a solid performer, full featured and usable.